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Crucifixion of Jesus

Crucifixion of Jesus


The crucifixion of Jesus happened under a sinful conspiracy and that conspiracy was the sign of the compilation of a great mission. THE MISSION was planned to save the entire world by none other than GOD himself. The mission which underlies an entire religion (Christianity) and The mission which thereafter leads the planet to witness the greatest miracle ever recorded in the books of history ( Resurrection of Jesus). The crucifixion of Jesus was a demand passed by jealous Jewish teachers and leaders. They were afraid of Jesus’s growing popularity among the people, and hence feared the loss of their barren inheritance.  Hence finally Jesus appeared in front of Pontius Pilate and he ordered the crucifixion. It was during the 1st century when the crucifixion of Jesus took place at Judea.

crucifixion of Jesus


The crucifixion of Jesus is celebrated as ”Good Friday” every year all over the world. People do celebrate Good Friday not because Jesus was crucified on that particular day, but because on that day Jesus did not give up on executing God’s plan and hence bore all that pain, insult, humiliation, betrayal, and yet did not commit any sin instead stood adamantly as an epitome of peace so that one day people understand the significance of that sacrifice.

People do celebrate Good Friday because on that day Jesus firmly vanquishes Satan’s all those endeavours he put to provoke Jesus to sin. We do celebrate Good Friday because on that day Jesus did set an example for all of us to live a life free from sins and remind us about how he even being innocent got tormented and yet did not breach god’s commandments whatsoever so that we people can also learn and get motivation from him and love exactly each other as Jesus loved us, all his life.

analysing Jesus’s suffering

It was the last supper when Jesus exactly had some food (as dinner) along with his 12 disciples. Although he even shares his food during the last supper and also does washes the feet of his disciples. The next evening in the garden of Gethsemane Roman soldiers arrest Jesus and then he suffers for the next 36 hours with no food and sleeps whatsoever. Although it must be understood that before he was arrested he must have been already hungry and did not get to eat anything in the next 36 hours of suffering too.

(1) suffered from hemarthrosis


God created Jesus in his own image just like us. He was exactly similar to us and hence possessed all the human emotions as well. He would cry, smile, feel and experience the pain etc..,. Hence Jesus also suffered from a severe health issue called Hemathidrosis. In this situation, a person starts blood sweating from each sweat glands of his or her body. This happens due to rupture occurs in the small capillary which surrounds the sweat gland all over it.


Whereas Jesus was critically suffered from this disease. Even in the bible, there are incidences when Jesus was found sweating blood. Especially when Jesus himself heads to a mount in the garden of Gethsemane to pray, his sweat falls as big drops of blood. As he better knew that one of his own disciples was going to betray him and then they will torment and punish him very brutally, thereby he was mentally extremely disturbed.


(2) scourging

After the Roman soldiers took Jesus in their custody he was shown in front of Pontius Pilate. Pontius Pilate passes the order of scourging. It must be understood that Jesus was not being punished as a criminal but was being punished as their own enemy. The Roman soldiers were venting their entire anger on Jesus’s body. Whereas in the case of criminals, robbers, etc.., they would not be that cruel as they were with Jesus, due to their jealousy and rivalry.Jesus, the patient of a dicey dease


The hunters which were used to scourge Jesus was made up of studded pieces of bones and rough and sharp metals. Total 39 blows were to be a scourge in his body. Estimated speculation from the general observation states that 39 scourges can at least cause impactful damage which would require a minimum of 20 stitches to fix the wound.

(3) crown of thorns

After he was scourged, they put a crown of a thorn in his head and made fun of him. By this time Jesus was completely broken and was in extremely terrible condition. The cruel Roman soldiers use a rod to penetrate the crown of thorns in his skull. They abuse him, split his body and tormented him brutally during the punishment. Although they would not reach this level of cruelty in other cases. But because they had taken it personally, they crossed all the boundaries of animalism.

(4) unimaginable painbore all the pain and sufferings

Jesus was already fatigued and had had nothing from the last few hours. This was the time when he had to carry the cross in his shoulder to the mount where they planned to crucify him. Although Jesus was extremely lethargic and hence in the midst of the way he falls on the ground. They scourged him but he just could not stand up. Meanwhile, the entire city was witnessing their lord in such a miserable situation. Hence a roman soldier makes a person (Simon) carry Jesus’s cross to the mount so as he does.


