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The fox and the stork, Summary lovers, Hope you all are doing great. Today we will be going through one more amazing story of a fox and a stork.

The fox and the stork is a story of a cynical fox and a wise stork. By the way, Whenever it’s a fox, We always know that there is something wrong with him, Right! haha.

the fox and the stork


In this story too, The fox is undoubtedly clever, but that’s not all one requires to live in this world. Moreover if being clever actually separates you from others or attributes to defame your identity amongst the majority, then it’s a waste in every sense. However, being clever along with good is a very rare match, but that’s also the one good quality one must possess within itself. However, there is a wonderful saying which states ” Its good to be important, but its more important to be good”.

Hey, open your eyes well, and get ready for this amazing ride with me. Today we will be learning lots of fantastic life lessons together which will subsequently add values to our personalities. So are you guys ready already!, Let’s just start then…


The fox and the stork is a story of a clever but selfish fox and a nice and well-being stork. However, the one who is clever with so much selfishness is always considered as a cynical guy altogether, and hence the world does not call it clever instead calls it cynical.

fox and stork


The fox was a member of a diversified jungle family. The jungle was so vast and was thriving like anything. Hey, summary lovers stop, I have to say something to you all, We should try to bring those days back, friends. What say, Those days were amazing when there was lots of greenery around us, those flying butterflies, bees, singing frogs, and that heart touching sight altogether. We can bring those days back and hence we should guys, at least if we all try together then definitely we would end up bringing a very small change that would have a robust impact on our dreadful environment. Yes, it would be wonderful, Think, In this way, we actually will be saving the world, yeah how great that would be! haha.

However Coming back to the story, The jungle was exactly the same as we imagine the Amazon rainforest in our minds. We know, that there is a chain system in the forest, One is predator whereas the other is prey. But nonetheless, there do exist an unseen understanding and relationship between the animals. They do respect each other, surviving skills, habitats, affection, sacrifices, love, and most importantly their invaluable contributions to diversity.

the lone fox

Unlike the other animals, Fox was a true cynical, selfish and narrow-minded individual in the entire Jungle. Everyone would shirk off from him, as they had understood his nature well.

On the other hand, The fox had also sensed the scenario against him, However, for this all, He was only the one who was responsible. Had he maintained a healthy and friendly relationship with his colleagues, No one would have avoided him. Although everything was going smooth in their lives by now.


One dawn, the fox decides to get away from that particular territory. He was bored to live in such a vicious surrounding around him, he wanted to make some good friends.


Yes exactly, this was the phase in fox’s life when he had started realizing his mistakes, he muses on his overall behaviour towards others and finally finds only himself guilty for his loneliness. Hence, he decides to give a fresh start to himself, so he moved on towards a nearby territory.the is desperate to get a friend

Half-day over, He reaches to cave beneath a huge tree. He finds that place completely appropriate as his habitat, so he stops there.

Days pass by and this animal was constantly trying his level best to adjust himself to that new surrounding. Soon, he learnt the techniques and tactics to survive in that particular area, However yet he had not made any friends there, Although by this time he had known many in that area.

stORk’s entry

Now Summary lovers, don’t lie, You also find it quite hard to start a conversation with some uncharted or stranger, right!. However, it was exactly the same with the fox too. Although after a few days, he notices a beautiful stork flying around his territory, hence he himself thinks in his instinct to befriend her.

The fox had been noticing her for the last few days that she lived on a tree, just near to his cave. Hence finally one random day, He decides to invite her for lunch.

Hey summary lovers especially boys, You must be knowing how difficult it is to approach a girl. We boys ponder for hours and hours just to think ”  What should be the initial topic to start a conversation with a girl” haha. However, our clever fox had a rather good plan to ask stork to join him.

Fox- Hey, you are so beautiful. I am literally spellbound to see your beauty.

Stork- oh!, Thanks ( With a killer smile on her aesthetic face).the fox is appreciating stork's beauty

Fox- you know, I am new here and moreover, I don’t have any acquaintance or friend here with me.

Stork- oh!, I can understand, how it feels. We birds keep flying miles and miles, from one place to another but notwithstanding we are always united, Thereby we don’t get bore and above everything we are always happy even in our tough times.

Fox- That’s so fantastic!, You guys are really lucky. I wish! , If I would also have at least a friend like you.

Stork- Well, we can be friends, If you don’t mind.

Fox- Really, Why will I mind, In fact I was just going to ask you to befriend me, As I am the biggest loneliest in this entire world.

Both laugh together, Constantly

Fox- hey, why don’t you join me in lunch.

Stork- Ok, that sounds great, Meanwhile we will also know each other’s interests too, what say!.

Fox- Exactly.


                                                                                                 its lunchtime

Just after a while, The stork visits fox’s house. The fox had already done all the arrangements, though it’s quite funny that he was thoroughly mesmerized by her beauty. Yes, we can certainly understand his feelings, right!. Hence it’s beyond description, haha. After all, every boy once in their life goes through this feeling, Though there is nothing wrong with this, it’s just love.

stork finds it difficult to finish the foodHowever later in the story, The stork enters his house and she takes her place to have dinner along with the fox. The fox had prepared hot and tasty soup but it was served in a wide bowl.

The stork just could not eat from that wide bowl, as she was used to eat in a high and thin container. A thin and high container are always compatible for storks while eating, as they find it easy to put their long and sharp beak into it, despite eating from a wide bowl.

She gets rather angry, due to the fox’s pathetic hospitality but she does not express it to the fox, as she was a guest there.


