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Rapunzel is a very beautiful girl, she lives with her mother but is not allowed to get out of the house. For the last 18 long years, she has been noticing that each year they release hundreds of sky lanterns in the sky.

the escape

She very fantasizes about those floating lanterns in the air, which later leads her to bicker with her beloved mother. However, every time, The cunning gothel somehow manages to manipulate Rapunzel. But, one day a theft takes place in the castle and coincidentally one of the thieves ends up hiding inside Rapunzel’s house.Rapunzel is messed up, why she is not allowed to step out of the tower she has been living for years

Rapunzel plans to avail this opportunity by using him to fulfil her dreams. She gets the stolen crown in her custody and offers her deal to the thief. Whereas the helpless guy had no option but to help her seeing those sky lanterns released from the castle, as he badly wanted his crown back.

the conspiracy

In the meantime, mother Gothel also figures out that Rapunzel was lost with the young man, after finding her, she warns her that he would betray her, But Rapunzel disagrees with this.

Later, mother Gothel executes her sinful conspiracy and wins on misleading Rapunzel. She also instigates Rapunzel against the innocent young man. However, soon, the truth comes out which mother Gothel had been concealing from Rapunzel all those years.

happy ending

After knowing the truth Rapunzel was thoroughly hurt and disappointed, meanwhile, the scoundrel, mother Gothel was threatening her and oppressing her, as, by this time, she had shown her real face to everyone.

Whereas, in the meantime, the young man cleverly fools the cunning mother Gothel and saves himself along with Rapunzel from her oppression forever. Thereafter, they lived happily together ever after.


Rapunzel is a story of an innocent and beautiful girl with a big heart. She has long silky hair which has magic in it, to cure any wound or to retain youth for years. Rapunzel’s clever mother avails of Rapunzel’s hair to retain her youth. She implants false facts in Rapunzel’s mind about the outer world that binds Rapunzel to escape from there.

Though she is very eager to explore the world outside her house. In this story, we see what leads Rapunzel to unearth mother Gothel’s sinful activities, selfishness and greed. Rapunzel’s story is a story that illuminates the potential of hope.

It proves, how a small amount of hope can bring a robust change, sooner or later. Those lanterns which used to be released from the castle is the epitome of hope in the story.Rapunzel and Flynn together

Moreover, we also see how Rapunzel, a lonely beautiful girl who had been completely unaware of the beauty of this world and never expected to be embraced or loved, finds a wonderful honest young man as her life partner.

This German fairy tale is so heart-touching and engaging that there is an entire dedicated movie based on it (Tangled). Tangled is an American 3D computer-animated musical adventure film. The movie was released by Walt Disney pictures in 2010.

The official budget of the movie is a whopping $260 million which also gives it the crown of the most expensive animated film along with one of the most expensive movies ever made.

So, summary lovers, let’s get dive into this world-class story of Rapunzel.



                                                                              HOW WAS RAPUNZEL AND HER LIFE?

Rapunzel is a beautiful girl who lives with her mother far from the city, into the woods, in a tower. She is an obedient daughter, loves her mother immensely and never breaches her commands.

Mother Gothel has been teaching her about the world outside their tower. She falsely explains, how hypocritical and dishonest the world is so that she never risks her life by crossing the threshold.A tower in which Rapunzel does live

Rapunzel on the other side is a very smart girl, she obeys her mother and makes sure that she does not disappoint her. Hence share indulges herself in playing and enjoying the days with pascal, who is a very friendly and wise lizard.

She also likes reading books, listening to music and cooking but was thoroughly passionate about painting and drawing. However, even after being completely separated from the outer world, she successfully managed to keep herself updated.

She possessed a rather strong grip over all the important areas such as music, arts, and literature. Besides all, personality-wise, she was a very brave, courageous and zestful girl. She would never hesitate to stand for herself when required.



Rapunzel's long and strong hairRapunzel has long golden blonde hair. Her silky magical hair is competent in curing any wound and is effectively helpful in retaining youth for years. Mother Gothel likes Rapunzel’s hair a lot. She can’t tolerate anyone pointing out her beauty.

Though it’s been years, since when she has been hiding her secret of looking young from everyone. Whereas, for the last 18 years, She is also unaware of her mother’s secret of looking young. though she does not care about it too, instead overlooks it.