Thereafter nails are penetrated in his feet and wrist in such a way so that his body does not lose excessive blood. The Roman soldiers had been doing this job for a very long time. Hence they had a rather good idea about the art of punishing. They would make sure that the victim does not die due to blood loss instead agonize and feel the pain till the last breath. Finally, Jesus dies and endows his life to the almighty god himself.

JESUS – (An epitome)

Jesus’s life apparently illuminates his character articulately and helps to analyze his nature. However all his life Jesus did live a simple and completely sacred life. But especially we get to understand the bar of his greatness and holiness when he was falsely accused, tormented, insulted, abused, and then finally crucified brutally than ever before even being innocent and yet does not commit any sin. And consequently, Jesus is the epitome of Love, Peace, strength, belief, faith, hope and holiness.


We analyze, that throughout all those persecution he not only avoids committing any sin but also does ask forgiveness for his antagonists from god. And that shows his greatness and the true value of his sacrifice. Jesus’s sacrifice unquestionably does hold innumerable immeasurable factors, however, most of them are still unknown and hence its deemed as the greatest sacrifice.

(1) JESUS the epitome of STRENGthJesus and the power of his name

What takes more courage? to reveal a truth or to keep hiding a truth unless the right time comes, and till the time arrives bear all kinds of injustice. Of course, hiding the truth till the right time arrives is definitely way tougher, and that’s exactly what Jesus does. He bears everything just to make god’s plan successful. And hence Jesus was the man with unperishable willpower and thereby was the epitome of strength as well.


(2) Jesus as the epitome of peace

Jesus emerged as the epitome of peace because even during the persecution Jesus does not get violent. Instead just bore all the pains as a true soldier. Jesus knew that one day the world will follow and get inspiration from his deeds.

He knew that one day people will look up to his excellence in patience. Hence that’s why today we do remember him as a true source of peace.

(3) Jesus as the epitome of love

It’s the unconditional love that Jesus showed to us and still does. Because Jesus loved his people, he did not blame even his antagonist for tormenting him for no reasons. Instead prayed for their forgiveness from the almighty god. This articulately shows the unconditional love of Jesus for us.


(1) why did the crucifixion of Jesus take place?

The crucifixion of Jesus took place due to the increasing bitterness amongst some Jewish leaders and teachers for Jesus Christ. Some Jewish leaders had grudges for Jesus in their hearts. They deemed that it’s not lawful to cure someone on the day of the Sabbath. Whereas Jesus would apparently disagree with those and even perform miracles on the Sabbath which would make them even angrier.three crosses


The Jewish leaders were also jealous of him because soon everyone had started liking him and even call him their Messiah. Woman and even prostitutes were his followers along with others and he would share his food with sinners and embrace lepers. He would challenge Moses’s laws, forgive the sins of people, breach laws of cleanliness by curing lepers etc…

Specially they hated when he would call himself the son of god and claim to be their Messiah. As they would not think in that way whatsoever. Instead, they would think that their Messiah would unquestionably belong to a royal family unlike him.


Whenever he would cure lepers and let them allow to live with the citizens, they would not like it. All these reasons propelled them to conspire against him and finally, they trapped him and falsely accused him of crucifixion.

(2) why did he let them punish and gone through the ordeal while the persecution?

Actually, it’s very simple, Jesus does it because it was his father’s consent. I know it might sound very different or rather unaccepted to many but it’s the veracity.

Jesus loved his father immensely and would not breach his orders whatsoever. Hence when God might have asked Jesus to sacrifice himself, he must have agreed to him at once without even thinking of it for the second time. Ask yourselves what can be the best reward to someone whom you love the most than to keep his or her words.


Jesus says ” If you love me, you will keep my commandments”

                                      Jesus quote                                                               JOHN-14:15


Once job suffered from miserable conditions even after being innocent. He lost all his son and daughters whom he loved a lot, he loses all his wealth and even got abandoned by his loving ones. Moreover, he was left with plenteous stubborn sticky wounds all over his body. He was in such a situation which was none less than an ordeal at all, he just never imagined that ever. Finally, he blames God for that all.

