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The story of the job is an eye-opening story from the bible. The story articulately depicts how foolish we get at times. Moreover, we even counter with our impotent arguments from our almighty god.

In the story of job, we have this man named job. He is the richest person in the entire middle east. He lives far away from Israel somewhere in UZ. Job is a very good person, he loves God and consequently puts him over everything he possessed.

Whereas god also admired him as he was one of his obedient sons. Hence god blessed him abundantly in everything, from health to wealth. But now God was going to offer him some sour mangoes in the form of misery and pain. Thereafter in the next few days, he gradually loses all his wealth, relatives and even falls ailing.

Job, the richest man in the middle east


His body was full of wounds and hence he would keep scratching in extreme pain. But notwithstanding he keeps praying to his only god regardless of thinking whatsoever about his loss.

meanwhile the misery, his wife also tries to provoke him against his god but he does not get triggered foolishly. Thereafter his wife also leaves him alone to suffer cynically. After spending few days alone, three of his friends come to sympathize with him.

But after spending a rather long time with the job, they end up leaving the job with a complex question. The question which assaults his overall character, goodness, well being and the good deeds he had been doing since starting. The question also confuses him or rather agitates about the way God deals with his people.


Finally, God speaks to him and takes him way back to the Inception of the universe. God really asks him some questions regarding its functioning. He also explains and illuminates the complexities of the universe. Finally, God brings him into a situation where he actually realizes his blunders of impeaching him.

The job was spellbound and yet perplexed to experience the calibre of god and his every single decision. He realizes how perfectly god decides each occurrence and decisions from minors to the major ones.

Hence finally he apologizes to his almighty god for unnecessarily blaming him and then again starts following him.

So let us get to dive into the summary of The story of the job.

                                     THE STORY OF JOB BIBLE

In the story of job, the job is a very righteous person who follows god honestly. He was benign, honest, hardworking, and also the richest person in the entire middle east. It articulately shows the abundancy of god in job’s life. As god also loved his son a lot.

One day job was strolling in the fields and this old man named Jacob reaches out to him annoyingly. Job asks about his worries. hence Jacob finally tells about his daughter, who had been suffering from a high fever for a long time.


Job readily decides to visit his house to ascertain the situation. They find them in a miserable condition. Thereby job rebukes him in the accusation of keeping him unaware of it. Whereas Jacob also explains to him his uncomfortableness due to already buried beneath his debts and hence he did not ask any help from him earlier.

Jacob comes to Job for help



Thereafter job dispels his misunderstandings and allows him blatantly to ask for any help in times of needs. Then job gets his daughter well by calling a doctor there and finally everyone was happy again.

This is how job would help others and would share his love with them. He would always make sure that he was working accordingly to his almighty god. Hence he indeed was a wonderful son to the almighty god.


God had blessed job abundantly and had fulfilled all his needs. Job possessed hundreds of ships that he would use for the trading of oil and ornaments of gold. Each day hundreds of ships full of gold would sail to the other neighbouring countries and vice-versa. job would earn a major portion of his wealth through those ships.

Although job would not only dominate the oceans his reaches had even seized the lands instead. Job also had plenteous of Cattles and Sheep. He would sell thousands of Sheep and would make hefty income out of it.

As job was honest and hence not covetous whatsoever, his increasing wealth would not lead him to commit any sin at all. Although besides these extravagant but materialistic assets, job was also blessed with seven sons and three beautiful daughters. Thereby he would always be happy and would keep praising his almighty God for his blessings upon him.


One random day the wicked Satan wanderingly shows up to the god. The almighty god tells him about job whose faith and love for him was commendable. As the dirty mind of Satan could not think of anything good moreover he was already fed up with job, he tries to mislead god.

Satan tries to mislead god by demonstrating to him the advantages job was enjoying just by praising him. Whereas god had already sensed his dirty games and cunning endeavours of slandering job in his eyes. But notwithstanding God allows Satan to do whatever he wanted to demoralize and agitate job against him.

                                                                                            JOB’S ORDEALS STARTS

Abruptly one fine day when job was with his wife, a servant comes to them with a piece of pathetic news. The servant tells how a monstrous storm engulfed all his daughter and sons along with other family members. As it was so heartbreaking news, he starts crying and weeps like a baby boy gloomily. But notwithstanding he does not blame God nor utters even a single word against the almighty god.

Job in trouble, looses all his sons and daughters


Whereas had anyone from us been in this situation, most of us would definitely have something bitter to serve to our lord. We, people, find it very easy to blame god. Especially when we have not done anything wrong and still we are suffering. Nonetheless, we must understand that there is always something good happening in our lives even when we find it terrible.

Thereby we should only trust God and leave everything upon him when it seems to be uncontrollable as job does. After a while, one more baffled servant reaches out to him bringing another heartbreaking news.

He informs about that deadly storm that wrecked all his ships right into the ocean. Finally, he also loses all his Cattles and Sheep along with his last hope of survival.


