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Princess and the pea

Princess and the pea


Princess and the pea is an extremely interesting story for kids. So summary lovers are you guys ready, to get yourselves involved with me in this amazing journey. The princess and the pea is a story of a beautiful princess and a handsome prince.

Prince’s family members are bothered about him as the prince has now grown up as a responsible son. His mother whereas is rather concerned about him. She wants to see him living a fantastic and happy life with a beautiful princess.


Hence they search for the best options they could find but that all goes in futile. Actually, his mother had set some really high standards for his son’s future bride. Whereas none of them from their choices were satisfying those parameters accurately.

On the other side prince’s mother just did not want to compromise whatsoever on her search for the perfect bride.

Finally one eve an uncharted young girl herself visits their castle and thereafter she subsequently becomes the princess of that royal family. Yes, exactly it does happen with that family. can you imagine such an incredible and interesting story?


And yes, If I am not wrong then you all also must have bumped up with many such incidences in your lives as of now. When you try to get something really hard you don’t get it, and abruptly something unexpected happens and you achieve it.

Yes, unquestionably it does feel just amazing….,Princess, a bed and a pea

So without wasting any time just come with me to dive into this super entertaining story of the princess and the pea.



                                                                                                THE LOVING PRINCE

Once upon a time, there used to live a royal family. The king had a very good looking son moreover his mother would love him like anything.

She would adore her only son immensely, after all, he was the prince. She arranged the best of the best teachers to teach him so that when he grows up he turns into a true and vibrant gentleman. Moreover, she would try her best to bring all the happiness in his life by getting him royal dresses to wear, mouth-watering dishes to eat and many more like these just to keep him happy all the time. Yes, this was the kind of love she had for his son.

                                                                                                    BOTHERED MOM

Like every mom, she was also concerned about his son’s life partner. She had been doing all those things which could make him happy. Nonetheless, one wrong choice could articulately ruin his life like hell.

She understood it well, as she had also witnessed many cases like these. Hence she prepares a chart or those rather call it a list of qualities, she wanted for her son’s bride to have those within herself. Once she was done and satisfied with her job, she manifests that from his son.

                                                                                                THE LIST OF QUALITIES

(1) Beauty with brains.

(2) Extremely delicate. 

(3)Belonged to a royal family.

(4) Must have a good dressing sense.

(5) Honest.

(6) Benign. 

(7) Must possess a pleasant, soothing and sweet voice.

These were the respective qualities her mother had garnered to have for her son’s bride. She also does emphasizes his son to not compromise with the terms and conditions she had set. Whereas the prince was rather happy about it that his mother cared for him that much. Thereby the prince gives his words to his mother that he would never compromise on that whatsoever.

                                                                                          the search begins

The prince thereafter as per the demand departs for his search to the other kingdoms. he does travel hundreds of miles for the best. Finally, he reaches a kings mansion. The king was really very rich hence he thinks that his search is over. The prince thinks that the king’s daughter would really be royal and possess all those qualities from the list he had.

The prince on the other hand did leave a very promising and gentle impression on the king. Hence the king was impressed and thereby allowed the prince to meet his daughter.A royal mansion behind a princess


The king shows her daughter to him from a distance and the prince was impressed at her very first glance. The prince excitedly walks towards the princess and begins the conversation. But the moment the princess utters the first word, the prince gets disappointed.

It was not accordingly to the excepted one, instead, her voice was really very rough. Hence that leads the prince to reject her despite her being so aesthetic. Thereafter the prince replies to the king” She is really very beautiful and good princess but I have to talk to my mother about it, so, for now, I am leaving”.

Thereafter the prince heads to the other destinations but none of those places got him his perfect princess. Moreover, they even invite all the princess from the royal families but the result was still the same.

                                                                                               LIGHT IN THE HOUSE

The prince feels very low, gloomy and lethargic. He just put all his efforts to search for the princess of his dreams and yet fails miserably. He shares his feelings with his mother like a good son. Whereas his mother replies” thank god, and I am really very proud of you my son that you did not end up choosing any of those instead decided to come back like a wise man”. 

