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The honest woodcutter

The honest woodcutter


The honest woodcutter is a story of an extremely honest man and a river fairy. This story is very simple and the most amazing thing about this story is its honesty. When I started reading this story I just could not resist to keep on reading this wonderful story, there is a unique hidden honesty, I experienced in this story. Really honesty does pay its own reward and moreover it itself is a reward.

There is a poor man who struggles in life and suddenly enters into a new phase of life. This new surrounding was less tedious than before but this honest man wanted to keep on working hard. Yes, there are people who keep on working even after reaching a comfortable space in life. Though this is very rare and basically found in successful personalities.The honest woodcutter

Our woodcutter also becomes a super successful person, but as they say that success does not come overnight, he also works hard. Though this story also dispels the notion that only being hardworking is not enough alone, you also have to be a good person to be successful. See!, the value of being good is invaluable, so being good is itself a huge success.

However, later in the story, once our honest woodcutter’s honesty and humanity are tested by this wonderful river fairy and he passes on her test too. The happy fairy gets overjoyed and rewards him for his honesty and decorum.

Whereas on the other side, the hero of our story also feels so happy about himself and his honesty. Then he goes back to his house and enjoys the rest of his life with his family and friends happily.

This story literally touched my heart, Hope you all would also find it worth reading.



                                                                                                 LIFE IN HELL

There was a young good looking man named Alan. He was raised up by a good family and hence he was good too. Alan was innocent, truthful, and really an honest man.

Though the people he would live with were not like him whatsoever, he lived with three covetous thieves. However, As they say, that Life is always in our control and we only are the sailor of our life, Alan did not let himself be like them whatsoever.

These people were so dangerous and greedy, however, Alan waAlan decides to leave his roommatess such a magnanimous and good man. He hated their deeds and would often suggest mending their ways too. But they would keep overlooking his advice.



Harry- Hey, what a day, literally what a magnificent day it was!. Glittering gold in my hands! yeah.

Peter- It’s not only your, but it was teamwork. We stole it together, had not we been with you, you would not have been able to make it on your own alone. We will sell it and yes, certainly will be getting a hefty amount out of it.

John- Peter is right!, Tomorrow is going to be one of the best days, we have ever had.

Harry- what you mean by tomorrow, isn’t today a big day for us. See!, we are having such a royal dinner together. Do you think anyone from this entire city, be this lucky as we are today?. By the way, pass that chicken roll to me, Alan. 

Peter- Hey, you look always rueful, why is it?. Are not you happy for us?

Alan- Of course, I am not. You guys are blackguards and your deeds are sinful. I don’t like this, I have been trying to change your ways for months, but it’s not happening. Hence I have finally decided to separate myself from this hell, I am leaving tomorrow. 

Harry- Hey, Alan please don’t go, please!. haha!

Harry- Really Alan, you have no idea how happy I am today. Hey, listen everyone! From tomorrow Alan’s share is going to be mine.

Alan- One day, you all might understand your mistakes. Best of luck and good night.


                                     ALAN WITH THE OLD LADY

The very next day Alan leaves the house as he told last night. Alan has been wandering in the city since the early morning and moreover, he had not had anything by then. Hence he was starving and thirsty and on top of everything, it was a hot summer day too.

This reminds me of my own personal experience. That day I was returning to my grandmother’s place and abruptly I started feeling faint. However, soon a gentleman noticed me and reached out to me as if he was god’s man. He offered me a pancake and also dropped me halfway.The old grandmother offers, Alan some apples to eat

However in the story of the honest woodcutter too, when this old lady notices lethargic Alan wandering in the city, she comes to him. In the meantime apples from her bucked falls down on the ground. Whereas, as Alan sees this, he promptly accumulates all those apples and inverts them into the bucket again.

Alan- Don’t worry grandma, Here are all the apples.

Old lady- Who are you, are you new in this city?

Alan- My name is Alan and yes I am new to this city. Actually, I am looking for a stay here so that I find a job.

Old lady- Well, you look reliable to me, If you want then you can stay with me, I live alone in my house. By the way, please have some apples! You already look rather haggard.

Alan- No thanks! But how can I stay with you!?. Would that be ok with you?. Only if you allow, I will think so.

Old lady- Yes son, why not!?. After all, you seem good to me, I will be very happy if you agree.

Alan- Thanks a lot grandma, it’s so nice of you!.


