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The little mermaid story

The little mermaid story


The little mermaid story is a story that revolves around a beautiful sea fairy. It’s a story of true love, curse, betrayal, and blessing. It’s basically a story of a kingdom, A king and his six beautiful daughters. The first turning point in the story occurs due to love whereas the same love leads the innocent fairy to fight from several odds. However, she finally wins and proved to be the game-changer of her own fate.

There is a precious reward given to only some deserving. of course, it holds some really significant conditions and not everyone seems to clear those. Hence it’s very rare seeing someone achieving that. Whereas our beautiful little mermaid somehow manages to win this auspicious reward, will see how further in the summary.the little mermaid

Now many of you must be thinking, What really is a sea fairy right. 

As per the creative world, sea fairies are those creatures who live under the depth of seas and basically do not come out to the surface.

Ariel is the most loving daughter of her father but she wants to explore the sea which her father did not like whatsoever. However one day she meanwhile exploring the sea falls in love with a young man.


                                                                                             the love

Now tell me, summary lovers, how does it feel when you don’t get reward or appreciation for your good deeds?. 

Pathetic right!, yeah she also felt similarly. However, we will discuss why.the red heart

She was hurt but wanted to impress her love and could cross any limit to get him. And finally, that leads her to approach that wicked fairy. Whereas the wicked fairy tangles her into her cunning ploy and leaves her vulnerable instead.

Whereas when her father gets to know about these all, he promptly rushes to rescue his most loving daughter. But when they reached there and ascertained the whole matter, they were left with two choices which Ariel had to make herself.


                                                                                                the choices

However, the choices were rather tough for Ariel to make. She could only save her life by killing the next person she had as an option.  However, as she was not such a fairy who would allow herself to do so even if her own life is at stake, Hence she does not kill any innocent.

What do you think might have happened after that, did she lose her life? 

Well, we will find out this in this entire summary of the little mermaid story. So let’s get started summary lovers for one more exciting ride.


                                                                                               ABOUT ME

Although before getting to this story I just want to share one of my childish memory with you guys. It might sound very surprising to you all but it’s my own experience and I believe you would also have some memories like this.happy boy ,jumping and dancing

Ok, now there is a short back story from my life associated with sea fairies. When I was a kid and firstly told about the sea fairies. I actually dreamt for few days to live under the sea rest of my life and befriend those creatures. 

Now when I look back to those days it makes me laugh. However I still very fantasize about oceans and their creatures. So summary lovers if you also have any memories associated with sea fairies let me know.


Once upon a time, there was a huge kingdom underlaid on the depth of the sea. It surrounded thousands of miles into the sea and was gigantic. However, the creatures who lived and had themselves established the entire kingdom were really very nice.

There was a king who would take care of his entire kingdom from the outsiders. The king had six beautiful young daughters. He loved them all but particularly he had more affection from his youngest child and hence had a soft corner for her in his heart too.



They were celebrating the birthday of one of the king’s daughter. She was the fifth one and recently turned into 18 which meant that now she had earned the aclove between father and daughtercess to visit the surface level of the sea. The surface level was at least hundreds of miles away from there. The surface level which she had not explored on her own and only had been listening by the elders all her life. Hence she was thoroughly excited for this journey as was going to make it for the very first time.

”Daddy, when am I going to explore the sea level like my sisters. It’s so long I have been waiting to go there”. Ariel tells her father.

”my lovely princess, you are still a year younger to go there. Don’t you know that one must complete 18 before going there?.  How many times will I have to tell you that Humans are not generous and well being like us instead they are selfish and cruel. They are rather notorious for their unpardonable deeds such as killing sea creatures like whales, sharks and other fishes for their own benefits. However, poaching whales is one of their cruel deeds. Hence they can be rather fatal for us too. Moreover, they do contaminate our sea by throwing tons as tons of plastics and garbage on it”. 

Replied the king to his loving daughter.the mermaid is about to be 18

” Ok, but next year when I turn 18 you will not stop me, fine papa!”. – Ariel to her father

”Ok, I will not” – the king to Ariel


                                                                                             THE WAIT IS OVER

Finally, the day arrives when Ariel celebrates her 18th birthday. She is thoroughly jovial because now finally she could explore the sea completely. She could go to the sea surface level and witness the beauty of the outer world which she only had been listening to by the elders.

Hence she promptly rushes to her father. She asks him to let her go to the surface level. Whereas her father’s unconditional love did not want to leave her alone. ” I will also come with you, my child”. The king saysthe mermaid explains about the beauty of world outside

” No you promised me to let go alone” – Ariel to her father.

Meanwhile, Shrimp who was one of the closest friend of Ariel arrives. He tells to the king that he will take care of her activities and protect her too from the dangers.


