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Five-point someone is a novel written by Chetan bhagat. It’s his first novel and after this, he published, One night at the call centre, one Indian girl, Three mistakes of my life etc…

There is an Indian movie named 3 idiots which is inspired by ”five-point someone”. Although there have been some changes made to the movie nonetheless the concept is nearly the same. Five-point someone is a very interesting and engaging novel and that might also be the reason that it was chosen to make an entire movie based on it.


It’s a story of three friends, two are quite similar to each other. Whereas the last one is completely different from them. One friend loves a girl. Although it does not make the other two jealous about it, due to an external factor. The external factor is the purpose of education. Actually one of them thinks that education must not be only based upon just cramming and passing the exams, instead, it should be about imbibing and implementing the acquired knowledge in the real world too. Whereas the other one who is quite similar to him is reluctant about it. But the last one is completely against this definition.

Thereby all of them gets into trouble differently, due to having different approaches to acquiring the knowledge. But then at the end, the story ends with an important question asking from our society.

Five point someone


However, the story has a very strong screenplay in the movie and has been depicted very professionally. The story provokes one to enjoy life rather than just preparing plans and following others.

Somewhere it is also associated with the failure of the Indian education system and the way they deal with the students. Although it does not degrade the Indian education system whatsoever. Instead just points out the faults it makes seldom.


There are three friends. They are new in college, Ryan, Hari and Alok. Ryan belongs to an affluent family. He hated his parents for the reason that they keep flying abroad and would not spend time with him. Ryan is very smart, innovative and daring. He raises his voice against injustice and he is also a kind of blunt guy.A boy hugs a girl, an airplane crosses and three boys standing at the college roof top

Hari belongs to a mediocre family. he suffers from a lack of confidence. He wants to become an engineer and earn a lot of money.

Whereas Alok is completely different from the other two. Alok is a nerdy boy he is rather emotional and still keeps the paintbrush given by his father inside his geometry box, due to his affection for his father. He belongs to a poor family. Moreover, his family has been living in misery since forever. His mother is a biology teacher and his father is paralyzed. Her mother is the only one who is putting money in the family and running it. Hence his family has a lot of expectations from him, Whereas Alok also does not want to disappoint them.


In college Hari, Ryan and Alok meets and befriends each other. Soon Ryan and Hari get to know about Alok’s mindset towards studying and vice-versa.

Alok studies all the time and does not compromise on it. He wants to get a degree with good grades So that he gets a superb job and help his family get prosperous. He can do anything to make his dreams true. Alok has always been cramming books and getting good marks. He does not care about practical knowledge and its uses in the real world, As far as he is getting good marks, it’s best for him.

Ryan is completely contrary to him, he does not like to cram whatsoever. He believes in acquiring knowledge and understanding about the concept behind everything he studies. Hari supports Ryan for having such a kind of approach towards the purpose of acquiring knowledge. Although they keep bickering with each other most of the time nonetheless they are very good friends.

best friends, three friends enjoying themselves


One night, they plan to go for a movie but Alok is bothered about the next day’s paper. But at last, he also joins them in the movie plan. After few days when the results come out and all of them get very poor marks. Alok gets super angry at Ryan, who decided to go to the movie on the previous day of the exam. They again have a tense discussion on studying and thereafter the majority wins. Hence finally they decide to study regularly for 2-3 hours every day.


One morning, Hari was strolling on the college campus. Abruptly, he notices a car coming towards him. It was not being controlled properly, Hari could feel this. Thereby he decides to maintain a rather distance from it. But finally, the car passes by him from very close, due to being driven improperly. Hence Hari gets scared of it, however, when he finds himself safe, he gasps in relaxation. The girl on the other hand was baffled too. She rushes out of the car promptly and asks Hari whether he was fine. Hari was not maimed, thereby she thanks god for it. Whereas meanwhile Hari was lost in some other world after witnessing her beauty.

