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Puss in boots is a story of an extraordinary puss. Yes, Summary lovers, you heard it right! it was an extraordinary and exceptional puss. Now what makes me say this, you will understand throughout the summary of this puss in boots story.

Oh yes, he wore boots that’s right!, and That’s also the reason his name is puss in boots. Moreover, he was a very smart and clever puss. Although it can be said easily with no hesitation that his exceptional intelligence proved to be the key to their royal life.

Oh! yes, they lived a royal life, but it was not always the same. They got to their destination step by step, However, the journey from Zero to Hero was insanely fun too.puss in boots

Puss in boots story holds many amazing twists and turns and that might also be the reason that it was chosen to make an entire movie on it. It’s an American movie based on the story of puss in boots.

So Summary lovers, Are you ready to explore this amazing story?. Of course, you are right!, So why waste any time, Let’s just get moved to its summary.


Long back ago, There used to live a kind gentleman miller. He had three sons and he loved them all. Hey guys, Have you ever noticed, parents with more than a kid always have a loving one, either to father or to mother. I am sure you must have, after all, you guys are super smart right!. However in this case also there were all three kids, Hence the miller too had his favourite one of course.

He loved his youngest son the most. They would share a very cute bonding. Hey! That reminds me of my childhood. However, I am always going to stay as a child, because I love being it and you guys should also keep it alive within yourselves Because it feels just amazing.puss in boots and his castle

Getting back to the story, The miller and his younger son ”Marquis” would spend most of their time together. After all, Marquis was his all.

It was a very beautiful town where they lived. The miller would daily go to work and while returning from the mill he would bring some delicious dishes for his kids. Yes yes, Marquis would always have the advantage, haha!. 

pickle on the cake

They would hate Marquis, and you know why. Yes, due to their father loving Marquis more than them all. There used to some situations when they could articulately feel the difference. Hence this leads them to have a grudge in their hearts for Marquis.

However, Marquis had no idea whatsoever about this jealousy, as he was rather gullible. By the way hey summary lovers, Do you also possess any bitterness towards your siblings? if yes then just avoid it because it’s never profitable. However in this story of ”puss in boots” also we will be seeing its repercussions.

Everything was just going great in their lives, The miller was too happy being busy with his work. But then, Suddenly a tragedy takes place, The miller dies. Oh no! yes that’s the turning point of the story.three boys, a donkey, puss

It’s was very heartbreaking for his children, they were all lost in unbearable pains. But, Marquis’s grief was on some other level, of course. He cries in wain and craves to get his father back, But, He too knew that it’s not practical at all. As result, it took many days for him to recover and accept the veracity that his father was no more alive to love and care for him.

Of course, it was rather tough for all of them but Marquis was affected the most.  Now Marquis was trying to focus on other things to divert his feeling and memories associated with his father. Somehow it was working too though.

When we lose someone important, indeed it’s painful. But, life does not end there instead it holds innumerable amazing moments within itself. Hence we should never lose hope and keep moving on. We should never overestimate the potent power of patience which voluntarily helps to fill the voids of our life. And above everything else, we should never forget that our God loves us and hence he always does the best for us. Sometimes we fail to understand his motives but subsequently, we get it, hence always praise the lord and even more while the afflictions.


However, The miller had already distributed all his wealth to his sons before he died. He had decided to give his entire lands along with the house they would live in, to his elder son. Whereas for the second son, He had left a donkey. Now you must be thinking how unfair it is, For one there is everything and for the other only a Donkey.

Well, Summary lovers wait for the younger one, Marquis only gets a puss. Yes exactly, Marquis too was equally baffled as you guys are now. Marquis never thought that the father who loved him the most would only leave a puss for him, especially when he could give him way more than that.the boy is sad

Although he somehow cajoles himself and even thanks his father for the puss. Didn’t I tell you that Marquis was unlike his siblings?. Marquis was a good son, not only his father loved him but he also loved his father, truly. His father had always taught him to be a good and strong child, For Marquis, his father’s enlightenments were way more worthy than his entire wealth altogether.