However, Rapunzel knows one thing for sure that when her hair is cut, it loses its magic. , Moreover, does not even grow from that specific point. This is one of the primary reason, mother Gothel warns her from getting out of the tower, as it might be harmful to her magical hair. Whereas she also deems it as a valid reason to keep herself in isolation.



Although all these years, Rapunzel has been an obedient and polite daughter, she has a burning desire within herself. She has kept it alive and confidential from everyone for years.

The only one who has a little bit of idea about it is the pascal, who is quite close to her. Today is her birthday and she wonders, why is it!? That every time on her birthday, they release hundreds of lanterns in the sky.

Though, she does not overthinks about it, but wants to see it happening from the close. She has only dream that one day she will see those hundreds of lanterns floating in the sky.Rapunzel's motive for freedom, flying lanterns in the sky

She deems that it would be the best gift for her birthday on that day. Finally, she has turned 18 and hence has decided to unearth her desire to her mother. She hears mother Gothel calling for her to uplift her.

Mother Gothel- Rapunzel! Rapunzel! , come fast, I am waiting here!.

Rapunzel- Coming mom.

Rapunzel uplifts her mother through her long and strong hair and in no time mother Gothel was At the top of the tower.

Mother Gothel- I wonder! how you keep uplifting me without even stopping for a while!?.

Rapunzel- I love you, mom.

Mother Gothel- I love you too, my princess.


hesitated rapunzel

As Rapunzel had already decided that she would manifest her desire to her mother, she was quite nervous. She knew that her mother would never allow her to do so, as she had always been given a warning for it.

However, she musters dare within herself, beholds to pascal, expecting that it would spike her bravery and confronts her mother.


Rapunzel- mom, I have turned 18 today and you know, how fantasize, I am ab

Mother Gothel not allows her to move out from the tower

out seeing those floating lanterns?. Hence I want you to take me there and I promise I would never demand anything after this.

Mother Gothel- You know darling! It’s not possible. You better know, how scoundrels are those people who live outside there!.

Rapunzel- But mom!

Mother Gothel- No if, no but! I can’t risk your life. When they find you, they will unquestionably try to harm you and would use you for their own benefits. I love you, darling, hence I also care for you and understand your safety.


Mother Gothel- Ok, now tell! What you want me to cook for you?. I must cook your favourite dish, right!.

Both chuckle together and Rapunzel nods her head saying ”yes” to mother Gothel.

                                                                                                THE THEFT

On the same day, A young boy named Flynn rider along with two stabbingtons, Executes a successful theft of the princess’s crown. Meanwhile, the soldiers notice and start chasing them. However, somehow, Flynn rider along with his partners manage to escape from there.Thieve, after he stoles

In the meantime, Flynn also realizes that his partners were not trustworthy to him, whatsoever. Thereafter, the clever Flynn also misleads them and ends up hiding In rapunzel’s tower, into the woods.


                                                                                 RAPUNZEL AS AN OPPORTUNISTIC

Whereas, on the other side, Rapunzel was well aware of his activities. The moment Flynn rider enters through the window by climbing on the tower, Rapunzel attacks his head. She leaves Flynn unconscious as she deemed that he could have been harmful to her.

After a while, When Flynn comes into consciousness, he directly asks about his stolen crown.

Flynn- Where is my crown? Give it to me!.

Rapunzel- First tell me, Why have you come here?.

Flynn- They are chasing me!.

Rapunzel- Oh!, So you are not going to harm me?.

Flynn- No, of course not! Why would I?.

Rapunzel- No! I don’t believe you. I have an Idea.Rapunzel kindles Flynn rider to get her to the flying lanterns

Flynn- Continue!.

Rapunzel- You will take me to those floating lanterns which they release every year on this day and I will give you that crown.

Flynn- What a weird wish!.

Rapunzel- So you are not taking me there, right!.

Flynn- No! When did I say that?. I will!.

Rapunzel- By the way, you also have to bring me back, safely, Once I fulfil my dream.

Flynn- Is that your dream?.

Rapunzel- Yes, My only dream.

Flynn- Ok, now unleash me fast, I am the only one who can make your dream come true.


                                                                                      MESMERISED GOONS

Soon, they escape from the tower together. Though, Rapunzel was still confused, whether her move of absconding with an uncharted man was right or wrong.

Rapunzel- I am so happy to escape from that boring place. No! mom would be hurt to find me lost from the tower, she loves and cares for me a lot. Still, it’s not too late, I must return.