Thereafter, both Alan and the old lady started living together. Alan would take care of the old lady and she would cook for Alan. It was really a great bonding between them. Though they did not know each other by birth but yet they shared a very sweet relationship with each other.Alan decides to work hard and earn a lot of money to surprise his grandmother

Soon Alan got a job as a woodcutter. He would cut woods every day and sell them in the market. However he would only earn a decent amount from it, but as they say that something is better than nothing, Alan keeps on continuing the same job. However more than anything else Alan personally liked that job a lot, as he would get rather free time for himself too.

Alan would work very diligently in order to make more money, as he wanted to surprise grandma one day.

A woman is a warrior

Alan- yesterday, we did not have food that much left in the house. moreover, grandma does not manifest her concerns to me but I have noticed it myself, hence I will work even harder than I do now and surprise her. I want to see her happy because she helped me when I had nothing. moreover, she also treats me like her own son, Really! I am so lucky that I am with her.

However, this reminds me of my own life, though it’s rather dramatic it did happen to me. There was a phase in my life when I had no one to support, I was a little kid then. But then from nowhere my grandma comes and decides to help and my grandmother

Though I can’t explain the whole scenario it was then, but I do know one thing for sure that she decided to embrace me in a very tough time. They would literally strive to procure even for a one time meal on a day but nonetheless, this brave lady decides to raise me. She protected me like a fierce lioness and loved me like a super caring mommy bird. Each morning she would wake up in the early morning, prepare breakfast meal for small school kids and go to sell them in a school’s playground. Yes, it was a tough time but notwithstanding she never compromised with her goodness. Moreover, she has been always teaching me to be a good person first and that has impacted me substantially.


In life, when we have a strong reason or motive to achieve something, we put our best. In the case of Alan also it was the same, he wanted to earn more money for his grandma. Alan knew that she was a very sweet woman and hence would never instigate him to put more money in the house even during the misery. Moreover, she would always try to look happy and hide her emotions behind her fake smiles saying ” Everything is fine”.

However, Alan had now finally decided to earn some extra money and consequently, he heads towards the jungle. He already decides that he would cut more woods so that he gets more money from it. Hence with a clear thought process, he starts cutting the woods. He gives his level best to cut the woods and completely indulges himself towards his job. Thereby in no time he was half done and was happy too with the progress.Alan is extremely worried after losing his axe in the river

Thereafter he accelerates his speed even higher and that leads his axe to fall into the nearby river. Alan gets completely lost and worried.

Alan- It was the only source of money for me. Now how would I cut the woods and surprise grandma by earning a lot of money?. Everything is over now, this river is so deep and moreover, its stream is deadly too. 

Alan- No!, that was my only hope, I should walk into the river and search for my axe. God, please help me!.



He walks into the rives and starts searching for his axe but even after a long search he was empty-handed. Alan finally breaks down in tears.

Alan- I am such a fool, I should have been careful while cutting the woods. No!, God please help me get it back. I have to work for my grandma, she had been so kind to me all these years and now it’s time to pay her back. 

In the meantime, A beautiful river fairy appears before Alan. Alan was surprised to witness this beautiful river fairy. Her beauty was unimaginable, long silky hairs, beautiful eyes, and had a very soothing voice.

River fairy- what happened Alan!?, You look worried!.

Alan- yes I am, As I have accidentally lost my only axe into this giant river. I also did try to find it out on my own but all my efforts went in futile. The water fairy asks Alan an question, on which Alan do give his answer back to her and she is impressed by the given answer

River fairy- Don’t you worry Alan!, I will help you get your Axe back to you. Just a minute!.

Alan- Really!, please n, you don’t know how badly I need that.

Thereafter the river fairy plunges into the deep water and takes out this golden glittering Axe studded rubies and emeralds on it.

River fairy- Alan, is this your Axe.

Alan- oh! it’s beautiful but it’s not my axe. I had an iron axe.

Fairy river- Are you sure?

Alan- Oh yes I am!.

Thereafter the river fairy again plunges into the water and comes out with a silver axe. It was a silver Axe studded with gems and jewels on its back.

River fairy- Hey Alan!, Is that this?

Alan- No, again not. It’s a silver Axe, This might be someone else’s, I had an iron axe.

River fairy- Ok, sure. Let me check one more time.

River fairy- See this!, It’s an iron axe as you had told me. Is this your?