After few days, all brothers unite at their house( Which now was the elder’s alone). The elder and the second one shared a rather good bond, As both of them had grudges for Marquis, unlike my brothers, haha!.

The elder brother had too much hatred for Marquis hence he banishes him from his house. Moreover, they even mock-up Marquis too. Marquis, Who was apparently unaware of this all, When experiences this, his innocent heart just torn apart. He manifests his misery to his brothers expecting that it would melt their bitterness and jealousy. But, all his endeavours go in vain. Marquis fails to change their minds and hence was left vulnerable at the corner of the house.

the boy is banished by his elder brother


It felt him like hell, He was apparently surrounded by the only despondency all around. He just could not think of anything better at that moment. But then, Finally, he decides to get up and leave the place immediately, So as he does.

In life, we do often pass through problems after problems, But we must remember one thing that we are made way tougher than our imaginations. However, there is a very wise saying which is also my personal favourite which states ” Do not trust how you feel instead have faith in what you know”.

Thereafter, Marquis leaves the house holding the puss in a hand and decides to never return ever after.


Marquis had no place to stay hence he just keeps moving and moving unless he finds somewhere to stay. In the midst of the journey, They find a shelter near a Jungle. Marquis decides to stay there, As it seemed completely appropriate to him.

the boy is surprised to know that the puss can speak


He enters the house, It was pretty big though. He was happy that finally, god procured a shelter for them to stay. However, It was getting dark fast hence had not they got that shelter then it would have been a major concern for Marquis.

”My master! Do not you worry” Says the puss to Marquis.

All of sudden, This sound surprises Marquis. He looks around, But there was no one. Marquis was puzzled. Then suddenly, ” It’s me ”the puss master” again says the puss.

Marquis sees the puss and still could not believe that it was him. Definitely, Anyone would react similarly, After all, who expects a puss to talk and speak like a proper human being.

Puss- I can do a lot more than this, My master.

Marquis- Yes, my father indeed gave you to me but I am not your master at all. It was only my father, my dear.

the boy is happy about the pussPuss- oh! you called me ”dear”. Look! My ex- master told me about you that you are so gentle just like him. Do you know that you have a resemblance to my Ex- master. Hence, from now you are my only master.

Marquis- oh! Now I understood why my father gave you to me. Haha!

Marquis- So puss, what are you going to do now. As you can see clearly, I am vulnerable right now and do not have anything with me, except you. You are the only, I have got. Although it’s good to have a talking puss, at least you can entertain me, Haha!.

Puss- First of all, I am gonna arrange some food for us. I am really starving for food. I wish We would have had some food before the dispute.

Both puss and Marquis laughs together.

Marquis- You are really so funny, My puss.


                                                                                          PUSS THE HUNTER

Puss- Master I need a pair of boots and a bag to carry.

Marquis- Although, I do not have much money left, don’t worry I will get you those.

Puss-  you know why I call you my master Marquis Because you really have a big heart, which no one can buy.

Marquis- So sweet of you my puss for your kind words.

Thereafter, Marquis buys a pair of boots and a bag for his puss. Whereas the puss gets just overjoyed to get those items, He desired.

Thereafter, The puss readily heads towards the Jungle.  However, As we already know that the puss was rather clever. Hence, At least we do not expect that he would run before the rabbits to catch them, haha!.

the puss catches the rabiitsAs the puss reaches the right place, He finally leaves the bag full of carrots and lettuce on the ground and hid behind a big tree waiting for them to arrive. In no time, A bunch of rabbits get inside the bag to finish their meal, Unaware of knowing that actually, they were going to become someone’s meal, Soon

On the other hand, the clever puss who had been waiting for quite a long time for them to get inside the bag jumps and catches the rabbits at the right time.

Rabbits also might be thinking after being caught ”oh shit! our elders had already warned us about this ploy, we should not have got into this bag” haha!.


Thereafter, the puss directly heads towards his shelter where Marquis was waiting for him to come.


                                                                               puss the rabbit hunter

Puss- Master, Master!, Look what I have got for you, you would definitely be happy after seeing this.

Marquis-What is it, my puss, 

Puss- see yourself, master.the puss gets rabbits for his master

Marquis- oh!, Amazing so today we will be having tasty rabbits. Wow! too yummy.