Rapunzel- No! it’s good here, this open space, greenery, refreshing weather, etc…

Finally, the confused Rapunzel ends up crying like a baby.

Flynn- You look so worried!? What is it?.

Rapunzel- Knowing this, would hurt mother substantially, wouldn’t it?.

Flynn- Yes, it would. I am afraid that I am saying this, but I won’t bring you away from your beloved mother. We are going back! You will come with me to your house, stay happy with your mother and return my crown to me.

Rapunzel ponders for a while and replies…

Rapunzel- no! I will first see those floating lanterns and then get back to my place.Goons decides to mend their ways

Flynn- Ok, fine! I have a great idea, as I am starving, we will first visit a pub and have some food there.

After reaching the pub, few goons take Flynn in their custody, as they knew that Flynn was a wanted criminal. They promptly inform the police, meanwhile, our lovely Rapunzel urges them to leave him.

Rapunzel- Please! leave us, he is the only one who has me to fulfil my dream. I have put a lot of things at stake, he is my only hope now.

Goons- No! He is a wanted criminal. We will get him arrested.

Rapunzel- Really! Have you guys never seen any dream yet?. Do you don’t realize, how much it hurts when a dream gets destroyed?. That unbearable pain, agony, disappointment and loneliness, you have never experienced this?.

Goon- Yes, I saw a dream!Dream of becoming an actor.


At last, the goons were thoroughly mesmerised by Rapunzel’s desire of chasing her dream. Hence, they decide to support her and always stand by her side.


                                                                                                The chase

Thereafter, Rapunzel starts singing a beautiful song and even makes those goons join her. Every goon starts sharing about their dreams.

Goon no.1- I want to go on a world tour and explore the world.

Goon no.2- I want to fall in Love, no one should fear me and kids should join me in games.

Meanwhile, they also ask Flynn about his dream, on which Flynn initially refuses them saying that he had no dream to fulfil, but after being propelled by one of the goon, he shares his dream too.

Flynn- I want to own an island, be around with trees that have money hanging on it. I want to enjoy the rest of my life there with my mate.

Thieves before Flynn and RapunzelIn the meantime, police reach the pub to arrest Flynn, but, a goon, helps them escape from there through a back door. Maximus arrives, who is a very clever horse and is behind Flynn.

He guards the policemen to chase him by suggesting them enter from that back door. The policemen run before them and during the chase a huge dam breaks. Soon, water captured everything and was still destroying things coming in its way.

However, somehow, those stabbingtons managed to save themselves from drowning. Meanwhile, Gothel appears to them offering the crown they had been looking for. She also tempts them saying that if they help her kill Flynn rider then she will tell them a secret that will make them wealthiest. Hence, they agree with her and starts following her commands.


                                                                             RAPUNZEL SHARES HER SECRET

Somehow, Flynn and Rapunzel managed to save themselves from drowning. They got into a cave, though, still, the water level was raising inside the cave very fast. Finally, both succumbed to it, Rapunzel starts blaming herself for that all.

Rapunzel- Hadn’t I decided to escape and chase my dream, You would not have been in this trouble. I am responsible for your death, I am sorry!.

Flynn- Eugene Fitzherbert, my real name. I have not told this to anyone, you are the only one who knows this.

Rapunzel- My hair sprinkles and shines when I sing.

The moment she ends up saying this, she realizes that it might still help them get rid of that situation. She promptly plunges into the water and searches for a weak point to escape from the cave. Soon, Flynn notices a weak point and starts moving the rocks to get out of it along with the stream. finally, after struggling for a while, they fell into a river with the flowing stream water.

Readily both get out of the river, saying…Beautiful scenario, where Rapunzel and Flynn gets after getting out of the cave, They were stuck in

Rapunzel- Finally, we are alive!.

Flynn- Your hair shines!.


                                                                               MOTHER GOTHEL CHALLENGES RAPUNZEL

They get to a field and dry themselves. Slowly and gradually, Rapunzel had started believing and liking Flynn. Especially, when Flynn does not blame her, while they were in trouble and his life was in danger, instead he makes her feel special by telling the truth (his real name) to her.

Sitting in the field, they ignite a fire and have a quick chat with each other. Meanwhile, Rapunzel also cures his wounds, which he got during moving the sharp stones under the water.

Rapunzel- Don’t exclaim now!.

