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Miracles of Jesus

Miracles of Jesus

Miracles of Jesus

Miracles of Jesus, God created this world thousands of years back from now. He creates this beautiful world so that we own everything of this world, uses it properly and just live a good happy life. But with passing time, we people started living lives in sin.

Although as expected God just did not like it whatsoever. But as it’s articulately clear that he also loved and does love mankind immensely, he warns them. But nonetheless, people kept themselves indulged in sins.

At last, God decides to destroy his own creation whom he loved and adored a lot. Thereafter he also does destroy the world by a deadly flood. Although after destroying his own creation he feels extremely guilty and takes an oath that he would not destroy the world again by any flood ever after.


But the problem was still the same people again started living their lives in sin. God also uses his people and big believers to show the right path to mankind like Moses, Daniel, Job, Abraham etc…But notwithstanding all these goes in vain. People would forget the miracles of god with time.miracles of Jesus


Hence god finally realizes the need for an epitome to the people. The epitome who would not only live his entire life with these sinful people but will also teach them the right way of life. Therefore God sends his only son to this sinful world. Whereas Jesus brings the enlightenments of god to this world. He teaches us to love, care, believe, pray etc… so that we understand the beauty of life.

Most people spend their entire life without realizing its beauty, Jesus gave that to us. Hence Jesus emerged as the epitome of Love, Peace, Strength, etc…, to mankind.


Jesus throughout all his life does pass through a lot of nuisances. But all his life he makes sure that he does not breach any laws of God, contrary lived exactly as God wanted from him.

Jesus did have a big responsibility. Nowadays we people do look up to him in our tough times because we know that he can help us, as he has already experienced bigger ordeals than we can even think of.


At last, he does sacrifice his life too under a cunningly plotted conspiracy by his antagonists. Although it must be understood well that he could have saved his life and avoid those unbearable pains and oppresses created by his antagonists. But notwithstanding he does choose to let them happen, because he wanted to show a last miracle to the entire mankind.

The miracle which no one can even think of. The miracle cannot be repeated. And the miracle which will retort his antagonists so hard that they will not only realize their mistakes but will also deem his as their only Saviour and peddle his messages to all, all their lives too.Jesus raises from death


However, now we people do know him very well. We also know that he is the only one in this entire world who did defeat THE DEATH. Hence now we do not require any other proof of his existence at all. Thereby now we have a motto of living a life as he lived and told to us to live. As we already know that once he said that he would come one day and bring justice to all.

Whoever he would find innocent will get an immortal life in heaven and the rest will be thrown into the endless pain of hell.



                                                                                 WATER INTO WINE ( JOHN 2:1-11)

Once there was a grand wedding convened in the city of Cana in Galilee.  Almost everyone from Cana was invited to that grand ceremony. It was so grand that it was also being expected to last till few days.

Jesus was also present at the same wedding as a guest. Everything was just going great. Everyone was enjoying the party and having good times together.water is converted into wine


But abruptly they realize the scarcity of wine which was the main beverage of the event. Hence it leaves a bunch of people baffled who knew about it. They were also rather worried because the revelation of its shortage could have spoiled the entire event too.


Meanwhile, mother Mary also gets to know about it. Hence She readily rushes to his child (Jesus). She thereafter shares her concern with him. Whereas Jesus refuses her saying that ” his time had not come”.


But Mary well knew that his son would unquestionably help her so she just tells his disciples to do as he says to them and then she leaves.

Whereas Jesus also does the same. He tells his disciples to invert water into all six containers which were placed near them. Disciples also do the same as was instructed to them. Thereafter Jesus tells them to just serve them to the guests, so as they do.



One of the guests was completely left spellbound by the mouthwatering taste of the beverage. He manifests his happiness by unearthing a secret to him. He tells him that the premium wine is always served at first and then they serve the mixed wine, hence he was surprised to taste such a premium wine even till the end of the ceremony.  Although this was Jesus’s first miracle.


One day Jesus was around the lake of Gennesaret (Sea of Galilee). He notices peter and Andrew parking their empty boat at the shore. He understands that they definitely might not have caught any fish the entire night.

Hence he tells them to just sail the boat to the deep sea. Peter asks surprisingly that why was he asking for bringing the boat to the same place where they had already tried to catch the fish the entire night and failed to even catch a single fish.

