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Snow White and the seven dwarfs, Hey summary lovers, How are you all?. Hope you all are doing great in your lives. By the way, I have to share something with you guys, Actually, when I woke up today, I felt extremely lethargic and fatigue, don’t know why.

But, As Since last few days I was planning to write a blog on this topic ” Snow White and the seven dwarfs”, I somehow cajole my lazy mind to at least go through the whole story. Now, can you guys imagine!?, The moment I finished the whole story, I just could not resist myself to publish its summary.

snow white and the seven dwarfs

Now, you must have got an idea about its magic over me. However, there is a queen in this story, who also does and have a robust knowledge of black magic in the story of Snow White and the seven dwarfs.

It’s needless to say, that the story of ”snow white and the seven dwarfs” is a gem in the world of fairy tales. It has a very engaging and entertaining plot. Moreover, an entire dedicated movie has also been made on it, due to its crazy popularity among the readers.

Snow White and the seven dwarfs, is a story of a beautiful girl, a wicked queen and seven dwarfs. However it’s funny, but I must tell you that there was a phase in my life when I was thoroughly terrified of being ” A dwarf”. Although that fear helped me get taller and now I am a happy boy.

However, had I read earlier this amazing story of snow white and dwarfs, I would not have worried about being a dwarf anymore. Though I really like them personally, they are always kind to others, as they are in this story.



origin of snow white

Long back then, There was a proud king who lived along with his queen. He was very kind and generous with his people. Moreover, he was a good man, he loved his wife a lot and respected all her decisions. The king and the queen were very happy in their lives, but they only had one emptiness. They wanted a child, they wanted to feel being a loving parent and shower all their love upon the kid. It was a very emotional feeling for both of them, They would often talk about this matter and each time they experience an unknown fear and loneliness.the queen is looking out of her window

One random day, the queen was standing over her window and was enjoying the sight from there. It was a magnificent winter morning and everything looked perfect to her, the white snow, the chirping of birds, and even the climate everything was just outstanding. Meanwhile, a bird flies to her balcony and in no time she ends up prick one of the queen’s finger.the bird pricked queens one finger.

The blood came out of it and even a drop of blood falls on the floor, it was dark red. However, the queen had not to bother about it, as it was just a minor wound. But, when she accidentally looks that drop of blood, it seemed like a face drawn on it to her.

The happy queen promptly prays to god saying ” I wish that I get a child, who is as fair as snow and her lips are as red as this blood drop whereas her hair is as black as the bird’s beak”.


Days passed by, Every day this cute couple would pray to god and wait for a miracle to happen. I must tell you guys that when nobody helps, it’s God who keeps his eyes on you and your needs. Although, He fulfils our wish too, but at right time or just say in his time. Similarly, In this story of snow white and the seven dwarfs too, God does put his hand of blessing upon their head and they are gifted with a beautiful princess.

The princess was exactly similar to the queen’s wish. She was overjoyed along with her husband. The king starts dancing and singing with tremendous joy. He looks at the baby princess and notices her beauty.

King See!, how fairy she is!.queen is happy for her new born baby

Queen-Yes indeed, As I had wished, she is as fair as the snow, got lips as red as blood and her hairs are even rather black and she looks aesthetic in it. God heard our prayer, darling! he heard our prayer!. We will call her Snow white from now.

King- yes my lady, he is great, kind and generous. He blessed us with this wonderful princess, I am very happy today. Welcome, Snow White to our family!.



But, seldom things don’t go according to us, sometimes it surprises us or rather tears us apart.

The queen starts feeling internal pain, she tells this to the king. The king immediately calls all his servants, he dictates them to stay outside the room. The king warns them to stay prepared to procure whatever was going to be the need of the situation.

Hence all the servants were cautious and ready to deliver their best, after all their queen’s life was at stake. But who can go against the god and his decision, moreover the queen had also sensed her end.

the queen obliges the king to marry a woman and live happily.Queen- I am no longer going to be alive and can die anytime. You promise me that you will always take care of my princess, she must not feel my loss in her life, instead, she always remains happy. One more promise, you will soon marry a woman who will take care of my princess as a mother and you live happy with her.

The king remained silenced and just kept nodding his head on her demands. He never thought of this ominous tragedy, he was broken and surrounded by despondency. However, yet the king tries to speak to his darling with a broken heart.

King- you know I love you a lot! we had planned innumerable things but we never thought of anything like this. You have shaped my life as a good man, whatever the milestones I have achieved, it’s all because of you. You can’t leave me alone, I will be incomplete without you. please don’t go n!.

Meanwhile, the queen dies and the king keeps crying and crying just like a baby. The king promises himself that he will give Snow white a good and healthy upbringing.



Soon the king marries a woman, she was beautiful and looked so cunning. The new queen had a rather good knowledge of dark magic, however, no one had any idea about it whatsoever. The queen was extremely stubborn and rigorous.

The wicked queen had many secrets of her own, she would never unfold those to anyone, not even to the king. She was obsessed with her beauty and loved herself a lot, moreover, she had no feelings for others whatsoever.

the wicked queen is bragging her fake beauty


Now, summary lovers, you must be thinking that how can someone hide her sinful activities from others for a long time. Yes, it was possible with the help of black magic. As we already know that she had learnt black magic, she would use it on the servants and even on the king to control him.

