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The frog prince

The frog prince


The frog prince is a story that I personally found unique. Speaking candidly the storyline of the frog prince is rather unrealistic but it has a beautiful intention behind it. The story does emphasize understanding the true value of life.

Oh yes, it’s a package of entertainment along with some moral lessons. When I was a kid my grandmother would recite me some religious stories every evening. I would love to listen to those stories a lot because each story used to have some moral lessons apart from the number of fictional happenings in it. Each day I would wait for the ethe girl finds the frog quite arrogantvening to come so that I get to listen to a new story.

And yes they did impact my life substantially and now I firmly believe that it can also change your lives too.


However coming back to the story of the frog prince, it’s a story of a frog and a princess. The frog was very arrogant and hence cursed by a heavenly body. Thereafter he immediately finds himself in humongous trouble but also realizes his blunder.

Thereby he is given a very interesting task to complete which was meant to be only his way of getting redeemed from that curse. Does not it sound amazing, yes exactly it does? Thereafter the helpless frog tries his best to get it done again and again and finally, a day comes when he succeeds.

Although there is surprising suspense in the story which underlies the foundation of this amazing story. So summary lovers, why wait! let’s just get dive into this world of magic, miracles, suspense, and pure entertainment.



                                                                                           THE PRINCESS

Once upon a time, there used to live a very beautiful princess. She was aesthetically so adorable and cute that not many like her do exist on the entire planet then. As she was a princess, her upbringing had been also done just like a delicate princess.

She was like her father’s doll. The king loved her a lot and hence would procure and get her whatever she demanded. Royal dresses, delicious dishethe little princess wants to be gifted some really flashy items, extravagant pieces of jewellery, and playful games to play was in the routine of this princess.

Really seldom I would think that how amazing their lives are who are affluent or has everything. But then I understood the veracity that no one is complete and everyone lacks some completeness in their lives.



However in the story of the frog prince too, the princess lacked a disability. We will find out it.

One day this princess asks her father to gift her something really impressive. As the bar of searching the happiness in flashy things had already hiked up. Whereas the king also endows her a very expensive golden ball which he was once gifted by his father.

He also warns his daughter to keep that safe as it was very expensive and had some really sweet memories. Whereas the princess assures him that she would not lose that ever and would keep it safe always.


                                                                                      THE FROG MEETS THE PRINCESS

The princess took that and started playing with it. She would roll the ball in the garden and try to overtake it. Similarly, she would play in various ways with that sparkling golden ball.

When the sun rays would hit that golden ball it would shine even more and hence look so astonishing to her. The princess plays and plays and finally goes to repose for a while under a tree. She was so happy and excited about it.

Do you remember any incident when you have gifted something you really wanted to be? It feels amazing right. We tend to forget everything behind and just get ourselves indulged in it completely. Right now children are mostly going gaga over electronic gadgets…

However, it was the same with the princess too. Even when she was sitting on the ground under the tree, shethe clever frog puts a condition in front of the princess keeps juggling the ball. All of sudden an ugly frog jumps out of the bushes towards the princess. He asks the princess whether he could join her to play. Whereas the princess replies” I am a royal princess and you are just a frog who looks very pathetic, how can you even think that you are worthy enough to play with me”. 

” I might look ugly and pathetic to you but I am still a living being and I do have a heart too which hurts when someone like you judge my looks like this. Although I can be very interesting, as I can jump, run, and even roll the ball with you. It will be so fun if we play together, What say?”. Replied the frog.

Although the princess just did not get him and wanted to get rid of him, So she readily rushes to his cattle and closes the door.


                                                                                            HELP ME PLEASE

The very next morning the princess again goes to the garden and starts playing with the golden ball. And each time the ball would pass through the sun rays it dazzled her eyes. Hence once she abruptly loses control over the ball and the ball falls into the well near her.

She starts crying, weeping, and mourning like a helpless one. She just could not think of anything to get the ball back again from that deep well. Every time sonce the princess gets her golden ball back , she starts ignoring the froghe would try to do so, the horrible depth and the silence of the well would leave her terrified.

All of sudden that ugly frog again appears to her asking for help her. The princess personally did not like that frog but notwithstanding requests her herself to help.

Whereas the frog was very cunning too. He says ” what if I help you, what will I get in returns”.

” I can give you anything my clothes, these pearls, jewellery, anything you want” replies the princess.

”No, I don’t need any of these instead if you allow me to eat, play, spend time as a friend, and sleep with you then I will surely get that golden ball for you. What have you to say on this”. The frog to the princess.

”Ok, no issues I will allow you I promise” Replied the princess. Although she was undoubtedly not convinced with his conditions but yet agrees just because she wanted her golden ball back again.

Whereas the overjoyed frog promptly jumps into the well and digs out the submerged golden ball from the well.  However the moment he drops the golden ball on the ground she clutches it and runs into her mansion again. Whereas the frog kept calling her back.


                                                                                        THE STUBBORN FROG

Thereafter the frog follows her back. Unlike last time he did not want to lose her moreover this time he had even helped her. Hence he too runs fast and even faster to catch her.

He reaches to her doorstep and knocks it with full conviction. They hear the sound hence her father tells her to look for it. Although they had just sat to have lunch together meanwhile the door is knocked.

the king dictates his daughter to welcome the frog


Whereas the princess never thought that it would be the frog following her all way long. Hence when she sees that frog in the door, she gets perplexed or rather worried. She immediately closes the door and returns to the dining table.