Although because it was Jesus who had told him to do that, hence he does. And see what they have got in their net. It was full of fishes literally to the brim. The net starts breaking from the corners due to its bulky weight.miraculous catch of fish


As they were just not competent to pull it by themselves alone, they call John and James too, to help them. Thereafter all four of them accumulate fishes from the sea to their boats and still plenteous fishes were in the net.

Thereafter peter urges Jesus to go away from him as he thought that he was not worthy of even Jesus’s proximity. But Jesus tells him a wonderful line and takes him with himself as his disciple. Jesus told him that ” God did not send me to condemn sinners but to serve them the way of life”.


Thereafter not only Peter but Andrew, John and James also follow Jesus. This was one of the most amazing miracles of Jesus and hence mostly taught by Sunday school teachers to kids. It’s one of the most helpful miracles of Jesus.



( MATTHEW 4: 19)


One day Jesus was passing through a village along with his disciples. In the midst of their journey, they notice a leper. The leper looked so lacklustre and miserable. His entire body was covered with bizarre wounds. As a gist, it was pathetic seeing him in that condition.

Whereas everyone just started scolding him and propelled him to maintain distance from them. They feared that god forbid if he gets closer to anyone from the crowd then that victim would also suffer from leprosy like him.


On the other side, the leper was craving to get cured. He knew that there was only one who could cure him and it was only Jesus. Hence he starts pleading with Jesus to cure him.healing of a leper

Thereafter Jesus stops people from letting the leper come closer to him. Then Jesus touches the leper and all his wounds from his body voluntarily wipe like fantastic magic. Then Jesus also tells him to directly go to the priest offering Moses commandments rather than praising him for curing him.


Thereafter the leper starts singing, dancing and praises his name for bringing redemption from leprosy in his life. Hence he gets super jovial and does exactly as Jesus told him to do. It’s one of the sweetest miracles of Jesus.


Jesus was at Synagogue preaching about the kingdom of his father. After he finishes preaching there, he leaves for Simon’s house along with his other disciples. As they reach Simon’s house they find his mother in miserable condition. She was critically ill and was shivering.

Jesus raises Simon's mother from death


Simon gets worried due to his mother’s critical health status. Hence he promptly lets Jesus know about it. Then Jesus approaches his mother and touches her gently and she was absolutely fine. This leaves everyone again mesmerized and this was the way Jesus heals Simon’s mother in law. One of the early miracles of Jesus.

(5)JESUS HEALS CENTURIAN’S SERVANT (Matthew 8:5-13,                                                                               LUKE 7:1-10)

One day Jesus was preaching in Capernaum. Abruptly this centurion rushes out to him and pleads on the behalf of his servant. The centurion was very benign, honest, helpful and gentlemanly. Moreover, he also loved his servant like his own son. Hence as he gets the news of his illness, he promptly reaches out to Jesus Christ because he was a giant believer in Jesus.

He comes to Jesus and requests him to cure his servant. But the crowd starts gabbling against his character and criticizes him. Many people were talking about whether he was even worthy enough to call Jesus in his house. Everyone had their own perspective but Jesus articulately refuses to all.


But on the other side, this centurion also felt the same thing and had a similar notion as the swarm. He too calls himself a sinner which he unquestionably was along with everyone in the world. As Jesus once made it clear to everyone that whoever takes birth in this world voluntarily becomes a sinner. Thereafter Jesus also tells that he had come to not impeach instead to bring the right way of life to mankind.Jesus cures centurion's servant

Everyone from the swarm was again stunned by Jesus’s word like before. Whereas this Centurion requests Jesus to not visit his house again and just cure his servant with his words. When Jesus hears what the Centurion had just said he was impressed. He proclaims his as the biggest believer he had met by that time.



The Centurion then says to Jesus that he believed that his words from anywhere could be enough to cure his servant and hence he does not require to actually touch any victim to cure him. As Jesus was already impressed by his faith he does the same as per Centurion’s consent.


The Centurion leaves for his house and finds his servant cured. He also does ask his caretakers about the moment he exactly got well. The caretakers point out the same time when the Centurion had met Jesus. This was one more astonishing miracles of Jesus. it’s one of the best miracles of Jesus.

(6) FEEDING OF 5000 PEOPLE (MATTHEW 14:13-21, LUKE 9:12-17, MARK 6:31-44)

One day Jesus was preaching and was being listened to by a huge swarm. As Jesus finishes his preaching a concern hits the disciples mind. It was of procuring food for them. Hence one of his disciple (peter) comes to him and suggests him to send the crowd back. So that they could arrange some food for themselves from the nearby villages. He also reminds Jesus that because it was a remote area where they were preaching, hence they had to make a decision fast. So that they could leave for their destinations before it gets dark, as it was already late evening.