These words do hike the level of happiness inside him. Then prince again gets busy in his own life and decides to take a break from that all.

One night, it abruptly starts raining and thunder striking heavily. Rather it had turned into a scary stormy night and meanwhile, someone knocks on the door.

A servant opens the door immediately and sees who is this. It’s a girl, completely wet from toe to head and in an absolute miserable condition. Her clothes had turned super dirty due to muds and ooze in them. Moreover, she even smelled rather malodorous due to her dirty outfit. But the moment she uplifts her face and shows up to the prince’s mom, she looked like a shining source of light.The queen thinks that she must test the royalty of the girl who was at her threshold

Yeah, I do agree it’s very rare but, are found!. However, the prince’s mother was quite impressed by her killer looks and vibes but still, there was a lot to be ascertained. Thereafter the girl speaks” I am a royal princess but what left me in this miserable condition is the stormy night. My carriage has broken and my servants are still there fixing it. so could you please arrange a shelter for me to spend this night”?

Prince’s mom agrees as she already was impressed by her and hence wanted to test her herself. Hence she also invites her to attend the supper with them.


                                                                                                 THE FILTER

Soon the prince also appears to them and sees this new girl for the first time. Whereas the prince was also bewildered to witness such a beauty. He immediately makes his mind as she also had a very soothing voice unlike the last one.

On the other side, his mother still wanted to test whether she really belonged to a royal family or not. Hence she tells his son” if she really belongs to a royal family then she would not be able to sleep on such a bed which would just have a single pea beneath it”. The prince agrees with his mother and lets her do so.


Prince’s mother promptly calls all the servants from each corner of the house. Thereafter she orders them to bring and fix all the extravagant mattresses one after one, upon princess bed. Then she deliberately puts an uncooked pea exactly beneath the ten luxurious mattresses and calls the princess to sleep on it.

Whereas the princess did not have any idea about it whatsoever. They even arrange a ladder for the royal princess, so that she could easily reach the top.

                                                                                            THE SEARCH OVERS

The princess readily lies on the bed as she felt already very fatigued but just could not sleep all night due to that pea kept beneath the bed. However the next morning a servant himself comes and asks her about their hospitality.

Although it undoubtedly was not that relaxing but yet she expresses her joy with him saying” everything thing was just outstanding except for the bed, which was not comfortable, but just don’t tell this to the highness as she really is a kind person and hence she might feel sad about it”. 

Whereas soon the prince along with his mother gets to know about her complaint.  Hence Prince gets extremely happy as now finally he had got that perfect one for himself. Whereas his mother was also satisfied and equally happy about it as their search was over.A princess is asked by the few servants, whether she had a comfortable night


Thereafter the handsome prince manifests his love for her. Whereas the princess also does accept him. Moreover, she also accepts, that at the very first sight she fell in his love and kept thinking of him the entire night.

Then a very funny incident takes place when the princess replies to them” ok I will marry you but I have a condition, I will never lie on this bed”. 


(1) From the story of the princess and the pea, we learn that everyone looks for good qualities. Hence we should also try to upgrade ourselves to emerge as a valuable person.

(2) From the story of the princess and the pea, we can also learn that we must not compromise on our demands in our lives.A princess and a bed

(3) From the story of the princess and the pea, we also learn to have a friendly relationship with our parents. As in the story when the prince was upset due to not being able to find a perfect bride for himself, he shares his grief with his mother and hence she sympathizes with her son.

(4) We learn to help others from the story of the princess and the pea. Although there are many stories which teaches us to help others and definitely it’s one of the best habits one can imbibe in his or her character.

(5) The last but not the least point which we can learn from the story of the princess and the pea is that we should always be kind and honest with others. In the story when the princess is asked about her experience, she firmly shows her joy and commends their hospitality. Although she had not found it that impressive. Whereas when they emphasized her to express herself, she also does put her thoughts on it by telling them the truth which also did help the family to analyze her.





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