Flynn- What did you just do? You can cure a wound like this through your hair.

Rapunzel- When I was small, someone had cut my hair, It turned brown and stopped growing. Moreover, lost its magic too. Hence mother Gothel warns me from getting out of that tower and remain isolated.

Flynn- you never moved out of it!?.

Rapunzel- No!.

Flynn- And yet you want to return!?.

Rapunzel- No! I mean yes! I don’t know.

Rapunzel-Leave it! So, Eugene Fitzherbert ha!.

Flynn- Chuckles, Actually, I used to recite stories to kids. There was a rich man named Flynn rider, he was a sword wager.

Rapunzel- Was he also a thief?.

Flynn- No! He wasn’t, he didn’t have to steal, he already was wealthy. Whereas I was just a poor boy, so thought to start stealing and since then I am doing this. But you don’t share this with anyone, I still have some respect remained, I might lose that too.

Rapunzel- chuckles, ya sure!.

Flynn- Ok, So I am going to get some woods for fire.

Rapunzel- Flynn! I like Eugene Fitzherbert more than Flynn rider.

Flynn- Is that so!? However, no one has said this to me earlier.


Gothel to rapunzel

Gothel tells to her

Meanwhile mother Gothel comes from the back, who had been listening to them all this while. She asks Rapunzel to come with her but she refuses to go.

Then the furious mother Gothel blatantly challenges her that Flynn rider would deceive her, once he gets that crown. Whereas, Rapunzel, disagrees with her mother, saying that he would not betray her.

Thereafter, mother Gothel leaves and returns to her place. However, it was mother Gothel who currently had the crown as she had already found the crown hidden by Rapunzel.



Mother Gothel along with those two blackguards plans a sinful conspiracy to incriminate Flynn rider. They wait for the right time.

On the other side, Flynn rider and Rapunzel had already left for the city. Rapunzel had already impressed and cajoled Maximus (That clever horse) to come with them.  Though, Maximus and Flynn rider still would not like each other.Gothel tells to the two blackguards

As they reach the city market, they see a huge crowd there. Few girls come and start braiding her long hair, in no time it was done. She looked amazing, starts dancing to a tune and also makes other dancing with her. Citizens of that kingdom had decorated the entire city as a bride. They used the kingdom’s unique symbol to decorate the entire city.



A king, queen and a baby kidFlynn also gets Rapunzel, that symbol which a small kid was selling throughout the city. Meanwhile, Rapunzel also notices the picture which depicted the king and the queen along with their lost daughter.

They tell her, the entire story of that lost child, that 18 years back, a lady had abducted their daughter from the king’s castle. Hence, since then, every year they release thousands of lanterns in her memory. So that one day she would notice it and return to the castle.


                                                                                         THE MAGICAL MOMENT

Thereafter, Flynn takes her to the river, from where they could entirely see the king’s castle. After a while, the magical moment arrives, Rapunzel for the very first time sees the floating lanterns getting one after one in the sky.

She gets overjoyed to see it. Meanwhile, Rapunzel and Flynn also get closer to each other, they could feel the warmth of their proximity and were about to kiss each other. But, in the meantime, Flynn ends up noticing those stabbingtons, stalking them.

Flynn clutches that crown which mother Gothel had finally returned to Rapunzel while challenging. He reaches out to his partners to return it to them.The magical moment arrives( the flying lanterns)

Flynn- I am just coming soon.

Rapunzel- Ok, I will wait.


                                                                                                 injured Flynn

Flynn directly goes to his partners and give them that crown which they had stolen together. However, those stabbingtons do deceit to him by attacking his head. They hit his head with a stone which leads him to go through a concussion and later get fainted.

They think that Flynn was dead, once they find him getting unconscious, so they run away with the crown. After a while, they appear to Rapunzel saying that Flynn had betrayed her and had absconded with the crown.

Rapunzel does not believe them but when they gesticulate towards the floating boat going towards the other shore of the river, she feels cheated. Everything was going accordingly to Gothel’s plan. Gothel again appears and embraces Rapunzel saying that she was right.

Mother Gothel- didn’t I tell you that he would betray you?.The blackguards tells Rapunzel that the Flynn has left

Rapunzel- yes, mom you were right! he did betray me.


                                                                                             Maximus saves Flynn

A few hours later, the boat in which the fainted Flynn was tied with ropes, reaches the other shore. Few castle soldier recognised the wanted criminal. Hence, they arrest him and were taking to hang him.

