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The three mistakes of my life

The three mistakes of my life


a girl studying and a doctor is checking her patient in the story of three mistakes of my life


The three mistakes of my life is a novel by Chetan bhagat. There are three friends in the story Govind, Ishaan and omi. Govind is trying to commit suicide and somehow Chetan bhagat gets to know about it.

Thereby he readily rushes out to Govind and finds him already admitted to a hospital. According to the doctors he is out of danger now. But Chetan Bhagat is curious about the reason, Govind tries to commit suicide.

Although during the conversation Govind describes the three mistakes of his life. According to Govind, those three mistakes were the reason, he tries to kill himself.

The three mistakes of my life is a very interesting novel. However, there is also an Indian movie based on this novel.   ”The three mistakes of my life” is one of the most appreciable novels of Chetan bhagat. Hence It has been overwhelmingly liked by readers all over the globe.



                                           THE SUICIDE

One morning Chetan bhagat receives a suicide note through the mail. He gets surprised after reading the mail and starts researching about this uncharted guy. Moreover, he also discusses this with his mentor and after some researches, he gets into his Orkut account. Thereafter he gets some basic information about this guy such as his name, address, date of birth etc…Govind gets hospitalized after trying to kill himself


The next day Chetan bhagat visits the civil hospital of Ahmedabad where Govind was admitted. He tells him about his presence and also asks him about the reason he tries to kill himself. Hence Govind tells him about the three mistakes of his life which were the reason all he did. The story goes in a flashback and Govind starts the story by introducing his friends.


There are three friends Govind, Omi, and Ishaan. Govind is very simple and belongs to a poor family. He is very good at studies, especially in mathematics. He wants to be an engineer but he fails to get admission to an engineering college. Although notwithstanding it does not bother him at all, because now he wants to run a business and be independent.

Whereas Ishaan loves playing cricket. he dreams to play cricket for his country and keeps high expectations from himself. He is very competitive and talented.

Omi is the third one, he is the son of a priest who works at a temple. He does not have any dreams like Govind and Ishaan contrary he does not even know what he wants to become.

One day Govind suggests them open a sports shop and start selling items related to it. Ishaan already likes cricket so he agrees to it and omi also does not have anything to do in his leisure, so he is also convinced.Govind and his two friends decides to start their sports shop to earn money

In the inception period, everything was going just awesome but then they realize the missing factor. Actually, one shop was not enough for the survival of these three young friends. They could not fulfil their requirements from just a small sports shop. Thereby giving decides to buy a shop in the mall but in order to buy that, they had to arrange some capital so they also decide to do a part-time job.

Ishaan starts a cricket coaching academy and Govind starts teaching kids in order to make some extra money. Ishaan also sends his sister vidya in Govind’s tuition classes. Although during this period Govind and vidya also develop a love for each other.

                                                                      THE ACCIDENT

Now life was going quite smooth but then abruptly one day an earthquake hits the city and the room which they bought got demolished completely. As Govind and others get to know about his tragedy, they could not believe this whatsoever and were all stunned.

They had put all their money, efforts and expectations in order to buy it, but all went in futile. Thereafter Govind even goes into depression and meanwhile, vidya helps him get normal.

first mistake

the room that was bought, gets demolished in an earthquake. Govind gets disappointed to see this


Govind deems Staking all his money on a single project as his first mistake. Days pass by and one day Ishaan notices Ali playing cricket. Ali is exceptionally good at playing cricket. Ishaan is interested in Ali and his magical techniques of hitting the ball out of the ground. Although Ali faced a major issue, he could not play concentrated for some longer.

Ishaan cares about Ali and is concerned about his sensitive condition. Finally, Ishaan gets to know that Ali actually suffered from hyper reflex due to which he could access the coming ball 10 times better than others. Although that was also the reason he would not be able to last for any longer in the ground.

There is a cricket match being played between India and Australia in Goa. Thereby Ishaan gets Ali along with his friends there. Ishaan introduces Ali to Fredley who is an Australian cricket player. Fredley tests Ali’s techniques of playing cricket and gets perplexed to witness such an amazing player.