Alan- Thank you very much!, This is the only one I was looking for.



The river fairy gets thoroughly impressed by Alan’s commendable Honesty, hence she again plunges into the river and comes out with those gold and silver axes on her hands and offered to Alan as respect.

River fairy- Clutch this Alan!, This is the reward for your honesty. you really proved that it’s honesty which pays, Take this, it’s all yours!.

Alan- Oh really!. Thank you very much again, you are so sweet. It’s your inner beauty that reflects on your face. 

thereafter both leaves happily to their places again. Whereas Alan excitedly rushes towards the market to sell those Axes, He makes a hefty amount out of it and gives it all to his grandma subsequently. Grandma was overjoyed with Alan’s honesty, thereafter they together decide to invest the amount to buy a new house for them. Now they live a luxurious life, they have enough to eat and a lot of time to enjoy together.Alan expresses his joy after being gifted by the generous water fairy

One day, on asking about his drastic change, Alan tells some of his friends about that incident. He tells how that river fairy got impressed by him and gifted those extravagant Axes as a reward for his honesty.

Though Alan was not trying to brag whatsoever, it was just a casual talk between them instead. However, this friend of his gets super jealous of Alan and plans to recreate that scenario again in his own way.

Raghav- How lucrative it would be if I managed to get at least a golden axe. I will too sell it and become as rich as Alan.



The very next day, Raghav heads towards that river and deliberately throws his iron Axe into the river. Thereafter he starts yelling and crying as if he had accidentally lost it. However, you know what!?, he was a pathetic actor, he was overreacting as a funny novice. Hey, summary lovers have you ever seen anyone pathetically overreacting or acting, it does seem rather funny, right!. haha!.

However, just after a while this beautiful fairy again comes into existence before this greedy man.

River fairy- What happened, you young man!?, You look worried!.

Raghav- yes I am! As I have lost my only axe in this deadly river.

River fairy- don’t worry, I can help you get that.

River fairy- Hey you young man, See!, is this your golden Axe?

Raghav- Oh!, my goodness you found it at once, Thank you, it belongs to me. (Though again his pathetic acting drowned his fortune)The angry water angel retorting a dishonest guy

Thereafter the angry river fairy blasts on Raghav and completely dooms him with her words.

River fairy- you scoundrel! you think I am a fool ha!?. Now go! you are not getting any axe nor even your own one. 

Thereafter the poor Raghav gets back to town with his lacklustre funny face. haha!. However, by this incident, he would have definitely learnt a lesson for sure that he was a very poor actor.



One random day while Alan was returning to his home, he sees this huge castle, made full of gold instead of his small home. He was completely perplexed to find it there, in his place. Thereafter, on going to its entrance gate he finds a letter written by his grandma, the message of the letter goes like this…

”Hey, my loving Alan. I am leaving this small gift for you, it’s a reward for your well-being. You are certainly a very good person and hence I would like to call you a gem instead. You have made me feel special innumerable times since the day I met you, moreover you have always been so caring for me all these days.

I don’t know how to thank you, no my words will be able to justify your goodness towards me. However, I have noticed a couple of times that you are not only good to me instead you are similar to all. You don’t discriminate, really! you have got a lot of fine qualities. Hence this golden house, I give you as your reward. Do not hesitate to embrace it, you really deserve it and now when you are reading this letter, you own it too. Always remain the same darling, you will always be remembered.”

River fairy

Yes exactly, it was the same river fairy, Alan had been living with, all these years. However thereafter, Alan marries a beautiful lady and gets few kids from her. Alan enjoys his royal life with them and still, quite often he has tears in his eyes whenever he remembers that old woman( The river fairy).



(1) From the story of the honest woodcutter, we learn that no matter how bad your surrounding is, you can still keep yourself different from them. As a gist, Life is completely controlled by you and you only decide how you want to make it.

(2) From the story of the honest woodcutter, we learn that good things always happen to good people, as their good deeds get back to them. Wonderful quote on honesty, integrity and sincerity

(3) From the story of the honest woodcutter, we learn that no one can value our goodness, hence it’s invaluable. so always prefer to be a good person first.

(4) From the story of the honest woodcutter, we learn that truthfulness and honesty always pay, sooner or later.

(5) Last but not least, this story also teaches us to take proper care of our elders as they really need someone to love and care for them.






















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