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One night at a call center

One night at a call center


One night at a call centre is a novel by Chetan bhagat. It is Chetan bhagat’s second novel after five points someone. one night at a call centre, revolves around six main characters. Each character is different from the others in the terms of their temperament and behaviours. But there is only one primary factor that is common between them. That is lots of problems in their lives.

everyone is busy doing their job


One night at a call center is a novel that is quite different from the author’s other works.  His other novels do have some elements common in them such as college life, relationship, breakup and patch up.

Whereas this novel can be considered as a self-improvement book. One night at a call center has a turning point when they attend an unknown call .who guides them to solve all their problems. Thereafter they all live happily and learns to live tension free.


There is a young girl who is travelling from Kanpur to Delhi. As she steps up on the train and sits on the seat, she finds Chetan bhagat already sitting on her front. Chetan bhagat did not know this girl whatsoever, but she recognized him rather well. Because he was a famous Indian author.

 a girl complaining Chetan Bhagat about his novels


She starts talking to him by complaining about his novels. This girl tells him that she did not like his novels due to some factors always included in each of them.

Thereafter she describes the involvement of college life, IIT, and love story in his novels. Moreover, she also complains to him about not relating to the real world in his novels.

Whereas Chetan bhagat kept ignoring him patiently. But then, after a while, this girl offers him of writing a novel. Although she was already working on it.

Chetan bhagat clears the doubts by saying articulately that he could not promise her unless he was completely sure about the script, she was going to recite him.

The girl agrees with him and gives him a ride of her story. She while reciting the story mentions god playing a vital role in it. Gods involvement in the story really excites the author and he could not resist himself to let her finish it.

                                                 THE STORY

There are six young employees. they would work at a call center with some more employees. They have a boss who is quite cynical. He has given all his employees a unique name. He calls following people as respective names.


Shyam Mishra as sam mercy, Varun Malhotra as victor mell, Radhika Jha as regime jones, Esha Singh as Eliza singer. Although two employees did not have a unique name. One was Priyanka and the other was the military uncle.

Shyam Mishra is the narrator of the story which is going to commence soon. He can be considered as the main lead of the story. he loves Priyanka but now they are not together.


Varun Malhotra is known as victor mell. He is a very good looking young man. He loves speed and that is also the reason, he is called vroom by his colleagues. he has a lot of friends around him. he is always surrounded by some of them. Nonetheless, he is super concerned about his future. He does not like his job whatsoever. The only reason he is doing this is the fear of losing all his friends.

Varun Malhotra, a cool employee of the call center also known as Vroom


He is also scared that if he quits this job, then he would be completely broke. And he would not have any money to spend on his maintenance to keep his status alive.


Radhika Malhotra is the only married woman working there. She is extremely happy with her husband.

Radhika who loves her husband a lotShe loves him a lot, but recently she has got to know that she is being cheated by him. There is a woman, whom with he is busy nowadays. After some researches, she gets to know that it’s his personal secretary.



Priyanka is playing the lead role from the other side. She is Shyam’s love interest. But now she is engaged with Ganesh Gupta. Ganesh Gupta works in the USA. he is an NRI. Although Priyanka has moved on and she also loves Ganesh.


Military uncle is the only married man working there. he is very alone in his life. His son has left him alone and even rebukes him badly when he sends his grandson pictures of family and nature.


Shyam Malhotra and Varun are good friends. Varun comes to Shyam’s desk to have some conversation. Thereafter Varun and Shyam talk about an incident. Varun tells Shyam how when Radhika’s husband is asked to tell the woman behind his success, he calls his secretary. Thereby when Radhika hears this all that her husband ascribed his success completely to his secretary, she feels dreadful.

Meanwhile, Shyam and Varun keep laughing at her. After a while, Shyam tells Varun to propose to Esha, so as he did. But Esha refuses his proposal. then she remembers a past incidence, happened to herself. There was a man who promised Esha to give a break in the modelling industry. That man demanded her to sleep with him in the returns for his so-called break in the industry. but then he cheated on her after using her. hereby since that particular day, she would not trust men.

Thereafter they move to Priyanka and mocks up about her husband’s baldness. They started talking about her husband in front of her that her husband was actually going to betray her once they shift to the USA. Shyam and Varun also sneer at her by unfolding the secret of her mother’s false heart attack drama. So that she agrees to marry Ganesh in the upcoming weeks.anger in the employees after their website sold by their own boss

Actually, they knew that they were not going to marry Ganesh this soon, thereby they unearthed this to her. Hence Priyanka feels very gloomy to hear about her mother’s fake drama.


Thereafter they return to Shyam’s desk. After a while, they get to know about a double standard deed of their boss. Actually, Mr Bakshi had sold one of their websites to a Boston based company. Thereby both of them gets angry and even wanted to retort him for this.

                                                                                  THE CALL

Meanwhile this all, All the employees are set free to enjoy the party in a pub. Actually, it was the evening of American thanksgiving day due to which they were given this chance from the company.

Hence they all went to the party.  But while returning from the party, they meet an accident. The car in which they all were getting back had actually stuck in a huge pit near a construction site. Moreover, rods had even made some holes in the car too and the car was almost about to fall in the pit gets into a huge pit around a construction site

It was a scary situation for them. But some of them were showing some courage and trying to get rid of that situation. They did everything they could do. They howled for help but it was nobody there around. Even there was no network in that region, so they could not even call anyone nor they could get any call. At last, all had lost hopes and started crying and yelling in fear.


But then, abruptly they all get a call from an unknown number. They were bewildered and petrified simultaneously due to being called at the same time. No one was enough brave at that moment to receive the call. But later on, somehow they managed to do it.

It was the call from god. He was talking to them in modern English. God talks about the problems of their lives and also guides them to get rid of them.


God teaches them many life lessons and every lesson had a single message common in them, To cope with the problems by implementing relevant action.

God assured them that every problem does have a solution and can be solved. So not to scare and feel alone because he was always with everyone. He also manifested his love to them and realized to them how much he loved them. God thereafter also guides them to get rid of the situation they were stuck in.

Since that particular night, everyone started living their life happily and never looked back to their barren past.


                                                                  ONE NIGHT AT CALL CENTER BY CHETAN BHAGAT

ONE NIGHT AT A CALL CENTER is a novel by Chetan bhagat. Approximately 90% of Google users have liked this novel and has got a fantastic response. It’s a fictional novel and the publisher of the novel is RUPA PUBLICATIONS, it has a total of 267  pages in its original copy. It revolves around six employees who would work at a call center in Gurgaon, review of one night at a call center


One night at a call center is the second best-selling novel from Chetan bhagat after FIVE POINT SOMEONE. It was first published on October 5, 2005. Although thereafter Prabhat Prakash publishes one night at a call center in the Hindi language and Dileepa Jayakody followed him to the Sinhala language.








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