She looked rather worried and was even breathing irregularly. The king notices it and asks the matter.

” Father, it’s an ugly frog who helped me get my golden ball back from the well, and actually, we had an alliance before, that if he succeeds to get that back then I would befriend with him and even let him sleep in my bed”. Replies the princess to her father.


” You must keep your words, my daughter. We are royal ones and hence not supposed to betray anyone we promise. So just call him inside, Go do not fear at all”. Says the king to the princess.


                                                                                                 A LIFE-saving KISS

Hence The princess opens the door and takes him to her father. The frog justifies himself and asks him to do justice in that matter. Whereas the king like a true king does not get biased towards his daughter instead listens to his heart.

” Daughter, I love you a lot thereby I don’t want to ruin your life by standing by your side even when you are guilty. As you have yourself admitted that you promised on his conditions, so you just have to keep your words now. Don’t worry I am always there for you and would not let anyone harm you”. tells the king to his daughter.

Do not you feel amazing when someone tries to prove you wrong but contrary himself is proved wrong. It does feel very satisfying right, However, the frog was also in the same well of happiness. Nonetheless, he was just not illuminating it out to neither the king and nor to the princess. Whereas the princess finally agrees to act as per her promise.the princess is panicked after she finds the frog is fainted


Thereafter the frog tells her to serve him the dishes they were enjoying. The princess looks to his father and the expression was the same when he would without uttering a single word make her do things. Hence she serves the food to the frog.

She was angry whereas the frog was jovial but the most interesting part was that both were not showing it. Just think of that situation how epic this would have been.


                                                                                                THE DRAMA KING

Once the frog was done and satisfied with the hospitality he tells the princess to bring him upstairs so that he could have some rest there. The king nods his head and the princess gets him upstairs.

The frog after reaching the restroom asks the princess to allow him to sleep with her. Now, this was unbearable to the princess she just could not tolerate this one.

Hence she angrily throws the frog on the wall and he immediately dies. The princess was angry that’s true but as she ascertains the outcome of her anger, her anger readily transmutes into fear.

The princess did not want to be called any murderer. Moreover, she realizes her mistakes that it was just a tiny frog who had not even harmed her instead had helped her contrary. She realizes that all he wanted was to just befriend her which would not make him guilty whatsoever. She herself dwells into her past and analyzes the matter, thereafter she feels extremely bad about her deeds and wanted to rectify them.

the frog sets his target as the princess


princess promptly rushes towards the dead body of the frog. She brings it up and repeatedly tells him to get up. There was no commotion in his body. She then prays from god for the frog and starts kissing him constantly.

Yeah, you picked it right, her kiss proved to be the kiss of life for the frog. The moment princess’s juicy lips touches the skin of the frog he gets up. Moreover, he even turns into a handsome prince. ”BANG what was that” the princess exactly thought similarly.

                                                                                     THE FLASH BACK STORY

The princess was bewildered to see an ugly frog turning into a handsome prince. Whereas the prince assuages her and comforts her as she looked petrified and confused simultaneously. Then prince takes her into his flashback.

” Once upon a time, I went hunting. I was aiming at an animal although it was not the first time I was doing it instead I was accustomed to it by then and loved killing animals. But that particular day an angel appeared to me. She stops me from hunting the animals and even accuses me of doing it. I was a prince and by that time no one had talked to me in that way. hence I just did not like it whatsoever. I thereafter articulately refused to listen to her but then she like magic grows taller mysteriously, yes it was very scary to see someone like that and it was me who was talking with her. However, I was still adamant and persisted in my decision.the prince and the princess decides that they will never harm any animal...

Whereas she addresses them as an innocent living being and took their side over me. After all, my arrogant behaviour made her lose her temper and she curses me to turn into an ugly frog. On the other hand, I too realized my fault but it did not melt her.  however, she explains a condition to me accordingly to which I had to teach the value of an animal’s life to someone rigorous like me. That was the only way that could lead me to get my life back again as a prince.

Hence when I noticed you hating animals who were innocent and would not harm anyone intentionally, I found my target as you. Thereby all I had been doing was to just make you understand your faults and teach the value of innocent animals.


                                                                                        A NEW LIFE STARTS

As the prince was done with reciting his back story to the princess, he notices big drops of tears in her eyes. She was guilty of her rude behaviours and hence was repenting. Whereas the prince again assuages her and they promise each other that they would always love animals. Animals who do not have a mouth to speak and can only speak using their eyes.


Once upon a time, a great man had said that the one who understands animal’s language actually deserves to be called a true human being. Whereas Mahatma Gandhi once said ” The greatness of a nation can be easily ascertained by understanding the way its animals are treated”.

Although thereafter they marry each other after the prince asks her hand and then they live happily rest of their lives.



The movie, The frog prince is a musical film based on Brother Grimm’s classic fairytale. They shoot this movie in Tel Aviv, in Israel. whereas the director and the producer of the movie are Jackson Hunsicker and Patrician Ruben respectively.

Helen hunt, Amanda pays, and Aileen Quinn was in lead roles. The movie gets released on October 5, 1986, in the United Kingdom. However, in the box office, it did not perform well and lead to them causing a loss.






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