Whereas Jesus just did not like the idea contrary had another plan to solve that issue. Jesus asks him about what exactly they had then to feed. The disciple gesticulates towards a boy who only had 5 loaves of bread and two fish.A swarm of 5000 is feeded


Thereafter he brings that to Jesus and Jesus uplifts it towards the sky. He prays for the food to bless it from the god and God listens to the prayer.

Thereafter Jesus tells his disciples to ask people to make groups of 50. Once it was done then the blessed food is served to each of the groups.


Soon everyone was satisfied with the food they ate and then left for their belongings. At last, the disciples collect a total of 12 full baskets of food left by the crowd. it’s one of the most popular miracles of Jesus.

(7) FEEDING A MULTITUDE OF 4000 ( MATTHEW 15:32-39, MARK 8:1-9)

Jesus had blessed many people throughout his journeys. This time it was around 4000 in numbers who were listening to him and had followed him for the last few days.

A disciple comes to Jesus and asks him to send them back to their places so that they could satisfy their hunger. Whereas Jesus did not want to send them hungry who had been listening to his preaches for the past 3 days.Jesus feeds a multitude of 5000


Hence Jesus tells his disciple to accumulate the amount of food they could. It stood at 7 loaves and few fish. Jesus prays for that food and tells his disciples to distribute it in the crowd so as they do.

Soon the swarm satisfies their hunger and still, a lot of food remained. Thereafter the crowd goes back to their places and Jesus also leaves for the Vicinity of Magadan on a boat. it’s one of the most popular miracles of Jesus.


One day Jesus was in a synagogue and there he notices a man with a devil spirit. The man looked terrible due to having this evil spirit in him.

Hence Jesus goes to him in an order to redeem him from that sinful spirit. Whereas as the man with the devil spirit notices Jesus coming towards him, he starts crying in fear. It said that ” WHAT HE WANTED FROM HIM” then he also says that he knew that he was the son of god.evil sprit is banished


Then Jesus says him to be quiet and the devil spirit was quiet. Thereafter Jesus dictates him to get out of that man fearlessly so as he does the same. Hence the man who possessed that sinful spirit starts dancing and singing Jesus’s name and even chants for him.

Whereas some people from the swarm gabbles about Jesus and his greatness. They say to each other that ” look even these evil spirits also obey his commands and scares of him”. Thereafter in no time, the hype of this miracle of Jesus got spread in the entire region of Galilee. It’s one of the most magnificent miracles of Jesus.


Four men were carrying a paralytic man and bringing him to Jesus. They were taking him from a very far place to Jesus Christ as they firmly believed that only Jesus could cure him. Whereas Jesus was preaching god’s words like always.

                                                                                        Jesus’s PREACH

Abruptly a person from the swarm asks Jesus a question. He asked that ” HOW COULD ONE VANQUISH SINS AND GET OUT OF IT COMPLETELY ?”.



Jesus thereafter goes more in detail and shares some of the most useful enlightenments with them, those are-

(1) If someone slaps in one of your cheeks then also offer him the other one.

(2) If someone asks for your own dress from you, also give him your blanket.

(3) If someone unnecessarily makes you walk for half of a mile then also go with him one more mile. 

(4) Just give him to the needy and if someone wants to borrow money from you give him too, so that he could fulfil his needs.

(5) The kind of respect you want from others to pay you, treat the same way to others also. 

After hearing these enlightenments people were completely spellbound. They just loved it and wanted to follow it too.healing of a paralytic

Meanwhile, those four friends finally arrive at the place where Jesus stayed. But the problem was the overcrowding. There might have been more than thousands of people around Jesus. Hence it was just next to impossible for them to bring his friend to Jesus who was already Paralysed. It’s one of the greatest miracles of Jesus.

                                                                                                      THE Faith

Thereby they decide to drop the victim from the roof to exactly where Jesus sat, so as they do the same. When Jesus found them with so much faith in him. he got impressed by them. He replied to the victim that ”Do not worry because your sins have been forgiven”. 


Whereas few people start asking counter-question from Jesus himself that who was he to forgive the sins which are only supposed to be forgiven by the almighty god.