The snow White grew up and turned to be a really beautiful princess. However, she had not got her stepmother’s love whatsoever, nor she had any affection or expectations with her. Snow White was an independent girl and loved her father a lot. Although quite often she would doubt her stepmother’s activities but never tried to go into the deep investigation.


the talking mirror

The wicked queen had a secret room. No one knew about this room, she would keep all her magical things inside this room. There was also a talking mirror in this room, the mirror would always tell the truth and would never lie.

Whereas the wicked queen would often visit this room and ask the mirror her questions. Although as we already know that she was excessively obsessed with her beauty, she would always ask a single question associated with her beauty.

Wicked queen- Who is the most beautiful and fairer woman on this planet?


Mirror- of course, you are the most beautiful lady in this world. You have got fair cheeks and such juicy lips that everyone would like to kiss you. moreover, your eyes are as deep as the sea, it’s just amazing. I am spellbound to see your beauty.

Wicked queen- oh!, thanks for the compliments, my lovely mirror, Lots of love to you!.

After few years the wicked queen again visits her secret room. She stands in front of the mirror and asks the same question again.

Wicked queen- Who is the most beautiful woman on this planet?

Mirror- certainly, you are so beautiful. But the snow White, your daughter has turned up to be even more beautiful and fairer than you.

Wicked queen- What nonsense! First of all, she is not my daughter! nor she is any fairer than me.

Mirror-Apologies, but my job is to always tell the truth and I did the same, She is more beautiful and fairer than you.


the wicked conspiracy

The wicked queen gets angry at her talking mirror, hence she hits it hard with anger that leads the mirror gets cracks on it. Meanwhile, the king sees that all happening, but before he could do anything the wicked queen subjugates and seizes him in her custody. Thereafter she locks him inside a cellar and leaves him there alone.

She was still very angry and wanted to destroy Snow White. Hence she plans a cunning ploy and orders one of her servants to kill snow white.

Wicked queen- Hey you, Come here!. You have to do a small job for me, don’t worry you will be rewarded for it.

Servant- Order my lady, what to do! I am always available.

Wicked queen- Bring snow White in the jungle and kill her there, also get her heart as proof. Would you dthe wicked queen asks her slave to kill snow whiteo that for me!?.

Servant- Certainly, I will. 

Thereafter the servant calls the snow White on queen’s order and hence she comes.

Snow white- Did you call me, mother!?

Wicked queen- Yes I did, Go to the jungle with him and get that magical flower for me which enhances skin’s beauty.

Snow white- As you say, mother.

Thereafter, the snow White leaves for the jungle with that servant( Who was supposed to kill her). But the servant was thoroughly impressed by snow white’s honesty and purity. He found her very benign and innocent.

Hence, he ends up revealing the queen’s order and even suggests running away from there, as he did not want to kill her. Whereas snow white was not ready to leave him alone to tackle the problem, especially after knowing the whole truth.


The mountain men

Snow white- No, I am not going to put you into any trouble anymore, however you are already troubled.

Servant- Exactly, I am already troubled. you can help me by running away from here, I will figure out, what to do.

Snow white- But, how will you tackle this problem, What will you answer her?

Servant- Dear, you are worried because you are good. I assure you, nothing will happen to me, you just go now and take care of yourself.

Snow white- you too. 

Thereafter, he hunts a deer and brings her heart to the castle to show the wicked queen as snow white’s heart. Whereas the wicked queen gets joyful to know that the snow White was no more alive.

On the other hand, snow White ran and ran, as faster as she could. Finally, she notices a small house in the middle of the jungle. It was already dark and she was rather exhausted due to constantly running for help, hence she decides to enter the house. As she steps in, She notices a big dining table already served delicious dishes over it.


There were seven plates, bowls, cups and glasses. She readily sits upon one of the chairs and starts eating from each plate, bowls, and cups, items she wanted to eat. Soon her tummy was full and she wanted to repose.

Hence, she moves towards a room and finds seven well-decorated beds there. She could not resist herself from lying on it, thereby she laid over one of the bed and fell asleep soon.snow white is sulky to know that her mother wants to kill her..


After a while, All seven dwarfs get back to their house who went to mine for gold. As they enter the house, they find half of their dinner was already finished.


The deal

Whereas, on entering the bedroom they find this beautiful girl already sleeping. They get bothered and rather confused simultaneously, but no one awakes her up. The next morning snow White wakes up and finds herself in a new nuisance again. She looked worried after noticing those men.

Whereas, As the dwarfs came to know that she was awake, they readily reach out to her together. First, they make her feel relax and safe, then they ask her about last night.


The snow White told everything to the dwarfs from the start. After listening to snow White, the dwarfs were sad about her. Hence they offer her to stay in the house under some conditions.

Dwarfs- You can stay here as long as you want, but for that, you have to cook for us and take care of this entire house unless we reach back home in the evening.

 Snow white- Ok, I will do as you say.the dwarfs offer snow white to cook for them and stay..

