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Miraculous catch of fish

Miraculous catch of fish


The miraculous catch of fish is the story in which Jesus miraculously makes peter and Andrew catch fishes. It was an amazing moment for all who witnessed this incidence. As they did not find anyone before doing this kind of miracle ever before.

After the incident, few men decide to mend their ways of living life as per Jesus’s enlightenment. moreover, they decide to put god over everything they possessed.

Let’s just see, why some people were so driven to Jesus that they were even ready to leave everything behind them to embrace Jesus. There must have been something in that incidence which have impacted theirs thought process. Although it’s one of the most popular miracles of Jesus too.

miraculous catch of fish


Many children must have learnt this lesson in their Sunday school classes. As this story indeed is very interesting, teachers prefer to introduce it to kids in their early classes. Children also find it easy to understand the character of Jesus Christ through this story.

In this story, Jesus helps these men who were striving to catch fishes but just could not catch a single one instead. Whereas Jesus’s arrival brings prosperity to them and they witness the greatness of THE SON OF GOD.



One fresh morning the son of God was strolling around the lake of Gennesaret ( sea of Galilee). Jesus notices two men parking their empty boat at the shore of the sea.

Jesus preaches about god


Jesus heads towards them and gets up on the boat. Although there were hundreds of people following him too, as they firmly speculated that Jesus was the son of god. moreover, they also followed him because they were thoroughly spellbound by the preach of Jesus and loved his way of preaching. By the way, it must be understood well that before Jesus arrived there was literally no one who spread gods words with that excellency, Jesus did. Thereby his preach would also soothe their souls and trigger their minds to live a good life without sins.

Thereafter in the story of the miraculous catch of fish, as Jesus gets upon the boat he starts preaching again. He just does not care whatsoever about the emotions of the boatmen who did not catch any fish the entire night. Instead, he kept on continuing preaching about the almighty lord and his kingdom.

Whereas these fishermen also did have a rough idea about him, as they had already heard of him earlier. So no one from the crowd dared to stop Jesus from doing whatever he was doing.


Thereafter as Jesus was done with peddling the message of God to those listeners, he finally moves to peter and Andrew. As he already knew their concern not by their gloomy faces but, because he could read their instincts.

Although nonetheless he first chooses to preach even after knowing about their concerns. It shows that he would always put his father over everything else. Although god also wants the same from us, as he himself does not discriminate between Jesus and us whatsoever. Moreover, he has also made us in his own image.flood of fish

however, in the story of the miraculous catch of fish, Jesus thereafter tells them to sail the boat in deep water. Peter immediately replied that they had been trying to catch fishes all night but left with nothing instead.


As Peter was done with sharing his last night’s experience with Jesus, he remains silent for a while and waits. Actually, this silence occurred due to the potent confidence he noticed in Jesus’s eyes. Hence he himself again replies that ” If you say my master then I must listen to you and try for one more time”.

Although Andrew was apparently puzzled over as he knew that no one suggests catching fish on a hot day. Andrew had been fishing for many years and hence understood rather about all the tactics of fishing. He knew that during mid-day fishes generally move deep in the depth from the surface due to it being rather hot.


Nonetheless, he nods or rather assists peter to bring the boat to the deep sea. Once they had reached where Jesus wanted them to be, Jesus asks them to throw a net in the water. Thereafter just after a while, they feel a very powerful pulling force downwards.

Peter and Andrew apply all their effort to pull it upward but they just miserably fail. After all, it was full of fishes to the brim of the net.


Meanwhile, they see John and James passing from there. They call them for help so they also come to assist them. Although when they arrive and try to pull it up. They realize that it was so full of fishes that it had started ripping off from the corner due to it being overweight.John and James about Jesus

Hence John and James decide to first shift the fishes from the net directly into their own boat unless it was full. Once their boat was full of fishes they start shifting the fishes into the other boat. Soon both the boats were full of fishes and still, there were plenteous fishes in the net. It was just like a miraculous flood of fishes.

introduction from god’s lamb

No one from the crowd had ever seen or even heard of this kind of miracle in their entire lives. And now they just saw a man doing it just by his words as the mighty god creates the whole world just by using his words. Hence it also reflected god’s image in him.

Although as it is also written in the book of genesis from the old testament that ” In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was god”.

Thereby the crowd finally turns even more jovial than they ever were after Jesus’s miracle. Whereas as peter along with his friend reaches the shore of the sea with a boat full of fishes, he falls at Jesus’s feet. Then he jovially asks whether he really was god’s lamb, expecting a big Yes from him.


Whereas Jesus also dispels his doubts by answering his question which voluntarily spikes the level of joy in peter’s heart to the brim. Soon he starts crying, weeping, sobbing and mourning like an infant. He realizes how sinful he was and confesses all his sins to Jesus. Thereafter he also urges him to go away from him as he realizes that he was not even worthy of a plea from him.


Contrary Jesus directly asks him to uplift his head and wipe his tears. It was a kind of order to peter so as he does it without uttering a single word. Then for a while, peter just does not verbally talk to Jesus but his silence had conveyed a lot of things to Jesus. Innumerable confusing thoughts were passing through his mind. Meanwhile, he also realizes all the sins he had been doing all his life.

Hence finally he again calls himself a sinner thereby asks Jesus to leave him. He also explains that Jesus was not supposed to be with him due to him being a sinner.

Whereas on this Jesus replies that ”God has not sent me to condemn the sinners instead to serve them the endless redemption from sins”.

Jesus tells to his disciples


Thereafter Jesus says to follow him and continues by saying that From now you will be catching men.  Although ” By catching men ” Jesus meant Catching men through god’s enlightenments to offer immortal life. Meanwhile, Andrew was thinking about the boat full of fishes. He was thinking about the wealth he could own by selling those fishes but then finally decides to follow god.

Hence he leaves the boat full of fishes. He also decides to quit his profession as a fisherman just to follow the lamb of god.  Thereafter he also nods his head along with peter to follow him and repents for his sins too.


Whereas just a couple of steps away James and John were also expecting Jesus to allow them to join him. Hence as we know that Jesus can read the minds, he read their mind and permits them to join. This is the way Jesus inspires people to stop doing sins and start living life in god.


Come follow me”

Jesus said, ‘ and I will

make you a fisher of men’

Matthew 4:19 

                                                                       What does the fish symbolize in the bible?


The word ”FISH” stands as a sign of salvation. It also deemed as a picture of god’s deliverance, mercy, and blessings. However, out of Jesus’s 12 disciples, 7 were fishermen by profession. In the bible also there are plenty of incidences which has a connection with fishes directly or indirectly. 


Although there is no discussion of any particular fish by its name and yet the word ”Fish” has been mentioned more than 300 times. In Hebrew people call it ”Dag” whereas in the Greek language it’s called ”Ichthys”. 





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