The rueful job is now lying on the ground like a beggar who once used to feed thousands of needy. But see the beauty of job’s faith in God that he still does not abandons his almighty father. Many friends and acquaintances visit to sympathize job and condolence him.

Although by this time job had almost lost all his hopes due to each day’s constant survival for food. But still, he praises god by stating this wonderful line that ”It was the almighty God who gave and now had decided to snatch, so glory to him for all those blessings upon me”. Hence, Job decides to persist on his way with god and waits for the mercy to blossom upon him.

                                                                                              THE TRIGGERING WIFE

Instead of showering blessings and being generous to job, god puts him into another nuisance. This time job notices tiny and sticky stubborn wounds shaping into big ones all over his body. It pains a lot to him all the time and was ample to keep him exasperated and lacklustre.

Job's wife scolding job Job and his god for his miserable condition


Ever since job was born, this time he was on the pinnacle in terms of experiencing the intensity of pain in his life. Hence finally he starts cursing the day when he was born. Meanwhile, his wife also kindles him to defame and abuse his god whom he had been worshipping all his life.

But contrary job retorts and rebukes her blatantly replying that ”Why we should not be ready to embrace tough days offered by him when we happily accept his blessings and good days at times”.


This way his wife also fails miserably in misleading him against his god. Hence she finally leaves him alone as she realizes that job really puts his god over everything he possessed. Whereas job also lets her go and even calls her a foolish woman on the accusation of judging the all mighty god.

                                                                  THE THREE FRIENDS- THE DISTRACTORS

As job was extremely generous and benign to the citizens of UZ and was rather like a protagonist to him, people loved him a lot. Hence one random day these three friends visit him to the tutelage and show sympathy towards him.

Job also feels quite better as they arrive and show their concern on the matter. But soon he finds them criticizing his well being. As they believed that God does not punish any innocent unless he is guilty.

Hence job effortfully defends himself by elaborating about the good deeds, he had been doing all his life. He also explains to them about the chasten he maintained to follow god and never did any crime deliberately in his entire life by then.

Nonetheless, his friends Eliphaz, Bildad, and Zophar kept defacing and tried to prove him the culprit. At last, their philosophy and notions of how God runs the world leave job answerless. They also put some cogent arguments stating that God does not love either need his people instead only uses them. Although job apparently refuses to accept their rootless allegations against god but also ends up complaining to god.

                                                                                                 THE VIRTUAL TOUR

Thereafter as god finds job distracted by a whisker from the faith he should have kept in him, He enters. The almighty god himself brings job to a virtual tour.

Job is taken to universe tour by the almighty god Then god raises few questions to him which realizes job his inabilities and leaves him bewildered as he thinks of god’s responsibilities. God brings job to the inception of the universe when he designed each and everything which lies within it.

                                                                                QUESTIONS god ASKS FROM JOB

(1) Where were you when I designed the earth and was underlying the untouchable pillars due to which it seems to be hanged?

 Job just could not answer, contrary was apparently perplexed to witness the endless universe and its complexities. God also explains to him how the solar system works and even a rookie mistake can entirely take the world by storm.


(2) What do you do every day when each day I decide the perfect sunrise and sunset time for all?

God goes into little detail and asks him that ” Who decides the variations in weather, the grazing habits of mountain goats, the way deer gives birth to its child, feeding patterns of lions and donkeys, and even procures food for the birds who neither harvest nor cultivate ?.

God also shares with him about his two creatures, Behemoth, and Leviathan. Behemoth and Leviathan were neither entirely good nor bad in nature but were just neutral. They would act accordingly to god’s consent and justice hence were loving to god too. God had created them to bring appropriate justice to this world of sins.With God's blessings, Job again becomes the richest and the wealthiest person in the world

Job just could not answer any of the questions contrary was stunned to imagine the greatness of God, who managed innumerable things. He also understands god’s love and understands that whatever he does he does for our overall welfare.



(1) Accordingly to the story of job, we should always comply god’s rules and pray to him regularly as job would do. We should also keep faith in him and believe in his greatness like job. 

(2) From the story of job we analyze that on following god’s way, He blesses us abundantly as he blessed job. 

(3) From the story of job we learn that we must not defame god whenever he puts us into any trouble. Instead, we should keep praying and praising his name and leave the rest to him. 

When job had lost everything and was left alone in miserable conditions, he still praises his god. we people also know this but does not do accordingly to it. Although we should and can also imbibe this into our habits and impress our almighty lord.

(4) From the story of job, we also learn the value, we should give him in our lives. In the story of job, he just does not care about anyone when it would come to his god. Moreover, job even leaves his wife whom he also loved a lot, when she foolishly tried to agitate him against his god. 

Unlike Eliphaz, Bildad and Zophar, We should not judge our god and point out our finger on him. Instead, we must understand that whatever God does is always the best for us. We should also understand that perhaps god might be trying to teach us a lesson during an affliction. And the most important lesson we learn from the story of the job is that we do not require any proof of his existence and his proximity with us.   









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