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The little match girl is a story of a vulnerable girl. She is poor, innocent, naive, and in trouble. These days are comparatively tougher for her, in terms of many factors. Though she is working very hard to struggle, even her luck has betrayed her.

However, still, she keeps on coping with the calamities adamantly. each day is tougher for her than the last and with the lost hope, she wanders miles.

The little match girl is bothered and extremely terrified of her father. She does not want to disappoint him. Hence, she puts her level best to reach his expectations. Though, still, it seems no hope to her.

She loves her grandmother a lot and does not want to lose her, who is ailing now. She is very ambitious and wants to do great things, but she has no money so that she can afford to go to school.story of a poor little girl who hides her pains behind sweet smile

However, she is a fighter and deems that she will pass the ordeal and decides to not succumb to misery. The story ends with the girl, seeing random dreams, dreams which she wanted to materialize. She was so indulged in seeing those dreams that she didn’t even realize that she had become a victim of a tragedy.



The little match girl is a very emotional story. The story shirks off from explaining the truth till the ending, but at last, it reveals the unfortunate. A few words of this story tell the story of millions of those unfortunates who are living in misery.

This story speaks about the real struggle, disappointment and agony faced by a group of people. ”The little match girl” is one of those stories which gives us chance to look inside within ourselves and purify our souls.

It does provoke to stand for those and be kind to them. Hans Christian Andersen has beautifully illuminated the failure of our society through this wonderful gem. So, summary lovers let’s get into this story.



                                                                                                     THE STRUGGLE

Once upon a time, there lived a little innocent girl. Her family was poor and lived in misery. The little girl used to sell matchsticks to support her family. Though she also had big dreams like her other friends, she was not even lucky enough to chase those dreams.

little upset girlHowever, she was a wise girl and hence totally understood the demand of the situation. She, completely indulge herself in her job of selling matchsticks.

It was 31st December, a very cold evening, breezing everywhere and in the meantime, she was selling matchsticks. She politely offers each passing people to buy her matchsticks, but the vulnerability of the situation was that still, no one had brought even a single matchstick from her. She even collides with a couple of strangers and falls. They help her get up but when are asked to buy a matchstick, they ignore it.

                                                                                              THE PERSISTENCE

At last, the girl gets thoroughly disappointed in her own luck. She was voracious and was feeling a concussion. soon, she started feeling faint, she uses pillars to keep herself standing.

Finally, she sits at a corner faced by two houses. The girl remembers her father beating her, that pain, screech, and anger. She was substantially afraid of her father. she knew that if she goes empty-handed then he will punish her brutally.The girl remembers who her father used to beat her

She could not take this chance, but at the same time, she also wanted to go home, as it was really cold out there. It was a cold winter night, the next day was a new year. Everyone had come out of their houses for shopping and to celebrate. Yet, she could not manage to sell a single matchstick. she was very disappointed with herself.



The girl sitting on the ground was in dilemma about going home. Finally, she decides to spend the entire night there, sitting at the corner. She wanted to ignite a matchstick, but it would have been her own loss. she thinks of her father who might beat her if had seen her doing that.

Though the winter’s cold doomed all her fears, she ignites a matchstick and it felt like a stove. That little fire on the stick felt her like a stove is the sign of her miserable condition. She had started comparing the stove’s warmth from the warmth produced by a stick.girl feels warm as she is near a stove

Then, she lost in her own dream. She sees a big stove, she gets closer to it to avoid the cold. she is liking that surrounding but abruptly her dream ends up as the match stick ends up burning.


2nd dream

The little girl again ignites the second matchstick and started seeing another dream. This time she finds herself in a huge house, everything was well decorated and in its right place.

Then, she sees a family having Dine at a dinner table. She also sees that goose which she had been thinking and getting smelling of, all the while, during selling matchsticks.

She steps forward to taste it, but the moment she was about to put her finger on it, her dream ends. The girl realizes that the fire has ended up on that matchstick.


3rd dream

The little girl ignites the next stick from the matchbox. This time she sees a beautiful Christmas tree. Actually, a few days back, on Christmas eve, she wanted to have such a Christmas tree.

Though, it was even bigger and more beautiful than her expectations. It was beautifully decorated with sparkling colourful balls and above it, she could see hundreds of candles.The girl sees a dream of Christmas tree that she had been thinking for a very long time

Surprisingly, those candles started moving in the sky. They looked amazing together and it was a terrific sight to watch. However, abruptly, a star falls from the sky. Before this girl could do anything her dream ends again.


4th dream

The little girl feels differently. She remembers her grandmother saying that when a star falls, someone, dies on earth. She loved her grandmother a lot. In her family, no one liked her that much, but her grandmother was her best friend.

She was very close to her grandmother. The grandmother cared for her and would always stand by her side. She thinks that her grandmother was no more alive.

The little girl again ignites a match stick. this time she starts imagining her grandmother. She tells her grandmother that she knew that once the fire is over her dream will be finished too.the little poor girl doesn't want to lose her gradmother

But, she did not want to lose her grandmother, hence, she fires all the sticks she had in her hand. She also requests her grandmother to take her with her.

Grandmother takes her with herself, they start getting up in the sky, they cross clouds and keep going on up. The girl was now very happy with her grandmother who loved her immensely.


the end


Actually, the little girl had died due to hunger and cold. She did not succumb to her misery, instead kept on struggling. Had she been supported by the people around her, she could have been alive.


The story of the little match girl teaches us that whenever we get an opportunity to help a helpless, we should. We don’t know what are their circumstances and conditions. We are humans, hence we should keep humanity alive within ourselves.A beautiful message about humanity and helping poor

However, there are a lot of fantastic individuals who understand it well and also do contribute. We can help in many ways, with money, food, basic requirement, etc…

Though, ”Time” is one of the most effective gifts for them. When we spend time with those who are in some kind of trouble, it’s the best thing for them. As a gist, Love and help each other.






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