She was so aesthetic and gorgeous. she was tall, slim, and had long hairs. The moment she was getting out of the car, Hari first notices her long legs. He never saw such legs in his entire life by then. Her sandals on her amazing legs seemed to him like a crown on the queen’s head.A beautiful girl asking someone whether he was all right

Moreover, Hari just by seeing those legs could entirely speculate about her whole aesthetic beauty. when he notices her rushing towards him, her hairs were getting over her eyes. However, she was completely failing to keep them away but even her failed attempts were triggering and blowing his mind robustly. He could articulately notice her changing concerned expressions and her polite gesture towards himself. Moreover, the dress she wore that day was also contributing to her beauty substantially.


Finally, as she reaches closer, her proximity makes him feel even more amazing than the most amazing moment he had ever experienced in his entire life by then. Overall She looked like an angel to him and hence he voluntarily falls in love with her.


Although Hari does not let her predict his exotic feelings for her, whatsoever. she offers to drop him and Hari accepts it. She introduces herself as Neha who is Mr Cherian’s daughter. Mr Cherian is the head of the department, he is a very strict and disciplined old man.

After a while, they reach the destination where Hari was supposed to get. But while saying bye to each other Ryan and Alok sees them together. Thereafter they warn him to stay away from her. But they did not know that he had already fallen in love with her, by that time.

an angry frustrated friend leaving his friendsOne day, Ryan gets a piece of good news. He has been credited a hefty amount in his account. Hence he pays his semester fees and the rest of the remained amount, he spends on buying a new scooter. Thereafter their loitering increases, even more, they would quite often go for an outing at night and do a lot of fun together.

Although Alok would not participate in their loitering every time. Abruptly, one day Alok’s father gets serious and was required to be hospitalized. Ryan and Hari join Alok in his trouble and assures to help him. They visit his house and notice the poor condition of his family. Although Ryan and Hari apparently overlook it and hospitalizes his father promptly through a taxi. Thereafter they motivate Alok and after his father gets back home, they also return to the hostel.


Again some months of constant enjoyment, the Exam starts and again they get poor marks. Alok was again disappointed with himself this time and thereby he decides to shift himself with Venktek. Venktek was the topper of his class. Meanwhile, Ryan and Hari try to stop him from leaving them but he does not stop.



Alok is getting improved due to his differences from Ryan and Hari. But again, one day Alok’s father needed his help. Hence Alok requests Venktek to help him but he refuses to help him.Alok joins the group again

Thereafter Alok even pleads to him but he does not change his mind because he was busy cramming the notes then. Meanwhile, Ryan was listening to Alok pleading badly and asking for help. Thereby he forgets all the bitterness and helps him to get his father hospitalized. Ryan’s nice gesture impresses Alok and he again joins the group. Now, Ryan Hari and Alok were again together.


One day, Hari notices Neha in a book store hereby he decides to talk to her. But she ignores him badly as if she did not know him. But as she gets out of the store, she calls Hari closer to her and tells him about her relationship with the bookseller. Actually, the bookseller was her father’s old friend and her father was very possessive about her. Thereby she was ignoring him in the store, she explains to him.a girl confesses love to a boy

Thereafter they move to an ice-cream parlour where they start a casual talk. Neha tells Hari that she had got a driving license for her car. Hari sees it and meanwhile he also notices her full name written on it. It was ”Neha Samir Cherian”. Neha tells Hari that Samir was her brother, who was no more alive.

Hence Hari also shows some care and love to her and asks her about the tragedy in the demonstration. Hence Neha tells him how Samir gets beneath the running train and found dead. While explaining this to him she gets quite emotional, thereby Hari condolences her and shows his concern for Neha. Hari’s care towards Neha makes her feel special and she starts feeling comfortable with him gradually. Then she puts a sweet smile on her face and they get back to college campus together.



One day during the design class, Cherian was discussing some new project ideas. Ryan was already working on a project, thereby he suggests Mr Cherian of his lubricant’s project. But Mr Cherian rebukes him calling it a waste of time. Whereas Ryan also did not reply to him instead oaths to himself to keep working on it and prove Cherian wrong, one day.