He invites all of them to Australia. Where the Australian sports academy and AIS approaches Ali to offer scholarship under the condition of accepting Australian citizenship.

Although Ali does not like this offer whatsoever and hence he abjures it. Meanwhile, Govind is missing vidya immensely. He wants to make love with her but she was not around.

                                                                                             THE RIOTS

Vidya’s birthday is near and thereby Govind suggests all fly back to India, so as they do the same. As they return back to India, Vidya gets extremely happy and celebrates their homecoming.

After few days vidya celebrates her birthday with all her close friends. Whereas after the party overs vidya and Govind spend time with each other and during this they also cross all the boundaries.

second mistake


Although Govind, The very next day repents on what he did the last night.  Thereby Govind deems getting in love with his best friend’s sister as his second mistake.Govind gets closer to his love interest and repents in thereafter for that

Omi’s uncle loses his son during a riot between two religions. Thereby his uncle also wants to retaliate from the opponent party. He gathers some victims and agitates them against the opponent.

Thereafter during these riots, Ali loses his parents and moreover, they are also behind him. Ishaan, Omi and Govind camouflage Ali in a bank. But after some while, they also attack this building and warn them to leave Ali alone. Ishaan does not want to leave him alone to die, thereby he persists. Whereas Govind is still quite reluctant about it and confused about the situation.

chaos everywhere due to the riots


Meanwhile, omi’s uncle throws a sharp weapon in an order to kill Ali but omi while rescuing Ali loses his life. As his uncle sees him dead, he gets even angrier and again throws a weapon towards Ali. Although this was Govind’s time to save Ali from it, he is quite confused. He does not want to lose his life while saving Ali, as omi just lost.


                                                                                       THE THIRD MISTAKE

Govind gets quite selfish and lets the weapon hit Ali, but then finally he decides to save Ali, although it was too late by this time and the weapon hits Ali in which his wrist gets injured badly. Now Ali could not play cricket due to this injury.

Whereas this makes Ishaan super angry on Govind but then he somehow first manages to get them all out of that situation. Govind deems the decision of caring about himself over Ali as his third mistake.

Thereafter Ishaan and Govind get separated from each other. On one side Govind sells stationery items and on the other side of the store, Ishaan sells sports item.

Ishaan requires 5 lakh rupees in order to get Ali’s wrist fine again. Hereby Govind offers him some financial help but Ishaan refuses to it unless her mother herself convinces him. Moreover, vidya and Govind also apologizes to him.

Thereby Ishan finally forgives Govind and they hug each other and start crying.

                                                                     THE THREE MISTAKES OF MY LIFE BOOK REVIEW

”The three mistakes of my life” is the third novel of the author. The three mistakes of my life is a fictional novel about three friends of Ahmedabad.  Whereas Rupa publications are the publisher of the three mistakes of my life and have 258 pages in their original copy. It was published on 1st January of 2008.


                                                                            THE THREE MISTAKES OF MY LIFE MOVIE


The three mistakes of my life is an extremely interesting novel by Chetan bhagat. KAI PO CHE” is an Indian movie based on this novel. Moreover, this movie also did superb business at the box office and won many awards. IMDb rates this movie 7.6 out of 10. Sushant Singh Rajput, Amit Sadh, and Raj Kumar Rao play the lead roles of this movie, Whereas Amrita puri plays the female lead.three mistakes of my life book review

Abhishek Kapoor directs this movie and Ronny Screwvala produces it. ”KAI PO CHE” was made with a budget of rupees 250 million and earned rupees 920 million. It was released on 22 February 2013 with a running time of 126 minutes.

Sushant Singh Rajput, Amit Sadh and Raj Kumar Rao play the characters of Ishaan, Omi and Govind respectively in the movie. Whereas Amrita puri plays the character of vidya.

movie made on three mistakes of my life


”KAI PO CHE” has received six nominations at the 59th Filmfare awards. Abhishek Kapoor for best director and best screenplay, Raj Kumar Rao for the best-supporting actor, Sushant Singh Rajput for best male debut, and Hitesh sonic for best background score.











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