                                                                                            HIDE AND SEEK GAME

Fox- What happened, you did not like it?. See me, I am about to finish it.

Stork- No, That’s not the matter, Actually my tummy was already full. Hence I would not be able to eat that much.

Fox- oh! I see.

Stork- ok then, I must go now, I am done.

Fox- But hey wait, you have not finished it, at least have a little more.

Stork- no no, that’s ok, I am really done. I am going, thanks for the lunch.

Fox- Ok fine, you go and I finish your lunch. By the way bye-bye,  beautiful…the stork wants to retort the fox


Stork- How can someone be this pervert, could not he notice all those while that I was finding it difficult to eat from that bowl. He is definitely not like us, instead, he is rather careless and cynical too. No really! who finishes their friend’s meal, is that friendship!. No, I have to and I will teach him a solid lesson that he never forgets it ever. However, now I understood, why he does not have any close friend yet, he does not deserve it because. 


Though, the stork was voracious but yet did not eat anything, because she just could not. However, she kept hiding the truth and her uncomfortableness because she was not even comfortable stating that.

The entire night, our beautiful stork keeps pondering about that incident. Moreover, she was still hungry and that was spiking her anger even more. Finally, she gets an idea to teach a counter lesson to that careless fox.


                                                                                      the counter move

Stork- Hey, hi.

Fox- It seems as she has started developing an interest in me( The fox thinks).

Fox- hi, how are you doing?

Stork- well, I feel lonely today, would you join me in lunch today?

Fox- yeah, I got it right, she is damn interested in me, otherwise, why would she invite me on lunch!. ( The fox thinks)

Fox- oh!, why not, I will love too. After all, we are friends right!.

Stork- Yes we are.

Both laughs together, haha.

Stork- Comen, I will pay you back your friendship today. ( Stork thinks)


                                                                                      THE RETALIATION BEGINS

As we all know that the history repeats itself. In this case, the history was in making, hence it had to repeat for sure, So as it does too. The fox joins her on lunch and the stork serves him in a thin and high container, deliberately. She better knew that the fox would find it hard to eat from it but nonetheless, she does not arrange a compatible container for fox, as he had done last time with her.

Stork- What happened dear, you are not having anything, are not you liking it?

Fox- no, that’s not the point, I would have unquestionably if I could have then. 

Stork- What you mean? dear.the stork realizes the fox his mistake

Fox- Can’t you see this, that this container is not compatible for me and hence I am not able to eat from it.

Stork- oh!, that’s the matter, Then tell me one thing that could not you see that day, that the bowl you used then was not compatible for me and hence I could not finish my meal. Moreover, despite figuring out my inconvenience and procuring a compatible container, you contrary finished my meal. Was not that a shameful act of yours?.

The fox finally realizes his mistake and thereafter asks her for forgiveness. 


Fox- oh shit! How could I be that foolish, Sorry dear I will never ever repeat that instead always keep that in mind.

Stork- ok fine, you are forgiven. 

Then the stork gets a big bowl and serves the fox in that bowl. Whereas the fox finishes the entire meal in no time. Thereafter both of them says goodbye to each other with a wide smile on their faces.


                                                                                       THE INCEPTION

After few days, the stork says bye to his friend( The fox) for the last time, as she was again going in a far land, miles away from there. The fox was not happy as he was losing his only friend, but the stork empathizes him and motivates him to make more friends. Stork’s motivation really did work, hence the fox finally decides to get back to his original territory from where it all started(The inception).fox nd stork

Thereafter the fox makes many friends in his own territory and they all live happily ever after. Stork’s robust lesson had entirely changed fox’s life and fulfilled his life with happiness and prosperity, Now that’s what we call a happy ending.



(1) From the story of the fox and the stork, we learn that cynical and selfish people are liked nowhere, even not in the Jungle.

(2) From the story of the fox and the stork, we learn that it’s good to be important but it’s more important to be good.

(3) From the story of the fox and the stork, we learn that good behaviour always attracts and impresses everyone. Whereas rude and cynical behaviour acts as resistance.stork and fox

(4) From the story of the fox and the stork, we learn that sometimes it becomes indispensable to teach someone a lesson.

(5) From the story of the fox and the stork, we learn that a good lesson can significantly change someone’s life if imbibed properly.



(1) Why fox moves from his original habitat?

Ans- The fox moves away from his original habitat because he wanted to make some friends but no one was interested in him there, instead he finally decides to go away from there in search of friends.

(2) Why no one liked and was ready to become fox’s friend?

Ans- No one in the entire Jungle liked and wanted to befriend the fox due to his selfishness. The fox was rather selfish and cynical moreover he was not even friendly with other wild animals. 

(3) Why was the stork angry and disappointed with the fox?

Ans- The stork was angry and disappointed with the fox due to his careless and pathetic hospitality. The stork could not have her lunch because the container it was served on, was not compatible with her whatsoever.

(4) How did the stork teach a lesson to the fox?

Ans- The stork taught the fox a robust lesson by offering him lunch on a really thin and high container. The fox fails to have lunch from it and thereafter on asking, the stork reminds him of his own hospitality. Hence the fox realizes his mistakes and promises to keep that in mind forever.

(5) Does the fox make any friend after the realization?

Ans- yes, The fox does not repeat his mistake again and hence he successfully makes a lot of good friends subsequently. However, the fox does go back to his original habitat after the realization and enjoys his life to the fullest.  


fox ,storkstork and fox














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