Neha and Hari would meet each other on every month’s 11th date because her parents would go to worship at the temple on that particular day every month. But Neha would abhor going there due to this temple located near the place where Samir was found dead. Even still, when she thinks about that incident, she feels emotional memory of her brother who lost his life in a train accident

Neha’s birthday is coming, hence Ryan decides to surprise her. Hereby he cajoles Hari and Alok to visit there at night when she would be sleeping, so as they do the same. Ryan gives a beautiful flower to Neha which he picked from her own garden.  Although Neha did not expect whatsoever, them there, at that time, because there used to be high security kept outside her bungalow.

Neha thereafter manifests her happiness to them and also thanks them to give her such a great surprise.


4th semester is near. Ryan, Hari and even Alok are also not prepared for it. Now even 30 hours of self-study a day would not have been adequate for them to finish the syllabus. Finally exam starts and on the first day, it was viva.

Hari is not prepared for the viva, but he could not seem like a fool and under-confident guy to Mr Cherian in the exam hall. Ryan notices him strolling here and there worrying about the viva. Hence he suggests Hari have a small pack of vodka. So that he would look at least a little bit more confident and fearless. Whereas Hari does the same but during the viva, Mr Cherian senses the odour of alcohol coming from his mouth and gives him zero marks in the viva.

When Ryan gets to know about it, he plans to steal the question papers. Hari meets Neha and they get prepared a duplicate key of Mr Cherian’s office.


One night they all silently get into Cherian’s office but during the theft, a guard catches them and calls Mr Cherian readily. Cherian reaches there in shock and investigates, the heist. However while the investigation Ryan tells him about Neha’s involvement in it. Thereby Mr Cherian does not investigate further but drops them from the 4th sem.


Hearing this Alok tries to suicide and jumps from the top floor of the terrace. Luckily he was alive but maimed with some severe injuries. Ryan and Hari tutelage him a lot during this period and they stood by him unless he recovered completely. A Few days later Hari and Neha meet in a canteen but unfortunately, Mr Cherian catches them together too.Ryan stands by Alok's side and assures him his support


Neha and Hari were talking about Samir, who actually committed suicide due to not being selected in engineering college. Samir had comprehensively explained his father’s expectations from him. He also explained his depression and the reasons, he committed suicide.

But, when Mr Cherian sees them talking about the letter, he thinks that it was a love letter. Thereby Mr Cherian snatches the letter from Hari’s hand and starts reading the suicide note himself.

As he finishes it, he could not resist crying. He then also realizes his mistake of imposing his fake expectations on someone who was not interested in fulfilling them. He understood, that everyone has something special in them and they should be completely set free to choose whatever they wish to become.

Mr Cherian realizes his faults and asks apologies from Ryan

Later on, Mr Cherian calls Ryan and congratulates him on his amazing lubricant project’s success. After college was over, Alok and Hari get satisfying jobs. Alok would have to even visit the USA for some project works. He was so happy that he was finally fulfilling his paralyzed father’s dream.

Hari was also earning a lot of money and was happy too. But Ryan, who was the smartest between them does not get any job. Finally, Mr Venu hires him as lab assistance on a salary of just 2000 rupees per month.


Five-point someone unearths the dark side of our education system. Indian education system emphasizes more on cramming than understanding the concept behind the topic. Although there are plenty of good things about the Indian education system too nonetheless it also has some major faults.A question mark for our educated society


However, in the 3 idiot movie, it has been shown in detail about Ryan’s mindset of living life. According to Ryan, we should run behind knowledge, and success would voluntarily follow us. Ryan does not promote cramming instead he loves to enjoy unfolding the mysteries behind the topics.






Five-point someone: What not to do at IIT is a novel published on 4th august 2004. Five points someone has been liked by millions of people globally. Consequently, there are two movies based on it,3 idiots in Hindi and Namban in THE Tamil language. Five points someone is a fictional and author’s first novel, the publisher of this novel is Rupa & Co.and has 270 pages in its original copy.