Jesus replies to the fellow man that ” The son of god has been given the authority to forgive the sins”. Thereafter he again continues by saying that ” do not ever worry because no one can even add a single day to his life by worrying hence keep living happily and also let others live happily too. 

He says that ”do not worry about what you be eating tomorrow and be putting clothes in your body. Because do not you think that your life is more valuable than food and body is more valuable than the clothes you wear. 

See the birds they do not cultivate nor harvest and yet my father provides food for them because it’s his own creations and he loves them. Hence do not care about these materialistic things instead search for the enlightenment of living a good life so that you get an immortal life in heaven”. 

 Thereafter Jesus just dictates the paralysed man to uplift his bed and start walking. Hence he does it and soon realizes that he was absolutely fine and could perform everything like others. In this way, Jesus cures the man with paralytic and leaves everyone mesmerized. It’s one of the finest miracles of Jesus.



Jesus had just arrived on one of the shores of Lake Galilee in Gerasa. Soon he notices a man who possessed evil spirits within himself. He would wander everywhere in the town and mostly could be found around caves and tombs. He would cry and scream in pain.

Hence as the man sees Jesus coming towards himself. He starts crying and weeping badly. He says to him that ” why have you come here the son of god, please do not punish me”. 


Jesus does not answer his questions instead asks his name contrary. The man with evil spirits replies that ” his name was mob” which meant so many of them, hence he possessed many evil spirits within himself.

Thereafter Jesus dictates him to leave him promptly. However a herd of the pig was passing by them, hence the man with evil spirits requests Jesus to just send them to the herd.evil spirit is retorted


Although there were about 2000 pigs in that herd and as Jesus sends the spirits in it, they all jump into the sea and drown.

Whereas the man who possessed evil spirits got completely well immediately but the man who lost his 2000 pigs gets angry and perplexed simultaneously just to witness the way Jesus dealt with evil spirits.

Thereafter Jesus himself decides to leave the place. Whereas that man who was cured wanted to come with Jesus but Jesus does not allow him instead tells him to peddle the news of the miracle. Thereafter in no time, the news of curing that man with evil spirits spreads all over the city and people were completely bewildered to know that. It’s one of the most necessary miracles of Jesus.


Jesus preaches ” no one can equally love his masters, hence either he will love the one more or will hate the other less. Similarly, no one can even respect two masters equally, thereby either he will respect the one more or will disrespect the other less. Therefore you cannot take care of god and wealth together. 

Meanwhile, a tax collector arrives and people start criticizing him. They say him to go from there as he was a sinner who would persecute them while collecting tax. Whereas this tax collector directly comes to Jesus and asks that would he accept whatever he will be offered by himself?


Jesus agrees with him so he gives Jesus a piece of well-cooked bread to eat. Jesus eats it and meanwhile replies to others that he had come to rescue the sinners and not only to be with the innocent ones. Jesus’s these words retort all the criticizers.

Meanwhile, one more man rushes out to Jesus. He looked extremely worried as his daughter was ill. He requests Jesus to come with him hence Jesus sympathizes with him and thereafter gets with him too.Jesus wakes up a girl from death

In the midst of their journey to his house, another man arrives with the heartbreaking news of his daughter’s sudden death. The man breaks down and literally starts to crying like a baby. Whereas Jesus again assures him to not worry whatsoever as he was going to fix all his worries, hence all he says to him was to keep faith in the almighty god.


Soon they reach their destination. It was a huge crowd gathered around that dead girl. Hence Jesus tells them to leave him alone along with three of his disciples and her parents. Jesus assuages the crowd by saying that she was not dead instead was only sleeping.



The crowd was amazed to hear him. However, they do as Jesus told him and then Jesus touches that girl and prays for her. Just after a while she gets up and leaves her parent aghast. Thereafter Jesus tells his parents to feed her some food and then he leaves. This was again one of the most stunning miracles of Jesus.

It’s one of the best miracles of Jesus.


One day Jesus was passing through a town. He during his journey gets to a river and cleans his body. Meanwhile, the crowd notices him and starts following him.

All of sudden Jesus gets to hear someone crying and yelling very badly. He asks his disciples to look for the matter. Soon a huge swarm appears to them.

