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Goldilocks and the three bears

Goldilocks and the three bears


Hey summary lovers, How are you all? Hope fine and well. Today I have really a very interesting story for you all. It’s the story of goldilocks and the three bears. Goldilocks and the three bears is a story of a very kind brown haired girl and a bear family.

By the way, Tell me guys have you ever seen any yellow-haired girl yet?. Though I have not, I have seen them on television and they look just amazing in that look, What say?.

In this story too, We will be seeing a yellow-haired girl, who is soo cute that you would love to befriend her. She is a naughty and very playful girl. However, like every parent, her parents are also very caring and loving for her.Goldilocks and the three bears

She also loves them immensely, but one day she disobeys her mom and as result, gets lost in the woods. Though Initially she enjoys strolling into the jungle later she realizes the blunder, she made.

However, it’s a story with a happy ending and leaves everyone overjoyed at the end. Summary lovers, don’t worry she is safe!.

It also has moral lessons which children should definitely learn. By the way guys, have you ever lost into a jungle yet?. Yes, I have, and I was really terrified. Moreover, I did regret it too, just like goldilocks, haha!. But on the other hand, it was fun too at the beginning, Though I have always fantasized about living in jungles. That also must be why I want to live in a treehouse, when I am grown, haha!. However, if you too think similarly do comment below.

So summary lovers let’s not waste any time and get dive into this adventurous story of Goldilocks and the three bears.


Goldilocks is a very naughty girl, though she is kind too. She loves singing, dancing, playing and disturbing her mom just like most of us, haha!. By the way, I am not one of those, No I am serious! haha!.

Coming back to the story, One day our cute and funny Goldilocks was feeling very bored. She wanted to go to the other side of the backyard.

Goldilocks and the three bearsGoldilocks- Mom, I am going to play and not coming back soon as I always do.

Mom- Ok go, but don’t talk rubbish. You have to come soon or else I will punish you this time.

Goldilocks- Mom, What about going just a litter far into the woods!?, I think it will be real fun, What say mom?.

Mom-No, I am telling you, never even think to do so. It’s not going to be any real fun instead will be trouble contrary. I will come to see you, so just be there.

Goldilocks-Ok mom fine, I am not going into the woods, bye-bye.

Mom- Take care, baby.


Goldilocks into the woods

The girl went to the backyards and started playing alone. Though she was still anticipated to go into the woods. Guys don’t lie, Whatever we kids are warned not to do, we end up doing the same, right!.

However, she was also just like us or rather naughtier instead. Hence she goes into the woods and keeps running as fast as she could. In the meantime, she observes all the beautiful flowers and plants of the jungle. She gets overjoyed to visit there.

Goldilocks going into the woods


Goldilocks- oh, my goodness! I should have come here before. I am such a coward girl. This place is beautiful, I don’t understand why mommy warns me to come here. I think she herself might not have visited here or else she would not have said that to me. Ok fine, I myself will take her once, she will really enjoy as I am now.

The pretty girl walks and walks into the woods as if she entirely knows the jungle and its ways very well. Soon, she realizes that she was lost, yet she tries to make her way to her destination, but that was futile.



Meanwhile, this innocent bear family was busy in their day to day lives. There was a baby bear, his mother and his father. oh yes! they would talk, cook, run and do all the activities we people do. Isn’t that amazing, Imagine a world where all the wild and pet animals do talk and dance. Now that I call it real fun, though it’s possible in heaven, God knows!.

The baby bear gets early in the morning as he was really hungry.

Baby bear- Mommy, I am so hungry, just cook something. Ok wait, Cook my favourite porridge, I love having it.

Mommy bear- Ok ok, just wait for a while, my hero. Today I will cook the best porridge you will ever have. 

Father bear- Yes yes, do it fast. I am too hungry.

Mommy bear- Who is talking to you, you will get nothing. 

the baby bear suggesting her mother to get into the woods to accumulate some sticksBoth mommy and baby bear starts laughing leaving the father bear stunned, haha!.

Soon the tasty and hot porridge was ready and the finishers were too. The baby bear first licked the porridge but due to being it super hot, he just burnt his tongue instead.

Baby bear- Mommy, it’s very hot. I can’t eat this like this, lets go out unless it cools down.

Mommy bear- you are very right my hero, it’s really too hot and yes we should come after a while till it cools down.

Father bear- ok, so why don’t we go to carry some woods for our chimney?, Let’s go, we will get rather woods and small sticks for the chimney.

Mommy bear- yes, sounds great.

Baby bear- ok, but I will not be carrying any wood, you and mommy will do that.

Father bear- Fine fine, After all, heroes don’t do work anymore, haha!

Thereafter they get into the jungle to carry some woods and sticks, Whereas the baby bear was with them to just have loitering.



Goldilocks enters the bear houseMeanwhile, our innocent goldilocks was striving to get her way to the destination. After wandering for rather a while she notices this big house at the end of the lane.

She was extremely worried and could not figure out what to do next. Hence, Before entering the house she ascertains all over it from the outside. She noticed no one inside the house but only three full bowls of hot porridge. Finally, she decides to get in. However, she knocks on the door and as known no one opened it. Thereafter she herself pushed it hard and finally got into it.