They cook the rabbits together and meanwhile talk a lot about each other. The puss also talks about the miller man and the story of their friendship. Whereas Marquis was pleased to hear those story associated with his father.

Yeah! I too can feel the happiness, Marquis would have felt then, Can you?.

The next day, The puss again heads towards the Jungle to catch the rabbits. What do you think, he went to catch the rabbits because he wanted to offer those to Marquis or he himself enjoyed those last night and hence wanted to have them again? puss gets ready to hunt again

Coming back to the story, The puss again applied the same strategy to catch the rabbits. Whereas the rabbits also might have thought similarly like the last one’s.


                                                                                    THE PUSS MEETS THE KING

This time, The puss did not go to his master instead directly headed towards the king’s castle.

Soldier- Who are you and why here?

Puss- I am a puss and want to meet the king.

Soldier- See! He speaks too.

Puss- Yes!, I do and if you stop me from going inside then the king might get angry and fire you from your job, What say!.

Soldier- Ok Ok!, Go, but come back soon.

The puss gets inside the castle. Of course, He had not seen such a massive castle even in his dreams, but his wisdom took him there.the princess is loving the puss on being around

Now, If someone asks you which is bigger buffalo or brain you can certainly answer him, right!.

There were the queen, princess and the king sitting in their respective seats. Before anyone could say anything to the puss, he himself ends up praising them all.

Puss- Your majesty, I am a little puss. My master Marquis of Carabas has sent me to you to offer these healthy rabbits as respect.

King-Oh fine! I like these. say thanks to him.

the puss advices the boy to marry the princess


Princess- What an amazing puss!, how can you speak, it’s just outstanding, Moreover you wear boots, haha!. I will call you the puss in boots if you don’t mind.

Puss- It’s absolutely fine princess, I certainly won’t. 

Thereafter the impressed king himself asks the puss to join them on lunch. The puss agrees and hence is offered delicious dishes, milk, and a lot of creams. The puss enjoys the feast immensely and then thanks to the king’s family in returns with a big smile which also leads everyone to have a smile on their faces too.


                                                                                  PUSS SURPRISES MARQUIS

Thereafter the puss went back to Marquis and told everything to him. Whereas Marquis gets very happy for the puss.

Marquis- Did you see the princess?.

Puss- Yes, of course, I did. Oh!, she was just outstanding. Her face was as fair as milk whereas her voice was as sweet as ice cream. She was just something else, you know what, you should marry her.



Marquis- What a joke! how can I marry her. she will marry some prince who would have a huge mansion unlike me, of course.

Puss did not reply to his master. But he would keep gifting rabbits to the king on the behalf of Marquis.


                                                                                     PUSS EATS THE MONSTER

One day the puss decides to meet a monster. The monster, Who was notorious to kill innocent people. He was so giant and would always look to destroy and disturb the citizens. However, the puss in boots knew this all but decides to meet him.

This time our clever puss in boots had another plan. He wanted to kill the monster. Finally, he had reached his destination. Hence, he knocks on the door of death.

Whereas the monster was puzzled ovethe puss mocks up the monsterr to imagine someone knocking on his door. It was unexpected for him. Hence he promptly rushes to open the door. He opens the door and finds no one there, thereby he closes the door. But abruptly, he gets a sound into his giant ears.

Puss- Oh my god! So it’s true. you do exist.

Monster- Are not you the puss, who wear boots and can also speak? 

Puss- yeah! you got it right. And, are not you the giant monster who is the most powerful creature in this entire world?

The foolish monster was pleased to hear his glory, hence he invites him inside his huge mansion.

Monster- why you here?

Puss- I have come here to see your abilities, though I am sure whatever I have heard are the realities, but yet I want to see myself.

the puss fools the monsterMeanwhile, the monster abruptly turns into a lion and leaves the puss baffled. The scared puss immediately pleads him to get back to his original shape again.

Puss- I saw you turn into a lion and that was indeed very scary. but, I doubt can you also turn into some tiny creature, because you are so giant and turning into a small creature would really be way tougher than anything else.

