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The happy prince

The happy prince


The happy prince is a story of a happy prince and a swallow bird. The base of this wonderful story is ”LOVE” and ”kindness”. Yes, summary lovers, you heard it right. This story is based on Love, Kindness and many more invaluable elements like these.

”The happy prince”, it’s not just a story, it’s a masterpiece, it’s a feeling, it’s a gem. Yes, guys, this story has literally made me ponder for a while about that sacrifice, Kindness, affection, magnanimousness, and Love.

While going through this masterpiece, there were times when get to experience the flavour of this story. There is a richness in this story and has its own touch. So many emotions and goodness, Actually, gives an edge to this story and adds value to it.

This is the story of a very happy prince and a bird. They put this huge statue of happy right in the middle of the city. One day a bird while migrating to Eygpt, approaches the statue. She decides to wait and repose there for a while, but her wait, Actually, binds her with the prince’s statue.the happy prince

They developed a sweet relationship. Although there is more on it, The bird and the prince both do a sacrifice for the sake of the people who were in misery.

They keep doing good deeds irrespective of thinking about themselves and finally one dark day, they die. Subsequently, Two angles carry them to the almighty god and there, they are rewarded for their unconditional love. They live in heaven with the Godfather, happily and eternally.

However, When I first read this story, I was completely perplexed by its storyline. It’s rather interesting and above everything, spikes hope within us. As gist, it reminds us of our humanity and Its need.



The EPITOME of happiness

There was a young prince who lived in a town. He was a vivacious and zestful prince. He was sweet, honest, gentlemanly, gullible and a lovely person. The prince also loved to help needy people, he could not ignore the sufferings and the misery of his people. However, he always used to be happy.

Hey, summary lovers, Now it’s my secret, I am sharing it with you all. You know what!?, if you want to be happy, just try to be happy all the time, it’s as simple as that. Now if you have got what I meant to say then you win, or else join me in the comment box.

Coming back to the story, This gentleman prince dies one day and because he was well known and respected by his people, They decide to put his statue in the middle of the town as a tribute to their happy prince.the golden statue and a swallow

Years pass by and everyone forgets the tragedy but still whenever people would see a big smile on the happy prince’s face, it left everyone overjoyed.

I think that’s why they say that Most of the time it’s a smile on someone’s face that brings a smile on millions of faces. Though they also say that laughter is the best medicine. So now, whenever you approach an ill person, just start cracking some amazing jokes, Do spend some quality time with him and believe you yourself will witness the miracle Soon. You will realize the impact of your actions, and you know, what’s the best part of this job!?, You will enjoy doing it too, Haha!, Isn’t it great!.


Every day people would cross by that square and notice this happy face. Now they had got used to seeing the prince’s face every day. The happy prince had become a source of happiness for them and in this way they had also kept the prince alive in their hearts.

One day a swallow bird approaches the prince’s statue. She was rather fatigue as she had been flying for a very long time towards her way to Egypt along with other birds. It was going to be a very long and tiresome journey for all of them, but they were happy about it. They knew that winter was not compatible with them, hence they were supposed to reach Egypt at the earliest.The sparrow bird decides to rest with the happy prince's statue

However, this swallow bird lands on the happy prince’s statue and decides to repose there for a while. Soon, it turned dark and the bird was reluctant whether to stay or leave. She also realizes that the other birds had already left for Egypt and she was there only one. Finally, she decides to stay there with the happy prince.

Though she was upset that she could not join her friends, however, with a gloomy face, she flies down to the statue’s feet and lies there.  It was a cold night already, thereby she again starts blaming herself for it.


Bird- I am responsible for my negligence, they did not leave me, I left them. 

 The Bird- What is it no, was it not enough that God is now raining on me? 

Bird- But, hey climate is quite clear!

 The Bird- I wonder, how can it rain when there is no cloud at all.

Bird- I must check.