Dwarfs- Great, but be vigilant from that wicked queen and do not open the door for anyone except us.

Snow white- I will do the same.


The wicked queen wins

On the other hand, the overjoyed wicked queen again visits her secret room. She again asks the mirror the same question, she had asked last time and got angry with its answer.

Wicked queen- Who is the most beautiful and fairest in this entire world.

Broken mirror- You are really beautiful, but the snow White who is staying with those seven dwarfs is still fairer and beautiful than you.

Wicked queen- oh! so that servant lied to me, ok fine, I will see him later!. But first I will finish the snow White myself ( Wicked queen to herself).

Thereafter, The wicked queen gets some fresh apples and uses her black magic on them. She makes those apples poisonous so that when snow White eats those, she dies.the wicked queen fools snow white

The wicked queen then converts into an old lady so that she could fool the innocent snow white easily. She walks into the jungle in the search of snow White. Soon, she finds that house.  Hence She starts selling apples loudly, soon snow White heard her voice and came over the window.

Snow white remembered that she was not supposed to open the door, hence she told the old woman to show the apples from the window only. The wicked queen offered one of the apples to the snow White and she immediately fell just after eating its first bite.

The wicked queen noticed her fall down and she gets happy again, she gets back to her castle happily like never before.

Whereas, as the dwarfs return from the work they find her lying on the ground. She was not breathing, which meant that she was dead.


Prince’s entry

The dwarfs did not want to lose her, as they had also understood snow white’s kind nature by that time. They cried and cried for hours. Its been three days but still she did not look dead anymore. It seemed as she was just sleeping in deep.

They could not speculate what went wrong with her, but one thing they knew for sure that it was that wicked queen’s ploy. Although, They could not do anything about that so they started preparations to bury her body, at last. They had arranged a glass coffin to keep her aesthetically beautiful body on it.the prince is broken to know that his dream girl is dead now

Meanwhile, a prince was crossing by there, He notices this crowd of seven dwarfs along with some chirping birds around that coffin. Hence, he readily heads towards them, as he reaches there he finds his dream girl inside that coffin.  He excitedly tells the dwarfs about it.

Prince- It’s the same girl I have been dreaming of since my childhood, please give me this!. I love her a lot and would never hurt her. moreover, I am going to make a monument in her memory.

Drafts- We would not have given her to anyone even if we would have gifted tones of gold, but we give this to you because we trust you. However, had not this been any matter of love, we would not have given this to you either.



Thereafter, the dwarfs give the snow White to him and get back to their house with gloomy faces. Whereas meanwhile, the prince was on his way to the castle, he notices an apple’s broken piece inside her mouth. Accidently, he doubted that. Hence he takes her body out of the box but could not understand anything, then he kisses her just to express his feelings and grief for her.

Whereas, the moment she is kissed, she opens her eyes miraculously. The prince gets very happy and confused both, so as snow white was too.prince kisses princess and she gets alive again.

Snow white- who are you, and how am I here with you?

Prince- I am a prince, who had been dreaming for you since his childhood. I asked you from the dwarfs when found you dead. I wanted to make a monument in your memory.


Snow white- Oh!, how can you love me this much?. I am impressed.

Prince- oh! really. does that mean, you are ready to be my princess?

Snow white- well, if you wish so, but before that, I want to see my father.


The rescue mission starts

Snow white better knew where her father could be, hence she decides to attack her stepmother’s castle, so as she does. They reach there and immediately attack her castle with thousands of soldiers. Later they also find her father inside that secret room, so they help him get out from there. Finally, they doom the entire castle, whereas the wicked queen had run away from there and never returned ever after.prince loves princess

On the other side, the snow White was extremely happy to get his father back in her life. Everything was fine now, the wicked queen had run away, her only castle had been doomed, hence she was finally satisfied and happy with the results. Thereafter the snow white and the prince marry each other and live a happy life together.

Snow white- Hey, thank you. Had not you helped me, I would not have managed to save my father from that wicked queen.

Prince- Darling, I love you! consequently, whatever it had required, I would have happily done that for you. We are always together and united, after all, you are my princess, No!, Actually my lovely princess.

Both start laughing and they always are together ever after. ( Happy ending )


(1) From the story of snow white and the seven dwarfs we learn that we should always have faith in God, he listens to our prayers and answers them at its right time. In the story too, he fulfilled the king and queen’s wish and gifted them a true gem as Snow white.lessons from the story snow white and the seven dwarfs

(2) From this amazing story, we also learn that a clean soul can even provoke a pervert to mend its way. When that soldier realizes the purity and the well- beingness of snow White, he changes his decision of killing her. Later, the soldier even risks his life to save the snow White, This is the power of goodness, Guys.

(3) At last, we learn from this story that the truth always wins and dooms all the sins and its followers. In the story too, even after Snow White was dead, Her true love gifts her a new life, Though God was always with them.

(4) Last but not least, Dwarfs are good people just like us. However, they often deal with so many criticisms and some people even make fun of them, but they keep being good to everyone.  Hence, We should never make fun of them instead learn to live a happy life contrary. 


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