As she was dying to have some meal, she readily runs towards the porridge and starts eating it. But the moment she puts that into her mouth she exactly felt the same as the baby bear had felt, She burns her tongue too.



Goldilocks- Oh!, it’s too hot. I can’t eat this. Let’s try from the other bowl, how is it!?. No god! it’s too cool, I don’t like this either. I must try the last one which is the smallest bowl.

Oh yes, now that’s exactly how I like eating, it’s neither that hot nor that cold, it’s just perfect. Goldilocks starts eating the porridge

Thereafter, our cute goldilocks finishes the entire porridge from the smallest bowl which was the baby bear’s bowl. Then after finishing the meal goldilocks moved near the chimney.



Goldilocks- oh lord! I am rather fatigue, I need some rest. Moreover, the weather is also too cold. Oh look, what’s this!?. 

There were three chairs kept near the chimney, the larger one, the medium-sized and the smaller for papa bear, mommy bear and the baby bear respectively. Goldilocks tries each of them but ends up sitting on the smaller one, at last.

Goldilocks- Oh!, this larger chair is too large for me, I don’t want to sit on this, after all, I am scared of height too. Let’s get down and try the medium-sized. 

Goldilocks falls down from the chair as she sits on itGoldilocks- No, It’s too very uncomfortable and big for me, I did not like this either. Now I will go for the third one which is the smallest one and seems perfect to me.

Goldilocks- Yes, finally I have found it! it’s perfect for me. It’s very comfortable and compatible and the way I like it. Yeah!.

But then, the smaller chair breaks down due to the excessive weight of goldilocks. As goldilocks falls from the chair she feels rather hurt. She did not like it whatsoever. Hey, summary lovers comment below how did you feel after falling from your chair, if you have yet?



By the way, our disappointed goldilocks thereafter moves into the bedroom in a search of a bed. Yeah!, she got it too. There were three beds in the bedroom. She tries to sleep on each of them but only finds the smaller one worth sleeping and comfortable. Hence, she falls asleep on that little bed. Now, you guys can easily reckon who’s the bed that was!?. haha!.


After a while, the bear family returns home. As they enter the hall, they notice everything littered everywhere, they get worried and angry at the same moment.

PAPA BEAR- see this!, someone has tried to eat from my bowl, Actually from both of these bowls.Goldilocks confronts the bear family

Baby bear- But, my porridge is finished. Someone has not only tried to eat from my bowl but has also eaten all. No, I want it back mommy, I want it back( The baby bear starts crying).

Mommy bear- Look here! Someone sat on these two chairs and changed their original positions.

Baby bear- No, that someone not only sat on my chair but also broke it into two parts. How is she, this naughty!?.

Papa bear- Hey come here! Someone slept On our beds too. Now, this is too much, I can’t tolerate this! ( in real anger).

baby bear- So as I can’t too, See that someone. She is still lying on my little bed, How is she?. Why She ends up using only my things?

the scared goldilocks

Thereafter, the papa bear awakes Goldilocks in an order to ask, who was she?.  Whereas the moment goldilocks opens her eyes, she gets extremely terrified to see these three bears together. She thinks that they will kill her, consequently, she promptly runs away from there. She runs and runs without even looking back and used all her energy to escape from there.

Imagine that moment how goldilocks would have reacted after seeing those bears, Haha!. Yes, exactly she really was petrified after seeing them, after all, who would not have been? right!.

Though in life, we also bumped up with these kinds of situations often, when we feel extremely scared and in no time realize all our mistakes. I am sure every one of us would have experienced this, At least once in a time.

 The Homecoming

Whereas, our pretty and scared goldilocks finally noticed her parents finding her in the woods. She readily calls for them and then she herself reaches out to them.

Papa- Oh my darling! you have no idea how scared and worried I was.

Goldilocks- It’s the same here papa.

Papa- What you mean?

Goldilocks- Nothing, just leave it.

Mommy- But where were you?, Did not I warn you to go into the woods?Mother gets overjoyed to see Goldilocks back

Goldilocks- Yes you certainly did mommy and I will never go there from now. I have realized my mistake, it’s not safe for me.

Papa- Fine, finally you got it, Anyways let’s go home your special dish is waiting for you. it’s asking, ”where is my little friend with yellow hairs and fine locks? She is the cutest and naughtiest of all but she always listens to her father”. haha!.

Everyone then starts laughing and they all go back home together, However, after that incident, Goldilocks never moved into the woods and always obeyed her parents. She remained cute, kind and a very good girl all her life.


(1) From the story of Goldilocks and the three bears, we learn that we should always keep a child alive within ourselves and keep celebrating life as cute and pretty Goldilocks would do.

(2) From the story of Goldilocks and the three bears, we can also learn to always obey our elders. They are experienced than us and know better about what’s good or bad for us. Hence we always respect and obey them.

(3) From the story of Goldilocks and the three bears, We also learn that we should never enter into anyone’s privacy. 

(4) And last but not least, We should always come back to our parent after realizing our mistakes. It’s very easy for them to forgive any of our blunders and embrace us. Moreover, they even give us treat as their love and call us their precious asset. 









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