The bird flies upward and sits upon the prince’s shoulder, She notices a very weird thing there. It was the tear dropping from his eyes. She was thoroughly puzzled to find such an unusual thing.

Bird- Why are you crying, my dear? don’t you know that the people consider you, the epitome of happiness?.

Prince- Yes, I know it very well. My smiling face makes their day. The moment they see me smiling, for a little while they tend to forget all their worries. 

The happy prince expresses his grief to the sparrow birdThose little kids while going to school appreciate me and also add a smile to their faces. But no one has any idea whatsoever about my pain! They don’t know what I see else, the entire day.

I see people suffering from lethal diseases, I see little innocent kids outcrying in pain, I see them striving from starvation and what else not.  Poverty and misery control their lives and punish them, seldom it also necessitate to do crimes.  Poverty leads them to suffer the entire day and makes them weep in private. Moreover, often they even experience sleepless nights. In a single day, I see these all things happening around me and hence deep inside, I am extremely saddened. 

Bird- I can understand your feelings but you must accept that you can’t control and change this…

Prince- I admit, I can’t change this [picture overnight, but at least I can bring a small change.


The worse part

Bird- What do you mean?

Prince- you know what’s the worse thing I see?

I see a rich man passing through the street and meanwhile he laughs at the beggar. I see an arrogant woman walking on the street along with her son, abusing a poor kid.

Also, I see a finicky boy chilling with his friends, they treat the poor’s like a playing toy, kick them and even throw their slices of bread just for fun. You won’t believe I see thousands of these sinful and harsh activities in a single day.

All these years, I have noticed that people do notice misery and injustice but yet they decide to ignore and walk.

Bird- I am convinced, but this does not mean that you cry and mourn all the time.



Prince- you are unquestionably right, but I want to help these people who are living in misery.

The happy prince tells about himself to the sparrow birdBird- But how will you do this?

Prince- You know what! when I was alive, I had a very happy life. Every day I used to sing, dance and enjoy. However, meanwhile these all, I would also make sure that no people of my kingdom suffers. I would myself reach out to them personally, helping others would spike my happiness to a new level. 

But one day, I die. They put my statue in the centre of the city. They decorate me like a happy prince, embed ruby in my sword, cover my body with gold foils, and even shove the Indian rare sapphire in my eyes. All these make me look so attractive and handsome. However, now I am fed off seeing people’s misery and starvation. Though when I was put here initially, I was happy too, but now I regret each day.


 1st request

The next morning, the swallow bird was feeling quite upset for the happy prince after knowing his entire story., but still, she knew that she had to go.

Bird- Hey, it was really nice meeting you, hope we will meet again!

Prince- Actually, I wanted a favour from you.

The happy prince tells about that woman who is stitching the clothes and is in need of some help.Bird- Hey look, It’s winter approaching here and all my friends have already gone for Egypt. It’s the best place for us now, hence try to understand that right now I can’t help you with anything, otherwise I might die.

Prince- Trust me, you won’t die. Moreover, What I want from you is just a matter of time for you. 

Bird- Ok, What is it?

Prince- I can see a princess’s lady upset, She has given her dress to a seamstress to stitch. Whereas the seamstress is a very poor woman. I see, She has a hungry kid and crying for food but that seamstress is so poor that she even can’t afford any food for her only son.

Bird- Why do you tell me this all, What’s in your mind?

Prince- All I want from you is to pluck a ruby from my sword and give it to that seamstress, Who is now tired of doing that tedious work and has slept on the chair.

Bird- Are you sure, Yoy wat this?

Prince- yes, I am sure.


Thereafter, the bird flies to the sky, She sees some ladies dancing and enjoying the princess’s castle from the top. Whereas there was a beautiful girl who was waiting for her dress eagerly, She also looked very lacklustre.

