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Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood


Its a story of a little sweet girl. She is very brave and loving, she has a happy family. Once, she is gifted a beautiful red hood by her grandmother who loved her immensely. The little girl would always put on that hood and hence, she would be called “the little Red riding hood”.

Interesting right!, yes indeed. There are times when we get attached with the things we are gifted by our loving ones. The little Red riding hood was too. I think Usually this happens with most of us.little red riding hood

However, getting back in the story, the little Red riding hood is crossing the woods. She is heading towards her grandmother’s house, as she has fell sick. But, in the midst of her journey through the jungle she meets a cunning wolf. The wolf was rigorous and  very mean. He wanted to kill the little Red riding hood along with her grandmother.

Next in the story, a man saves them and also kills the wicked wolf.

The plot of the story is very simple but notwithstanding has many lessons to learn from the little Red riding hood. Its an European fairy tale and its origin was in around 17th century. Brothers grimm and Charles perrault were the authors who made this tale even more popular. However, Charles perrault was the one who gets this published in the year 1697 and since then people have loved it.


Once upon a time, there lived a pretty girl. People would call her “the little Red riding hood” and love her a lot.

One morning, her mother hands her a bucket saying to handover to grandmother. However, mother was quite worried about her safety as she had to go through the woods. Mother firmly advices her to not leave the path and straight go to her grandmother. She also tells her to not listen to any stranger.

The little Red riding hood loved her grandmother a lot and hence was very saddened for her. She leaves for the destination.the wolf is praising the red hood , but she does not want to make friendship with him.

I still remember that there were many times I was advised but I didn’t listen to them and I suffered. The same thing repeated with the sweet girl too. In the journey, she meets a wicked wolf.

Wolf- hello, Little girl.

Red hood- Do your own business, I’m not allowed to talk to you.

Wolf- I know you are a nice girl and will help me.

Red hood- what’s the matter, tell fast.

Wolf- I’m very hungry, if you can please feed me something from this bucket.

Red hood- Take this apple, I wasn’t supposed to give this to you, this was for my sick grandmother.

Wolf – God forbid, anything ominous happens to her, she is very kind.

Wolf- why don’t you pick some of these flowers, she loves flowers.

Meanwhile, the little Red riding hood was picking the flowers the cunning wolf straight heads towards the way to grandmother’s shelter.


The wolf wants to kill the Red hood. The cunning wolf was conspiring a ploy in his head. He straight goes to grandmother and engulfs her. Thereafter, he lies on her place so that when the little hood approaches, she thinks that it was her grandmother.

After some while the little Red riding hood reaches the place. She notices some very unusual things there. Grandmother’s eye, ear, mouth, hands etc… looked bigger than usual.the wolf engulfs the old women

But nonetheless, she couldn’t imagine that it was the voracious wolf. The moment she sees the whole wolf standing in front of her, she falters in fear.

When you are extremely terrified seldom it happens with you. Moreover, some ends up peeing too in fear.

Anyways, the wolf engulfs her too and again life on the bed to repose.


The rigorous wolf falls asleep and meanwhile snores loudly. There was a woodcutter passing besides the shelter hears the loud snore.

Woodcutter- Grandmother doesn’t snore like this. There must be someone else.

Woodcutter- I fear, it’s the wicked wolf whom I have been looking for.

Woodcutter – God forbid, it’s him.

He enters the room and was perplexed to find him there. He notices his big round tummy and assumes.

Woodcutter – what if this wolf has engulfed the grandmother.

Woodcutter – Even if there a single percent chance that she is alive, I will rescue her.the wicked wolf is killed

The brave woodcutter cuts his belly and rescues both the little Red riding hood and her grandmother.

They were very happy to be saved. However, the little Red riding hood wanted to teach the wolf a solid lesson. She puts all the stones she had inside Wolf’s belly, making it super heavy.

Later some hours, when the wolf awakes, he feels very uneasy. He noticed that it was hard for him to even step forward his legs. Soon , he falls on the ground and the woodcutter kills him with his axe.


The little Red riding hood was finally happy to get her life back. She realizes her mistake of trusting on the wolf without knowing his intentions. Red hood thanks the woodcutter to save them. The happy Red hood stare to her grandmother and gives a big smile.

Everyone was happy and this is the kind of story you call a story with happy ending.

I myself love to portray stories with happy ending. I personally think that the tale of “the little Red riding hood” will dispel many doubts and teach the significance of complying the advice of elders. The story also has the moments of kindness, bravery, discipline, and love.


(1) RED HOOD – The little Red riding hood is a brave and pretty girl. She is very beautiful, kind and loving.

(2) THE WOLF – The wolf is wicked and keeps searching for easy pray. He is very cunning and rigorous.

(3) THE GRANDMOTHER – The grandmother loves Red hood immensely. She falls sick and was not healthy.

(4) THE WOODCUTTER – The woodcutter is a courageous man and the man of his words. He is a good and social person.


The little Red riding hood is a Hollywood movie. The movie was realized in 2011, earned about 9.02 crore USD and were spend 4.2 crore USD.

However, the plot of the movie is different from the fairy tale, yet there is resemblance between the two.


Red hood – Amanda Seyfried

Peter – Shiloh Fernandez

Henry – Max irons

Father Solomon – Gary oldman

Cesaire – Billy Burke

Suzette – Verginia madsen

Grandmother – Julie Christie


(1) Be a good person so that everyone loves you, as the people would the Red hood.

(2) Never befriend with someone who is harmful, he doesn’t deserve you.

(3) Be brave and caring like the woodcutter in the story.

(4) Last but not the least, obey your elders. Its good to listen to your own instinct and make your own decisions.

But sometimes, it’s just right to follow the wise advice without thinking twice.

Wisdom comes with experience, experience comes with experiments, and out of those many experiments a single advice is finalized.

Have a happy day summary lovers…




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