Knowing this, Maximus promptly gets all the goon from the pub into the jail and then they together stop soldiers from hanging the innocent Flynn. Thereafter, Maximus gets the Flynn rider to the Rapunzels tower where she was kept in captivity.


                                                                                       unfolding the secret

the queen gets to know that her daughter had been abducted


In the meantime, Rapunzel also figures out that she was the girl who was kidnapped from the king’s castle when was small. She understood that mother gothel was not her real mother. Instead, it was the king living in the castle along with the queen. Each year they would release lanterns so that one day she understands the sign and would get back to them.


                                                                                     THE MAGICAL FLOWER

Once upon a time, a light fell from heaven along with the sun rays. The moment it strikes the ground, a magical flower sprouted, The flower could cure any wound and even retain youth for years.

Gothel had seen that sprouting flower, hence, she kept it safe for years to retain her youth. One day the pregnant queen gets ill, thereby the soldiers snatched that magical flower from Gothel and prepared its solution to feed the queen.

the magical flower that has the nature to cure wounds and retain youthfulness


As the queen drinks the magical solution of that flower, she readily gets well again. Later, she gives birth to a child, they name her ”Rapunzel”. Her hair had always been golden and silky, she looked beautiful on it.

One night the furious Gothel enters the kingdom, silently. She cuts Rapunzel’s hair, but the moment she cuts her hair it lost its magic and turned brown.

Gothel gets angrier, Finally, she abducts Rapunzel and takes her with herself. She took her to the secret tower and raised her as her own daughter. She teaches her that the outer world is full of sins so that she could convince her to not move out.


Rapunzel stands for herself

After knowing the truth, Rapunzel had made her mind ditching Gothel. Whereas Gothel didn’t want to release her, but Rapunzel was also determined to persist with her decision.

Hence, At last, Gothel tides her using ropes and also stabs Flynn rider who came to rescue Rapunzel. Seeing this she pleads to Gothel that if she allows her to cure dying Flynn’s wounds then she would stay with her unless she dies.


 PRESENCE OF MINDMother Gothel falls from the tower pushed by Flynn

While Rapunzel was busy curing Flynn’s wounds, He cleverly cuts her hair and it turned brown in no time. Seeing this Gothel outcried in anger and moved to kill Flynn, but clever Flynn again using his terrific presence of mind, Jostles her and she immediately dies after falling from the tower.


the homecoming


Thereafter, Rapunzel and Flynn rider return to the palace and unfolds the entire veracity, Knowing this, the king and the queen accept Rapunzel happily. They celebrate Rapunzel’s homecoming for the next seven days. Finally, She marries Flynn rider and they lived happily ever after.


She has a fair complexion. she looks aesthetically beautiful with a sweet tint of blush on her face. Around 75 feet long blonde hair and big round green eyes, add more to her beauty.Beautiful dress of Rapunzel

She wears ”Dirndl” which is a traditional German dress, along with a long skirt. She wears a beautiful purple dress with a pink accent on it. she also puts a petticoat underneath her purple skirt which is decorated with swirl designs. Her, pink and lavender sleeves are puffy and fascinated at the top, Whereas the rest of the portion of it, is pink along with white lace on its end. Though, she does not prefer wearing shoes instead is seen barefoot most of the time.


Rapunzel movie

It’s an American 3D computer-animated musical adventure film, released on November 14, 2010. The filming locations of the film are Norden and Germany. Though it is also based on the German fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm. It was the eighth highest-grossing movie of 2010.

Walt Disney animation studios produced, whereas Walt Disney pictures released this fantastic movie. Hence, it’s also available on Disney + Hotstar, the running time of this movie is 100 minutes.Tangled movie poster in which a sweet couple is together in a frame

Nathan Greno and Byron Howard are the directors, whereas Roy Conli has produced this movie along with Dan Fogelman’s screenplay

Talking about the star casts, Mandy Moore, Zachary Levi, and Donna Murphy have given their voices for, Rapunzel, Flynn Rider and Mother Gothel respectively. However, directors, Nathan Greno and Byron Howard have also been seen giving their voices as the 1st and the 2nd guard respectively, in the film. Whereas, Alan Menken gives his music to the film.

Talking about the business, the movie was made on a whopping budget of $260 million which earned a thumping $592.4 million in the box office, making it one of the most successful animated movie.









































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