The bird returns from the castle and directly lands upon the seamstress’s window. She sees that a haggard woman was sleeping on the chair with half-done work. Hence, She drops the ruby just next to her and flies back to the prince, as she was told. The prince was happy to see this all.


2nd request

As the bird returns to the prince, she tells him that she was going.

Bird- Ok, my friend, now I am leaving for my destination, where all my friends must have already reached, but it’s ok. 

Prince- If you call me friend then you will not refuse to do one more thing to me.

Bird- Look, I have already spend an extra day with you and also completed your job, now please let me go. The happy prince tells about the writer who was in trouble and very hungry

Prince- A writer is sitting at his study table. He looks confused and worried. Moreover, he has no food in his house, so that he cooks and satisfy his hunger. 

I think because he has not eaten for the last few days, he might have lost his abilities to come up with new ideas. I know him for a rather long time, he is a very talented and hardworking guy, I feel bad for him. 

Bird- Ohh! Really it hurts to know. 

Bird- Ok, tell me what you want me to do for you?

Prince- I want you to gift him one of my sapphire eyes. 

Bird- What are you saying! will you see only from one of your eyes.?

Prince- It’s ok for me, Please don’t say no!

Bird- Ok, if you say so.

Again the bird agrees


Then the bird takes out one of his eyes and flies to the writer’s house. The bird notices that the writer was really very poor, he lived in an old house that could collapse anytime. However, the bird cleverly puts the sapphire on the writer’s table and comes back to the prince.

The prince on seeing this gets overjoyed and thrilled. He thanks the swallow bird from the bottom of his heart. That day the swallow bird herself decides to stay with the prince and leave for Egypt the next day.

3rd request

The prince and the swallow bird talk about a lot of things, in the meantime, they also develop an unseen bond of friendship between them. Gradually, the swallow bird had started understanding the humanity of the prince. Hence, soon they become good friends.

The next morning, finally, the swallow bird approaches the prince to bid him bye.

Bird- Ok then, while returning from Egypt I will definitely make sure that I visit here. the happy prince tells the sparrow bird about a poor girl's pain

Prince- So, you are going!

Bird- Why are you sad? I am telling you n that I will return to you.

Bid- See, if I don’t go now then it will be too late.

Price- Do you see that innocent girl? She was selling eggs in the square but they pushed her she has lost all the eggs. She is crying in the middle of the square as she knows that if she returns with no money then her father will punish her.

Bird- How can we help her? she is really in big trouble. Moreover, she is just a little kid, she is not supposed to sell eggs in the square, instead, she should go to school with her friends.

Prince- Do one thing! Take out my other eye and give it to her. 

Bird- What are you saying, have you lost your mind? I would rather stay here with you all my life but I can’t take out your only eye now.

Prince- Try to understand, it’s the best thing we can do for that little innocent girl. They have embedded a blue sapphire into my eyes, which is from India. The little girl would make a hefty amount out of it, don’t overthink!.

the bird obeying the prince

Then the bird takes out the prince’s only eye with his consent and gives it to the little girl. The little girl was joyful to receive it. She sells the blue sapphire and makes a lot of money out of it. seeing this, the bird and the prince also filled with joy.


The inseparable friendship

Since then, the bird and the prince stayed together. The bird decides to not leave the prince alone at any cost, she was even ok with jeopardizing her own life for the prince. Actually, the bird was thoroughly pleased to meet such a generous prince.

The swallow bird would entertain the prince by telling everything that used to happen in the square. The prince was also happy to get such a good friend who would understand his feelings and care for him.The sparrow bird says that she doesn't wwant to leave the happy prince

Although when the prince would listen about the miseries of people, he would feel upset. But, soon he comes up with a plan again. He asks the bird to uncover the gold foils from his body and distribute it to the needy.

The swallow bird does the same and also tells about the reaction to the prince after being gifted by her. In this way, both were having fun together. Every time, they would gift someone, it would also pump happiness in their hearts.


the end

One day, the swallow bird realizes that her death was approaching soon. She was not sad because she was going to die, she was sad because she did not want to leave his friend to suffer.

