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The golden touch story

The golden touch story


The golden touch story, Summary lovers how are you all?. Hope you all are doing great in your lives. Today will be going through a fantastic moral story. The golden touch story, Its a story of an extremely foolish and funny king. As the title is The golden touch story, You guys can easily reckon that Gold will be playing a vital role in this story.

the golden touch story


Talking about this story, I personally found it super entertaining and knowledgeable. The story successfully manages to teach the true value of life, also it teaches that happiness lies in beautiful things rather than expensive things.

In this story will be seeing how king Midas realizes the true value of happiness and life. There was a phase in his life when he would overlook the beautification around himself and keep degrading god’s creation.

But, The day also arrives when this foolish king does realize his foolishness and hence repents too to mend his blunders. However, Later the king gets a golden chance to fix his mistakes, So as he does and thereafter never repeats it ever.


This is the story of a super-wealthy king named Midas. Long back then, There used to be a huge kingdom and the king of that entire kingdom was Midas. He was abundantly prosperous by health and wealth both. He had a beautiful wife and a gorgeous little daughter.

the king loves his daughter the most


Midas loved his family immensely as every father does. However, he loved his cute daughter the most. Ok, summary lovers have you ever noticed that fathers show more love and affection to their daughters. However I have seldom, Though it’s great because I too think that they have magic in them, they look very cute and have a big heart moreover. Although it’s the same with the boys too, nonetheless most of the fathers love their daughter over their sons. However it’s my personal observation, consequently, we can unquestionably have different approaches on this topic.


                                                   LOVE FOR GOLD

Coming back to the story, Midas also loved his wealth a lot, especially his gold. He would every single day visit his secret dungeon with his loving wife to make sure that his gold was safe there. However, I find it rather funny, He knew that it was in captivity and it was also kept confidential from others but notwithstanding he would come and count his gold coins every day.


                                                                                GOLD MEANS HAPPINESS

Now, Imagine the bar of his madness for gold, He would count innumerable gold coins every day like nonsense. He feared that somebody would steal his gold from that super safe unknown place. How funny it is?!, really!.

Wife- Why do you count these same gold coins every day?

king and queen discussing about the importance of gold for a happy lifeMidas- Because I love them more than anything in this entire world, See n, How beautiful and shiny they look. Have you ever noticed anything more amazing than this?

Wife- Off course, even a full blossom flower is more beautiful than this non-living thing, You must understand the difference between rare and beautiful, my hero. Moreover, you too are more valuable and amazing than these gold coins. what say!?, are not you? haha!.

Midas- oh!, my dear you are not getting me, Just look at these mountains of gold coins, I can all my life play in these mountains, oh this smell! I just can’t resist celebrating with them. All my life, and why only me!?, everyone does work their level best to get prosperous and rich, and now when I am wealthy, you call it waste!?. You must think about what you end up say often.

Wife- ok fine, Now if are you done with your philosophy of living a happy life, then can we go back from here?

Midas- yes why not, but before let me finish counting those again.


                                                                            FATHER DAUGHTER RELATION

Midas- hey my darling, what are you doing there?

Marigold- Look daddy, How beautiful these flowers are!?, They all are just outstanding, I am puzzled over picking my favourite flower amongst them. Father, would you help me with this?.

Midas- Of course, I would have, but I don’t like any of these so how can I?. 

Marigold- what funny papa! it’s the weirdest joke I have ever heard. haha!.daughter speaks about the beautification of flower to his dad

Midas- No, I am not joking it’s true, I don’t find them worth liking. Actually, you have not seen gold that’s the reason you have no idea about its beauty and addiction. once you see those you will understand it voluntarily. Moreover thereafter you will also not find these so-called flowers that attractive, just like me.


Marigold- no father, that wrong. That day is not going to come ever, and by the way, mommy has shown me your so-called golds. They look good but yet I like flowers more than your gold, it’s so much of life in them whereas golds have no life at all.

Midas- ok my dear, fine, but still I like my gold over everything.


                                                      I AM THE FOREST GOD

One random day, An uncharted old man appears to the king. The soldiers bring that old looking man to the king. He wore dirty and shabby clothes moreover he did not have any sleepers. The old man manifests his grief to the king saying that he had forgotten the location of his house and hence was lost in the jungle. The king found him so poor and in pathetic condition, hence he decides to offer him his hospitality. Midas asks him his name on which he replies ”Silenus”

Thereafter, Midas dictates his servants to offer him the best of the best clothes and fulfil all his needs unking to his daughter about goldless he remembers his address. Silenus thanks king Midas for his kind and generous gesture and walk out with the soldiers.

For the next few days, Silennus’s every need was fulfilled and treated like a gentleman. After few more days, Silenus finds his own house with the help of Midas’s soldiers, hence he thanks again Midas for the last time and leaves for his place.

                                                                                          BOON OR BANE

One day abruptly while Midas was counting his gold coins he sees one more strange person. It was the forest god.

Forest god- I am extremely happy with you, The old man you cared for and offered you royal hospitality was my man. Hence whatever you wish will be given to you. Ask what you want, but only one wish and not more than one.



Midas- oh!, how lucky i am. Fine then, I want to be blessed with a power so that whatever I touch shall turn into gold. Can you do that for me?.by the god forest himself, the king is give a chance to ask a wish for himself..

Forest god- Yes, I certainly can. But why do you ask that? It’s not going to be happy for you, You will regret it. You still have a chance you can go for some other boon.

Midas- No, I know what I want. You just bless me with that boon.

Forest god- Ok fine then, From next morning whatever you touch will convert into gold.