It was a Widow woman’s scream. She was mourning as she had just lost her only son. She was repeatedly crying and yelling ” Why did you abandon me my god, and why do you still shirk off from me”.Jesus helps widow's son defeating the death

Whereas few men from the crowd were gabbling that ” They are blessed who are in trouble for no reason because the day will arrive when they will be the happiest”.  Further, they say that ” it’s also written in the Holy Bible that God replies to those who call for him”.


Meanwhile, Jesus himself gets to this gloomy woman. He asks her to not worry as he was going to mend her issue. Thereafter Jesus gets closer to the dead body of her son and tells him to just gets up.

Jesus tells him ” Get up my son, get up”. Hence the boy miraculously gets up and amazes everyone for one more time.


Thereafter everyone starts chanting Jesus’s name and starts dancing and singing happily.

It’s one of those miracles of Jesus which brings happiness to the lives of the victim


One day Jesus was with his disciples on the other side of the lake. Hence they were required to cross the lake. Thereby Jesus along with his disciples gets upon the boat in order to cross the sea of Galilee.

As Jesus was already fatigue, he finds a place in the corner of the boat and sleeps. Abruptly the weather alters and turns into a furious storm.Jesus scolds the storm to calm down


Everyone starts yelling as it was really scary and they all were about to drown. Hence one of the disciples awakes Jesus and tells him about the situation.

Thereafter Jesus gets up and just rebukes the storm saying it to calm down, so as the storm calms down itself voluntarily.

Meanwhile, the disciples start talking to each other about his greatness that even the storm and weathers would obey his orders. Whereas Jesus asks them only a single question that ”whether they had lost their faith in him”.

It’s considered one of the most powerful miracles of Jesus


After feeding a multitude of 5000 Jesus tells his disciples to also feed the people who stayed on the other side of the lake. Hence he tells them to sail to another side whereas he just goes alone to pray in a mound.

Although it had already turned dark by then and hence in the midst of their journey to the other side of the lake the situations get worse. Suddenly it starts rumbling and thundering. Thereby Jesus’s disciples start praying from god as their boat could drown anytime. But the storm did not seem to stop or calm down. Moreover, thunder strikes the lake which leaves them even more scared.

Meanwhile, they notice a man coming towards them. They feared as they thought that it was a ghost or a devil. But soon they realized that it was the son of God who was walking in the water.Jesus walks on water

Actually, when Jesus heard his disciples crying he had decided to walk on water to get there.

As peter notices Jesus walking on the water he too decides to walk on water. Hence Jesus does allow him to do so.

Thereafter peter starts walking on the water successfully too, but as his attention again goes to that scary thunder striking and furious weather he starts drowning. Although Jesus rescues him from drowning and then both of them heads towards the boat.

It’s one of the most popular miracles of Jesus


One day Jesus was writing something on the ground of a temple using a stick. Meanwhile, some men bring a woman whom they caught doing adultery.

They deliberately got her to Jesus as they wanted to challenge him against Moses’s commandments. Hence they gesticulate towards that woman (Mary Magdalene) and ask Jesus about what they should have done with her.


They even remind Jesus about Moses who once proclaimed to stone those women who are found doing any adultery. Whereas Jesus just kept ignoring them and whatever they were trying to say.Jesus brings justice to a prostitrute

But those men kept on asking Jesus about the punishment. Hence finally Jesus stops writing whatever he was writing on the ground and firmly asks to stone on her whoever had not done anything wrong by then.


Although there was articulately no one innocent, hence everyone just left them alone and moved from there shamelessly. Whereas Jesus assuages that woman as she was already hurt and hence crying very badly. Thereafter Jesus also warns her to not repeat that misconduct ever again and then she leaves.


One day Jesus was at Siloam. He notices a man who had been blind since his birth. Hence one of the disciples of Jesus asks him that ”who had committed sin he or his parents?”.

Whereas Jesus relies on him that ” Neither he nor his parents, instead god had sent him in this world with such a miserable condition so that he can witness his blessings upon himself”.

Thereafter Jesus makes clay using the mud and applies it to the blind man’s eyes. Then he tells him to wash it from the pool of Siloam, so as he does the same. Thereafter as he ends up washing his eyes his vision comes and hence he could see everything.

Jesus heals a blindman


He starts praising Jesus and chants his name. Meanwhile, some men murmur whether he was not the same man who used to beg at the temple. However, the other man replies that he was the same man and yet not the same, as it was the same who once used to beg but now can see clearly and does not beg at all.


One day Jesus was passing through a village along with his disciples and abruptly a man rushes to them asking for help. He explains the pathetic situation of his child who had been attacked by evil.