That evening, the bird kisses the prince on his cheek. After a few hours, suddenly the bird falls and dies due to winter.

The moment the prince figures out what had happened, a sound comes out of his chest, it was the sound of his broken heart. Tears drop as if it’s training, feels a never-ending pain, the prince was saddened and vulnerable like never before. There was plenteous of regrets in his heart, constantly trying to cope with them but fails every time.  It was so much pain, agony, regret, and sadness behind the smile on happy price’s face.



People notice that the happy prince had started looking more like garbage. There were no ruby, gold, and sapphire in his statue. Everything was lost and lead the prince’s statue to look like an unnecessary thing there.Both, the sparrow bird and the happy prince die

They decide to put a new statue in its place, hence they destroy it. They throw it into the furnace, but his broken heart does not melt. Thereafter, they also throw his broken heart as it was only made of metal. Coincidentally, the heart and the bird’s body were placed just next to each other.



Two angels came to collect the two most precious things from the earth. They had been noticing the kindness of the prince and the friendship of the swallow bird since the day, the bird met the happy prince. Hence, they collect both, bird’s dead body and the prince’s heart and flies to heaven. Then, they hand over both to the god, calling them the most precious things.the angel brings the prince's golden heart and the sparrow bird with herself as two most precious things on the earth

Thereafter, the almighty god breaths air into them and in no time they get alive. since then, the swallow bird and the happy prince are enjoying heaven and are always happy there.



(1) Love has many images, it was the love and the affection between the prince and the swallow bird that bound them together.

(2) Love and kindness are the two most precious assets of humanity, we must learn to show them.

(3) As they say that love is the only thing that can cover multitudes of sins, Hence love each other as our God loves us and be kind to everyone.


                                                                   THE HAPPY PRINCE QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS

(1) Why was the prince called the happy prince?

Ans- The prince was called the happy prince because all his life, he had been living a very happy and royal life. He was a generous man with a golden heart, he was magnanimous and also very benign to others.

(2) Why people put his statue in the middle of the town?

Ans- They put his statue in the middle of the town because they respected their prince. Hence as an act of gratitude, they decided to tribute his soul through a golden statue. 

(3) Where was the swallow bird flying?this saying from the Bible tells that the 'love' is the greatest amongst all

The swallow bird was flying to Egypt, as it was winter approaching there soon. However, her friends had already migrated to Egypt and she was the only one left-back. 

(4) How did the swallow bird and the prince help the poor people?

Ans- They would gift poor people, rare and expensive metals. The bird would help the prince by plucking gold and rubies from his body to offer the needful people.

(5) What leads to the prince’s heartbreak?

Ans- The sudden demise of the swallow bird due to cold, does lead to the prince’s heartbreak. He cries and weeps, experiences extreme despondency and dreadfulness.

(6) Which were the two most precious things on the planet, found by the angels?

Ans- Those two angel’s found the prince’s heart and the swallow bird’s body as the most precious things on the planet.

(7) What does God do with those precious assets?

Ans- The almighty God pumps his breath into them to bless them with life. Soon, they get up and enjoy the rest of their life in heaven with God.

(8) Who is the author of the story ” The happy prince”?

Ans- The author of the story ” The happy prince” is Oscar Wilde.

















  1. Throughout this awesome pattern of things you secure a B- for effort and hard work. Exactly where you misplaced us ended up being on the details. As people say, the devil is in the details… And that could not be more correct in this article. Having said that, let me tell you what did work. Your writing is definitely highly powerful and this is possibly why I am taking the effort to opine. I do not make it a regular habit of doing that. Second, whilst I can see the leaps in reasoning you come up with, I am not necessarily certain of exactly how you appear to connect your ideas that make the actual final result. For the moment I will yield to your point however trust in the future you connect your facts better.

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