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Elves and the shoemaker

Elves and the shoemaker


Elves and the shoemaker is an interesting story of two elves and a couple. Oh yes, summary lover you heard it right, this story does have two elves in it. You know what, like you all it also does spike the excitement within me when someone just starts telling a story to me having some fairies, elves, princes, kings, etc.., in it.

Elves and the shoemaker is basically a story of a poor couple. They were living their lives in an absolute miserable condition and hence used to be sad quite often. Day after day it kept going on in sadness and then guess what happens.

THE elves and the shoemaker


Yes, the main character of our story enters in this story and brings all the happiness in their lives. They become rich, respectful and even very popular.

Yes, indeed it does sound quite amazing when someone needy gets his needs fulfilled not only in the stories but also when it happens in reality.

Although coming back to the story, Elves and the shoemaker also teaches us some really important and valuable lessons.

Yeah, this story sounds amazing and along with a strong narrative it also has life lessons. So summary lovers let’s not waste even a moment because life is beautiful, so just make it even more by going through this wonderful one.



                                                                                        The survival

Once upon a time, there was a small town where a poor couple lived together. They loved and cared for each other immensely and hence they were a very sweet couple. But they were very poor too and would struggle every day to even procure their daily meals.

However, the man was a shoemaker and his wife was a simple housewife. The shoemaker actually did not have any asset which could help him grow his business. Moreover, no one was even helping him financially to grow his business.

Oh yes if your business does not do well, an investment can get your business again back on track. Shoemaker also had the same notion. But this vulnerable man was just left helpless.

Every day he would return to his house he used to share his feelings with his loving wife. Whereas just like a good wife, she would also give him hopes and would push him to work hard.

shoemaker and the elves


Now, this was the time when he just had a leather left to prepare a pair of the shoe only. He sews the leather and once it gets dark he decides to leave the remained job for the next day.

He gets back to his house and like every day shares, his feelings with his wife and his wife does the same thing she had been doing all those years.

Guys don’t you think it’s such an amazing habit. Although I firmly do believe that sharing feelings with your loving ones does increase the love between the two. Thereby no matter what situation you are in, just share your feelings with your loving ones and you will definitely experience the change.


The very next day the shoemaker wakes up early in the morning. It was lovely and pleasant dawn. The shoemaker hurriedly goes to his shop to finish the work he left. He opens the door and guesses what he sees!. It’s the pair of shoes already prepared with such an excellency that anyone would just end up purchasing it at once. It was well stitched, well designed, and the finishing work you won’t believe was even fine than any professional.

the poor shoemaker hopes that the god will change his situations..


Hence the shoemaker gets super jovial to see that happened. He starts dancing and singing in joy and rushes towards the market to sell it.

Whereas it just got sold in no time. The shoemaker buys the leather for two pairs of shoes and also some sweets and fruits for his wife. As he returns to the shop again he starts sewing again to prepare two more shoes. Whereas again it gets dark and he returns to his home leaving the remained work for the next day.

He shares the miracle he had witnessed that morning and that brings a sweet smile to her face. She replies ” did not I tell you that if you would keep working hard then definitely one day you will get your reward”. The shoemaker nods his head as if he agrees with her.


                                                                                        THE MAGICAL NIGHTS

The next day again the shoemaker gets up early and rushes directly to his shop. He opens the door and bang, yes you are right it was again the shoes which were already prepared. Like the last time, it was again outstanding and were apparently ready to be sold.

However, the shoemaker does not try to solve any mystery whatsoever nor those plenteous of questions such as…

(1) who would have prepared these shoes? 

(2) why they do it for me?the couple is surprised to see that leather he had left to continued sewing had already been sewed beautifully into a pair of shoe

(3) is it wrong to sell these shoes?

and many more like these instead directly reach out to the market and sells those shoes to buy another leather of four pairs of shoes and tasty mouthwatering fruits.

It continued for a rather long time. Every day he would visit his shop he would find the new pair of shoes already prepared. Hence from home to shop, shop to market and market to again home became his daily routine.

Soon he became rich but deep inside he better knew that it was due to those magical nights when someone would come and finish his works for him. Nonetheless, he had not stopped working hard and would honestly do his job.


                                                                                                 I AM FAMOUS NOW

The shoemaker not only grew richer but also gets rather famous across the town. Soon everyone started coming to his shop and would only buy from there. There were hundreds of pair of amazing shoes in his shop which would literally tempt all the customers to buy from there. Hey guys you know what, word of mouth is really very effective.the poor shoemaker gets rich on selling those sewed shoes by  the elves..

In this case also due to positive word of mouth the queen of that country also wished to try the shoes prepared by him.  Thereafter she likes it too and hence rewards him with so many extravagant gifts.


                                                                                           THE MYSTERY IS UNFOLDED

One day the shoemaker decides to know about that uncharted one who was helping him to get richer. He talks to his wife and she also desires to know the actual hero behind the scene.

Hence they plan to hide behind a curtain of the shop, so as they do it too. It’s too late and still, there is no sign of anyone coming there. They thought that they would not get to see their hero that day.

I think we must wait for a while more says his wife.

Ok as you say, let’s see if it gets fruitful for us replied the shopkeeper.the couple unfolds the secret of the elves duo

Once it was 12’o clock the two elves enter the shop from the window. They looked so happy and joyful. They dance and sing, skip the ropes and jump like rubbers.

Have you ever seen someone doing like this, I have though. Then the elves look for the leather and start sewing it. The needle goes in and out, in and out whereas the hammer beats rap-a-tap, rap-a-tap. Hence in no time, the shoes were ready and perfectly stitched.


Whereas before the couple could react to it they were gone too. However it was surprising for them to find their hero as such tiny little elves, moreover, it was quite funny too.


                                                                                              THE SURPRISE GIFT

Thereafter the couple decides to gift those elves who had gotten them rid of the misery they were living in. The shoemakers decide to prepare tiny attractive shoes whereas his wife decides to give them pair of coats and trousers.

Soon they start their work thereby was done in few days too. One night they keep those shoes and pair of clothes upon the table and wait for them to come.

Again once the clock structs twelve, the elves enter dancing and singing. They look for the leather and find these surprising items instead. The clothes were colourful and cool whereas the shoes looked amazing to them. Hence they put those clothes and shoes on their bodies and enjoyed themselves. Thereafter they finally jumps out of the window and got vanished.the elve sare happy on being offred new fancy clothes by the couple..

Although they did not return ever after. ”They have stopped coming to our place” the shoemaker says to his wife ” they have already helped us a lot and must be now helping others like us. so you just keep working hard as you do and we will be happy always like we are” replies his wife.


(1) Was the shoemaker financially stable in his life? 

Answer- No the shoemaker was not financially stable instead would strive to even procure meal for a day.

(2) Had the shoemaker turned wicked due to misery?

Answer- Absolutely not, instead he would share his thoughts and feelings with his wife every day which would fortify their relationship even more.

(3) Who were helping the shoemaker?

Answer- They were the two little elves who were helping the shoemaker and would get the shoes prepared every day before the shoemaker would arrive at his shop.

(4) What did the shoemaker and his wife give them as their gratitude?

Answer- The shoemaker and his wife gifted them pair of amazing shoes and beautiful shirts and trousers for each.

(5) Did the elves ever return after they left with the gifts?

Answer- No they did not return ever after once they were gifted. But by that time the shoemaker had earned a lot of money, respect, and love in the town which they never imagined. 





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