Jesus tells his disciples to cure him but they just could not do it. Hence the worried man reaches out to Jesus again and requests to help him. Jesus tells ” how much longer, must I be among you?”. the boy with evil spirit is cured


Thereafter Jesus himself gets there to cure him. Meanwhile, his father tells him that it was the evil spirit who would instigate him to make foam at his mouth and would not allow him to speak. Jesus then gets near him and he gets voluntarily well in no time.

He stands and hugs his father jovially. Jesus asks his father that since how long he had been suffering from that illness.  Whereas his father replies that it was since birth he suffered from it.


However, once the boy was cured and had gone with his father Jesus’s disciple asks him that why were they not able to cure that boy. Jesus tells them it requires faith and continuous prayer, then they leave for the next village.


Jesus had visited Jerusalem for a Jewish banquet. Meanwhile, he bumps ups with a lame old man. He was lame for the last 38 years and was suffering from that disability. Hence Jesus asks him whether he wanted to be cured. However, he replies that there was no one to help him get down on the water.lame is cured


Then Jesus orders him to stand up with his bed or mat and start walking. Hence the man also does the same. Although meanwhile a man approaches him and asks who had cured him. Whereas that man beckons to the swarm but could not find Jesus as he had already lost into that crowd. Then the man accuses him of picking up the mat which he was not supposed to do on the day of the Sabbath. Whereas the cured man apparently avoids him and leaves him contrary.


When Jesus was caught by the Roman soldiers for punishment, they made him wear shabby clothes and a crown of thorns. Moreover, they punished him brutally and finally hanged him on the cross along with the other two men.

However even after got persecuted for no reason, Jesus does pray for the forgiveness of those guilty ones. Thereafter he finally endows his life to his father and dies.defeating the death


As he already promised to his disciples that on the third day of his death he would rose up, he rises. Hence when after few days mother Mary with one of her colleague visits to Jesus’s tomb, she finds nothing but only that white wrapped clothes which were used to cover his body. She was perplexed to not find Jesus there. Meanwhile, an angel appears to them saying that Jesus was alive and hence not to fear anymore.

They readily rush to the disciples to spread this news, but she herself finds Jesus with the disciples already. Actually, Jesus had come to meet his disciples and tell them that he had vanquished the death too.


Whereas all his disciples were apparently shocked to see him alive and just could not believe him. Thereby Jesus offers them to touch the holes of his body which were made by Roman soldiers during penetrating nails on his body, So they even touch it and then believe that he was not lying at all. This was again one of the greatest miracles of Jesus.




One day Jesus was in a Synagogue. The Pharisees and the various teachers of laws were already jealous of him and had been trying to put him into trouble for a very long time.Withered hands gets cured

Hence they ask Jesus whether it’s correct to save people or do a miracle on a sabbath day. Whereas Jesus asks them a counter-question to dispel their doubts and rectify their wrong barren notions. He asks what would they do if a sheep falls in a pit on a Sabbath day, would not they save it?”, then he continues by saying that ” the value of a human’s life is indeed more than a sheep, hence he must save a person or do miracle even on a sabbath day.

Thereafter he dictates a man with a withered hand to stretch his hand so as he does. As he stretches his hand, the withered hand gets cured and hence he gets happy too.


Meanwhile, some men outside of the Synagogue who were watching Jesus healing men even on a sabbath day plans for conspiring Jesus.


One day Jesus went to a Pharisee’s house for a feast. Although they all were looking for a fault so that they could criticize Jesus and blame him. Hence they ask him that ”is it lawful to cure someone on a sabbath day?”.

Whereas Jesus asks them that ” what would you do if your own child or an ox falls into a well, would not you pull it out?”


Then everyone remained silent shamelessly and Jesus holds the hand of a man who suffered from dropsy and cures him immediately. Whereas everyone just kept on looking at him surprisingly.


One pleasant dawn Jesus was on his way to Jerusalem and was passing between Samaria and Galilee. Meanwhile, he gets to see 10 lepers standing on the way. As these lepers notice Jesus coming towards them, they call out to him.

Then they say” master have mercy on us”. Whereas Jesus tells them to show up to the priests, hence they do the same. As they do accordingly to Jesus they all find themselves cured. But nonetheless, only one Samaritan comes back to praise Jesus. Therefore Jesus firmly asks him whether the others had not got cured, if yes then why had not they too came to thank god and praise his name.