Monster- Haha!, how funny concept you brought to me. I can also do that.


Thereafter, the monster turns into a very small mouse and the clever puss who had been waiting for this time to come readily jumps over the mouse and swallows it. The puss then moves out of the castle with a wide chest and proud eyes.


                                                                             MARQUIS MEETS THE PRINCESS

The very next day, The puss suggests Marquis have a bath in the river nearby their shelter. Marquis found it a rather good idea as it was also a hot day too.

They go to the river and Marquis starts bathing in the river. Whereas our clever puss hides Marquis’s clothes below a huge stone.

Then he climbs on the main lane and waits secretly for the king’s carriage. The puss already knew that the king would pass through that way every week on that particular day with his family.

After a while, The puss sees the king’s carriage coming through that path. Hence he promptly starts calling the king. The king found this sound familiar, hence he ordered to stop the carriage.

Puss- My majesty, I am in trouble.

Princess- What happened puss, why do you say this?

King- yes, what is the matter tell us.the puss tells the king about his friend

Puss- my majesty, Actually marquis of Carabas’s clothes have got wet, hence he can’t wear those. I am looking for some dry clothes for him.

King- Oh puss! how can I forget, how kind you and your master have been to us and still have been daily gifting us healthy rabbits. of course, we would like to help you, puss.

 King- Frego, go and get some royal clothes for the Marquis of Carabas. 

Soon, Marquis wears those royal clothes given by the king’s servant. Meanwhile, the puss also unfolds his master plan to Marquis, whereas Marquis was also rather convinced by him.

In no time, Marquis puts on those clothes and heads towards the king’s carriage. Meanwhile, the princess notices Marquis( which was part of the plan). She finds Marquis very attractive and handsome.

Marquis- Thank you, My majesty.

King- It’s fine Marquis, after all, we have been enjoying the rabbits send by you all these wonderful days.

Puss- My majesty, why do not you visit our castle, We would love to have you there.

Marquis- yeah! sounds good.

King- Ok, let’s go then. Come on Marquis, get up on the carriage with us.


                                                                                 WAY TO MONSTER’S MANSION

The puss keeps running happily like never before, Whereas Marquis and the princess were enjoying seeing each other. As the puss reaches outside the monster’s mansion, he tells the gardener to praise Marquis while passing through that way.

Gardener- But, why would we praise marquis.

Puss- Because, if you do not then the king will cut your head.

Gardener- Ok Ok, we would certainly.

Soon they reach the mansion and the moment the queen steps out of the carriage, she sees the mansion for the very first time,the boy talks with the princess about his castle She was spellbound. Whereas the king along with the princess was too equally baffled to witness such a huge mansion.


Later on, The puss arranges royal lunch for all and meanwhile they talk a lot about each other. On the other hand, The princess and Marquis keep seeing each other and developing interests. The king notices it and soon uthe boy and the princess seems to like each othernderstands the whole matter. Hence, he finally offers his daughter’s hand to Marquis. Whereas the puss and the Marquis look at each other with smile faces and accepts the king’s proposal.

Thereafter, They marry each other and lived happily like royals. Whereas our clever puss did not have to catch rabbits ever after, He also enjoys the royal life and stays everyone’s favourite and loving.


                                                                                         PUSS IN BOOTS MOVIE

puss in boots moviePuss in Boots is an American computer-animated adventure movie. The movie got released on October 28, 2011. Whereas the running time of this movie stands at 90 minutes.

If talking about the Box Office collection of this adventurous movie, then it’s pretty amazing. The budget of the entire movie was $130 million whereas it does a thumping business of $555 million.

Puss in boots movie cast

Puss and Boots is a movie directed by Chris Miller the one who also directed the super hit movie Shrek the third(2007). The producers of the movie are Joe M Aguilar and Latifa Ouaou, However Henry Jackman gives music for the movie and Eric Dapkewicz does the editing part. Whereas Salma Hayek, Antonio Banderas, Billy Bob Thornton, Zack Galifianakis and Army Sedaris were the individuals seen in the movie as lead roles.



                                                                                      PUSS IN BOOTS IMAGES

image of the puss in boots


image of the puss in boots

































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