Hari Kumar is the narrator of the story. he loves Neha Samir Cherian who is Mr Cherian’s daughter. He is quite impressed with Alok and wants to be like him. R. Madhavan plays Hari’s character in the movie 3 idiots whereas Srikanth plays this character in the Tamil movie Namban.

 (2) RYAN OBEROI: Ryan Oberoi is a very smart guy. He is an average looking guy but very brave and innovative. He likes science and discovering new ideas. Ryan does not like his parents because they do not spend time with him. Although he is an extremely friendly, caring and loving person, he also loves making friends.

Amir khan plays this character in the Hindi movie 3 idiots whereas Vijay in Nambam, a Tamil movie.

Aamir Khan a movie actor



 (3) ALOK GUPTA: Alok Gupta is an innocent boy, he is very nerdy, emotional and Naive. He belongs to a poor family. His father is paralyzed and his mother teaches in a school as biological teaches. His parents have high expectations from him and he also does not want to disappoint them whatsoever.


He believes in cramming the notes to clear exams and does not believe in understanding the entire concept whatsoever. His motive is clear, As far as cramming the notes are helping him getting clear the exams, He does not need any other way.



(4) NEHA SAMIR CHERIAN: Neha Samir Cherian is Mr Cherian’s daughter. She is extremely beautiful and very attractive. She loves her brother a lot but he is not alive in the story. Samir meets an accident on a railway track. She falls in love with Hari Kumar in the story and thereafter she also unearths dark veracity about her brother that he did not meet any accident instead committed suicide.

(5) Mr CHERIAN: Mr Cherian is the head of the department. he is very strict and possessive about his daughter. He loves his daughter a lot. He is extremely competitive and stimulates his students to work diligently. Mr Cherian imposes his dreams over his son’s shoulder. Samir is his son and he commits suicide due to the pressure created by him.professor asking whether any one have doubts

Mr VIRA: In the novel ” Five-point someone”, Mr Vira works at the laboratory, He hires Ryan Oberoi to work with him in the laboratory with just a salary of 2000 rupees. He likes Ryan’s work.



                                                                                           EVAM( THE THEATRE COMPANY )

Evam is a qualitative theatre company located in Chennai. It is well known for its interesting plays. However, in 2009 it does make India feel proud by winning the British Council-instituted YPAE award. Moreover, it is also nominated into the list of top 10 Tata- NEN hottest startups.

Evam, the theatre that presented a play based on 'five point someone' novel


Evam also adapts Chetan Bhagat’s ”Five-point someone”. It was a rather interesting play along with some really potent humorous punch lines throughout it. It was a play of more than 2 hours of run time but it did not lose the grip over its entertaining factors. Instead, it successfully entertained the mass audience to the fullest.

The play revolves around the three friends and their four years in IIT. It’s rather similar to the plot of 3 idiots but notwithstanding the play emphasizes more on its fun parts and that’s where exactly it finds the edge and its uniqueness.  However, the factor which actually played a vital role in making this wonderful play even more wonderful was its star casts.

Sunil Vishnu k was the director of the play whereas the other talented casts are followed as-

Vaisakh Shankar, Naveen Richard, Yudhishthir Rana, Mamta Bisht, Sonu, Anand Nagarker, Avinash Rajendran, and Devarajan.


                                                                      FIVE POINT SOMEONE book REVIEW

Five point someone book review

Five-point someone has been overwhelmingly accepted by the readers. Although five-point someone is the first novel by the author, Five-point someone has been written very professionally. Five-point someone won the hearts of more than a million individuals across the globe who read it personally, which also lead it to touch one million marks of sold copies. However, even after five-point someone, the author has written novels having IIT, College life, love story, and such kinds of similar factors included in them but notwithstanding Five-point someone has its own magic.

                                                FIVE POINT SOMEONE QUOTES

quote for womenquote on lifequote on success


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