Thereafter Jesus tells that leper that ” Rise up and go, your faith has made you well’ as he fell in Jesus’s feet to thank him for the mercy he put on him. This is one of the best miracles of Jesus and is considered a lesson of faithfulness.


One day Jesus was travelling towards Jerusalem and in the midst of their journey, Jesus feels extremely voracious. Hence he heads to a fig tree that was planted in their way. He looks for fruits as he was hungry but could not find even a single, as result he curses the fig tree that no one shall ever eat fruit from it. Although it was not even the season of fig too.fig tree is cursed


Thereafter they reach Jerusalem and find people doing trading and running various businesses. Hence he angrily jostles everything and throws them into the air. He rebukes and retorts the people and sends them back to their places away from his father’s house.


The next day when they were crossing the same fig tree which was cursed. One of the disciples beckons towards it saying that it had turned withered. Hence Jesus replies that ” if you tell this mountain to move and fall into the sea it would happen the same if you have faith in yourself and you do not doubt about it. Similarly while praying do ask with the same belief and never doubt about it then that will be done for you too. Whereas if you have any rivalry with someone or you possess any kind of bitterness asks for his forgiveness so that your Father also forgives all your sins”.


One day after the resurrection of Jesus Peter, Thomas, Nathanael, James, John and the other two disciples decide to catch fish. But even after trying for the entire night, they caught nothing.


Whereas Jesus in the early dawn, approaches the shore but disciples did not notice him. He suggests they throw the net to the right side, hence they do. Thereafter they catch so many fishes that they all were even not able to pull it.

Meanwhile, one disciple looks for the advisor and hence notices it was Jesus. He readily informs others about him too thereby Peter jumps from the boat and rushes towards Jesus. Whereas others keep sailing boat to the shore.


Although they find that it was a whopping total of 153 fishes in the net and yet the net had not torn apart. It was also the third time they met Jesus after his resurrection.


Jesus was going towards Jairus’s house. There was a large number of people who followed him and this woman was also in the same swarm. She had been suffering from blood issues for a very long time. She also spends a lot of money in order to cure herself but that all went in futile. Thereafter she hears the hype of Jesus’s arrival, hence she gets pumped up that finally, the hope rose in her life. She tries and puts all her efforts to reach her only hope, but as it was a huge crowd following Jesus she was just failing to do so. Then she thinks that even if she would be able to touch Jesus’s clothes then she might get cured. Hence she tries to do the same and finally, she makes it happen. The moment she touches Jesus, she realizes that she was cured.


Whereas on the other side Jesus also sensed that someone got cured by his touch. Hence he asks whether anyone had intentionally touched him. Whereas one of his disciples ends up saying that ” you are surrounded by thousands of people hence it’s very obvious that you can be touched by many from them”.


Jesus still asks the same question and persisted on it. Finally, this woman erupts the veracity that she had touched and also got cured by his touch. She then falls at Jesus’s feet and starts praising his name. Jesus also makes her stand and tells her that her faith had cured her, then congratulates her too.


One day Joseph sends his son James to accumulate woods for their house. As Jesus also stayed with James hence he also joins them. They reach the place where they could gather woods, hence they start mustering the woods together. Meanwhile, a poisonous snake bites James and he falls down on the ground. Soon he starts getting unconscious too. As Jesus notices James was bitten by a snake, he promptly blows his wound and he gets well again. Whereas the snake who had bitten James dies immediately.


Exactly on the 40th day of Jesus’s resurrection, Jesus brings his eleven(11) disciples to the mount of Bethany. He teaches about various happenings to them, he does shares a lot of fantastic things with them and preparing himself to leave them forever. Jesus loved his disciples immensely although they never believed him firmly earlier, by that time they had also fortified their beliefs too. Jesus before leaving this world does tells to them that one day he would come with his soldiers and bring justice. Hence unless that moment arrives people had to live a good and happy life free from all the sins.Jesus flies in the heaven



Thereafter the final miracle takes place and he rises up in the sky. He surely leaves all his benevolent rueful and saddened, but we must not feel sad as we know it firmly that the day is near and can come anytime. We also do believe him and hence believe everything he has said. Jesus says that ” if you love me then you would also follow my commandments”


We must dare to confront our almighty father and tell him that ” yes father we do love you and hence follow all your commandments and would keep complying those all our lives”

                                                                                                PRAISE THE LORD



















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