The king finally spares Ariel with him and tells them to return before it gets dark.the mermaid is dancing in happiness

They readily rush towards the surface level of the sea and meanwhile, they enjoy, sing and dance together. Ariel was extremely thrilled and joyful. Soon they reached the surface level. Ariel saw beautiful blue sky, flying sea birds, dancing water waves, and also experienced a cool and soothing moving breeze for the very first time. She apparently gets spellbound to see and experience that altogether. It was a very new and special moment for her hence her body voluntarily starts dancing and moving with joy simultaneously she brings a very sweet smile on her face.


                                                                                       OH! THAT’S MY LOVE

Meanwhile, she sees a humongous ship sailing on the sea. There was an event of celebration going on, on the ship. she could apparently sense it. It was the first time she was seeing a human being. Hence Ariel and Shrimp mutually decided to stay for some longer there.

Ariel kept beholding those people and even was enjoying their laughter and fun. She finds those people good and quite similar to them. The only difference she noticed was the extra two legs which they used to walk.

However, meanwhile, she also started liking a young man who was also celebrating his birthday on the same day. She starts muttering herself, with joy. The whole experience was unexpected for her.the mermaid has feelings about the prince

She makes her mind and decides to marry that man she had just chosen as her Love.


”Oh no, what’s this! It’s a high tide coming towards them. The sea abruptly turns angry and these humongous tides barely going to spare them. These are on their way to engulf this ship at once. God forbid this happens, oh shit! It hits the ship and it’s drowning. Where is my Love I must help him?. I  am coming to my prince, I am coming”. – Ariel to herselfthe mermaid overthinks about the prince she started loving

Ariel plunges into the water. she can see the ship drowning. But wait! where is her love. oh yes! she has found it finally. She puts her fragile hands on his tough body. Thereafter she uplifts him. Meanwhile, she notices him thoroughly. She liked him a lot and falls gaga over him. She imagines the way he would blatantly dance, sing, and enjoy himself. All this leads her to love him to the next level. 


                                                                                           THE DESIRE FOR A CHANGE

As she gets him out of the water she makes sure that there was no one around them. She finds the shore vacant hence swims readily towards it. She lies his body on the ground and pumps it into his mouth so that he gets his consciousness back.

However, it was not ample to get his consciousness back and holy shit! who are they?. They are some humans coming, oh! I must go immediately. Bye-bye, my love.

There was a group of people found that fainted man lying on the ground.  However, just after a while he gradually opens his eyes. Oh! where am I?. Where are my friends?. oh! pretty girl, are you the one who saved my life? – prince says to the girl he sees after opening his eyes.

Yeah! indeed I am the one who saved you. – this girl replies to the princemermaid is jealous

Ok, let’s come with me I should certainly take you with me. – Prince replies back

Thereafter they go back to the prince’s mansion together whereas Ariel just kept listening to their conversation ruefully.

Ariel feels sulky due to the lie of that girl. She wanted to tell the prince that it was she who saved him and loved him immensely.

But for that, I have to turn into a human too or else I will lose him forever. – Ariel to herself


                                                                             The little mermaid Ursula

She knew that it was only the sea witch who could help her turn into a human. Hence she promptly rushes towards her den.

Yeah! It’s the little mermaid coming towards my den. She must be coming here for that prince. – Ursula to herself.

 Ariel- I want to turn into a human. can you help me?

Ursula- yes, of course, I can but for that, you have to pay a price, will you?

Ariel- certainly, I am ready to do anything for him and I want him at any cost.

the wicked mermaid makes a deal with the little mermaidUrsula- Ok, but don’t you know that an angel whose deeds are pure, gets an opportunity to become an air fairy and you are right now eligible for that due to your good deeds.

Ariel- Yes, I know it well. however, I don’t think chasing for your true love is any sin at all. Instead, love is considered the purest and the greatest amongst all in this entire universe. 

Ursula- ok then, so I give you this magic solution. you have to drink it, once you reach the sea surface. The moment you have it you will turn into a girl.

Whereas I am going to take your sweet voice unless you convince that prince to love you. However, if you lose to impress him before it gets dark then you will lose your life. You will immediately turn into foam and mix in water like others. Hence you will no longer be eligible to become an air fairy whatsoever.the wicked mermaid is bothered to think about the little mermaid's progress

Do you accept these conditions?

Ariel- Yes I do.

Ursula- ok, then take this magic solution.


” if she manages to become an air fairy then that will be my end. I will lose my life and everything will be over. Hence I have to confuse her so that she ends up committing some blunder”. – Ursula to herself.


                                                                                      TASTE OF DISAPPOINTMENT

Ariel immediately without wasting any time drinks that magic solution and turns into a beautiful girl. Whereas the prince finds her on a beach lying fainted on the ground. It was exactly similar to the last time.