                                                                             THE REALIZATION AND REPENTATION

The whole night Midas could not sleep whatsoever. He was anxious about thinking of his power he was going to have soon. The next morning, Midas touches his own bed just to make sure that he had got his power as per the forest god’s promise, and the moment he touches his bed it voluntarily converts into gold. Seeing his bed full of gold left Midas completely spellbound.

He just could not control his emotions and express his happiness. All his life what he had been loving the most, Now was going to his all. He had the authority to convert anything into gold. The overjoyed king promptly gets out of his room touching everything he saw on his way to the garden. By the time he had reached the garden, he had converted many things into pure shining gold.

Thereafter, the greedy and foolish king starts converting each plant into gold, one after one. Finally, he finished converting almost everything into gold and then moved to have some meal.

the king repents on his foolish decision..


The moment Midas touches the bread, it immediately converts into gold voluntarily. The king was rather hungry and thirsty too, Hence he anxiously again moves his hand to clutch the vessel in which water was kept, but that container also gets converted into gold completely. Now Midas was real worried, he was out of his mind. He had all the delicious items for him to eat but yet he could not taste any of those just because of that boon, blessed by the forest god. Meanwhile, his loving daughter arrives and unknowingly Midas touches her too, The moment Marigold gets his touch she also freezes into gold.



Midas outcry and keeps yelling for help but no one listens to him. He too knew that no one except the god forest could help him get rid of that situation. He now had started hating gold. All he wanted to see his daughter playing and calling him with love as she used to do all the time.

Midas wanted to hear her sound and talk to her. Hence, he kept on calling for the god forest. As result, The god forest again appears to him.


                                                                                      MIDAS IS FORGIVEN


God forest- Did not I already tell you that gold would not make you happy anymore.

the king accepts his faultMidas- Yes, you did and you were right too, Please help me get out of this mess. I am thirsty and hungry but I can’t eat anything, whatever I touch it gets converted into gold voluntarily. What would I do with these golds, everywhere?. Moreover, I have lost my daughter, What was her fault in this all? it’s all my fault and she is completely innocent. I want her back, that’s it and whatever it takes I am ready to do.

God forest- Ok ok, So finally you have understood the actual meaning, purpose and value of life. It’s not only about running and craving for wealth instead actual life exists in enjoying every single moment of life. However, Someone had said ” Do not worry about how many moments are left in your life instead enjoy the ”LIFE” present in every moment”.

Midas- yes yes, You are right now please tell me how will I get my happy life back.

God forest- haha!, Take this magic solution and sprinkle on everything you want to get converted back.

Midas- Thanks, God forest. Now I will never crave wealth anymore instead enjoy my life with my family and loving ones.


                                                                                      HAPPY MIDAS

Midas readily starts sprinkling drops of that magical solution on the things he wanted to get converted. But firstly, Midas sprinkled the drops on his daughter( Marigold). Marigold promptly gets back to her consciousness again but was perplexed.

Marigold- What happened papa, why do you look so worried.

Midas- Nothing my darling, I just saw a bad dream. I don’t want to see it again. I love you, my son!.

Marigold- I love you too! father. Papa, Let’s go outside, I want to play.

Midas- Oh!, Why not!?, I too want to play with you.the happy king with his daughter

Marigold- Yeah, that will be fun, Let’s go then.

Marigold- Papa, See these beautiful flowers, they look and smell so good, n papa.

Midas- Yes my son, They certainly do so, and see those flying butterflies, they too look so amazing. It’s a beautiful sight altogether. I thank god for showing me and my family this wonderful day so that we rejoice, enjoy and have all the fun together.

After that particular day Midas never counted his gold coins nor even dared to compare gold coins with any of god’s creation instead he lived a happy life with his family and close friends.



(1) Golden touch story, teaches us that one should never get over obsessed with the temporary assets in life, such as gold, diamond, wealth etc.., Instead give priority god first for adding each wonderful day in our lives. Moreover, we should enjoy every single moment of life and learn to celebrate its beauty.

(2) Golden touch story, teaches us that we should never get bothered about how many moments are left in our lives instead we should celebrate ”LIFE” exists in every moment.

the king is happy to be happy again..


(3) Golden touch story, teaches that we should always keep a child alive within ourselves, or else our soul might get rigid and we would no longer be able to enjoy our lives.

(4) Golden touch story, teaches us the value of our real wealth that is life itself. In life, we do experience good, bad, ugly, pathetic, and so many fantastic days and the overall impact of these variations, actually makes us strong from inside and prepares us to stand adamant during any nuisance, Hence we should always be grateful to our Lord and keep praising him for adding each new day in our lives.

(5) Golden touch story, teaches us that we should spend and enjoy time with our family and friends and be always happy as Marigold remains in the story.



(1) Who was Midas and what he was obsessed with?

Ans- Midas was a king of a huge kingdom and loved his wealth more than anything in this entire world. However, He was extremely obsessed with his gold. Every day he would visit his locker and count his gold coins and be happy about it.

(2) Why Midas helps the old man?

Ans- Midas helped that old man because he found him in miserable condition, thereby he thought to provide him with some help. Moreover, the old man also manifests his misery by telling Midas that he was lost in the Jungle and was not figuring out where to go.

(3) How did Midas realize his blunder?the king is happy along with his daughter

Ans- Midas realizes his blunder when his own loving daughter gets his touch and turns into lifeless gold. Midas immediately starts crying and yelling for help as he really loved his only daughter a lot, That particular moment Midas realizes his blunder, that gold could also have been less worthy than innumerable things of this world, At least from his daughter.

(4) Did Midas learn the value of life or not?

Ans- Yes, certainly he does. Midas understands the real value of life and also learns that happiness lies in enjoying and spending time with family and friends rather than keep accumulating the barren wealth of this world and brag about it. Moreover, he also learns that we should always be grateful to our lord for gifting us each new day in our lives to live and enjoy.











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