The prince talks to Ariel and tells her about how he saved her. Whereas Ariel had now lost her sweet voice, could not answer him anything.the mermaid is sad

Although she still looked beautiful and there was no change in her body except for her legs. Nonetheless, the prince did not fall in love with her. Instead, he wanted to marry the girl who saved his life as per him.

Ariel sitting on the corner again feels pathetic like the last time. She loses all her hope and thinks that she would never be able to impress him nor the prince will ever know who exactly saved his life.

She feels vulnerable due to not being known for her deeds. moreover what hit her most was the feeling of the prince’s loss. Hence she cries and weeps in pain. Meanwhile, shrimp sees that all.

                                                                                The rescue mission starts


Shrimp readily informs the king about that all. The king was bewildered to listen to the entire matter. As he really loved his younger daughter a lot, he in no time decides to rescue her. He better knew that his life could also have been in danger but he does not care about it whatsoever.

the god tells that he was with themThey all assemble at a place. However, before heading to rescue Ariel they first worship and pray to the sea goddess. Whereas the sea goddess also blesses them all for the mission.

The king along with his daughter’s first heads towards Ursula’s den, from where it all started. They ask Ursula about the solution to prevent Ariel from dying.

However, Ursula after a long interrogation ends up telling the ultimate solution to them.

” She must have to kill the prince she loves. That is the only way she can save her life or else she will get vanished in the sea as foam”. Ursula replies to the king.


                                                                                                   Do or die

The king promptly rushes towards his loving daughter( Ariel). Ariel on the other side gets happy to see her father again. She expresses her worries to him. Although he knew everything but notwithstanding heeds to her.

Thereafter the king promises to save her. Hence he shares the only way which could save her from dying. Although he also knew that his generous daughter would not kill anyone especially if its an innocent. Nonetheless tries to manipulate her for her own sake.the purpose of god is explained

Finally, Ariel agrees to kill the prince and heads towards the prince’s villa. The prince was sleeping and she enters his room silently. She clutches the knife gently and meanwhile convinces herself to use it against the prince. But even after all those efforts she just could not do it so.

Thereafter she returns to her family again, they seemed disappointed when saw the knife with no drops of blood on it.

” I do love you all my father, sisters and everyone out there but I just can’t kill any innocent. Hence despite killing someone else I would rather kill myself”. – Ariel to all


                                                                                         ARIEL’S WAY TO HEAVEN

Thereafter Ariel jumps on the sea and endows her life to god. Meanwhile oh my god! what is it?

Air fairies- we are air fairies and we have come to take you with us to the heaven

Ariel- really! great, Wait but why.the little mermaid movie

Air fairies- Because you well deserve it. You showed such generosity which is very rare. Hence god himself is impressed by you. You might also become immortal and even come as a human being in the next life.

Ariel- Thank you. 

Then she flies in the sky and goes to heaven along with other fairies. Whereas her father feels extremely proud of his daughter and with a proud smile on his face he says good Bye to his daughter.



(1) The little mermaid MOVIE

The little mermaid movie is a fictional film that tells about a mermaid who falls in love with a human named Eric. She thereafter wishes to turn into a human too so that she could marry Eric.

However, to do so, she had to approach the sea witch( Ursula) So as she does too. Whereas Ursula puts her into a new nuisance which risks her life subsequently.

However, In the last everything goes well even Ariel is picked up in heaven due to her good deeds on the world.


The little mermaid 1989 is an American animated musical fantasy movie. It’s a love story about Ariel and Eric. Ariel is a little mermaid whereas Eric is a prince. Ariel fell in love with Eric but despite innumerable twists and turns, they did not get together. However, the movie has a happy ending as Ariel finally becomes an air fairy and hence goes to heaven. She is also gifted to come as a human being in her next life. So that she could continue loving her love (Eric).

Director of the movie- Ron Clement, John Musker.

Producer of the movie- Howard Ashman and John Musker.

Released on- November 17, 1989

Budget of the movie- $ 40 million

Box office business- $ 233 million



                                                                         THE LITTLE MERMAID CHARACTERS




(4) ERIC


                                                                           LESSONS FROM THE LITTLE MERMAID STORY

Some of the key lessons from the little mermaid story

(1) From the little mermaid story we learn how selfish we have turned. In the little mermaid story, there is a point where the cruel deeds of human beings have been described. Hence we must learn from it and stop doing it.the little mermaid

(2) From the little mermaid story, we can learn the true meaning of loving someone. In the little mermaid story, there is a point when Ariel had to kill her love to save her own life. But she chooses to jeopardize her own life and does not kill Eric.


(3) From the little mermaid story we also learn the true value of good deeds. In the little mermaid story, there is a point when the sea fairies give reward to Ariel for her sacrifices and good deeds. They choose her as the new air fairy and gift her immortal life.

(4) The little mermaid story is a gem for readers who loves to read interesting moral stories. 





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