Thereafter god takes him on a virtual tour. He takes him to the inception of the universe and does ask him some really potent questions which the job just could not answer at all. Contrary he was thoroughly perplexed to imagine the burden of the responsibilities of god. That’s how he realizes his limitations of wisdom and knowledge along with his impotent allegations of god.


Thereby as a gist, the conclusion comes out as that the god is great and his wisdom has no end just like the numbers. Whereas we people have limited knowledge and wisdom. Moreover, he is the only one who even provides us with wisdom with passing time. He is the one who makes us go through difficulties at times so that we learn from them and upgrade ourselves. He is the one who has been controlling the entire universe alone and even decides the grazing pattern of mountain goats to the revolution of planets.


What would have been more great and appropriate for the son of God to do who was also going to be supposed as the epitome of love, peace and togetherness?Jesus the answer to every question

(1) to save himself from the oppressors and punish them back immediately

(2) Or to set an example to the rest of the world by bearing all the injustices even being innocent and then finally defeat the death to retort and shut the mouths of all the antagonists forever. 

The antagonists and haters who would not believe God and his power whatsoever, the antagonists who would think that once they kill Jesus, he will be finished and the antagonists who would deem themselves worthy enough to punish and pass orders for crucifixion. 

Of course, defeating the death peacefully definitely would have been more appropriate and would sound more like the act of god.


How can you say that if he had rescued himself from the soldiers then we would have believed it today when we already know the hundred’s of unbelievable fables of the miracles of Jesus along with even raising Lazarus from death.

Ask yourselves had not it been completely inappropriate for the epitome of peace and love to punish his own people whom he had taught to spread love and forgiveness himself. Hence he decides to show the world the biggest miracle ever took place so that they never forget it, ever after. The miracle which no one would be able to repeat after him. The miracle which would retort his antagonists so hard that they would finally understand his love and greatness simultaneously (Resurrection of Jesus). 


Although the ultimate aim was to rectify the notions of the sinners and not to punish them before unearthing the veracity and right way of life to them. Whereas Jesus’s life had unfolded the entire veracity and also depicted the right way of life to the world. So that no one misses the immortal life in heaven nor dare to complain that no one told him about Jesus.



Although Jesus knew about his crucifixion. He knew that the Jewish headteachers and leaders just did not like whatever he would do. Jesus knew that they were jealous of him on the pretext of breaching their laws of cleanliness and holiness. He knew that his own people will sell him to others. he knew that they will refuse to know him. And he knew that they were plotting a cruel conspiracy against him which would lead him to crucifixion.

Undoubtedly he was extremely bothered about it. He was mentally disturbed and already suffered from Hemathidrosis.


Judas was one of the twelve disciples of Jesus Christ. Although what made him different from others was his point of view on Jesus. Unlike the other eleven disciples, he would not respect and deem Jesus as their saviour. Moreover, he was reluctant about Jesus’s identity. He would address him by calling ” rabbi” which only meant ”a teacher”. Whereas others would call Jesus their Lord and had a strong faith in him and his calibre.Jesus having feast with his disciples

Judas befriends some Jews leaders who wanted to sue Jesus. Although he did not want to see Jesus being crucified. Instead just wanted to gain an advantage from Jesus’s identity.

He somewhere deep inside knew that Jesus might have been the son of god and also that those Jews leaders were not aware of it. Hence when the Jews leaders offer him 30 silver coins, he finds it a great opportunity to avail the benefit of his relationship with Jesus.

He thinks that once the Jews leaders would understand the truth that he really was the son of God, they will spare him. Whereas he also would have made a hefty profit out of it by then. Thereby he deals with the Roman soldiers and betrays Jesus.

the last supper

the last supper


Exactly on the night when the Roman soldiers arrest Jesus, he had the last supper with his disciples. During this supper, Jesus unfolds many shocking truths to his disciples. The incidences of ”The last supper” illuminates the greatness of Jesus superiorly.

Disclosing Judas’s deal

Meanwhile the last supper Jesus shares from his disciples that one amongst them will sell him to the Roman soldiers. However, everyone disagrees with Jesus whereas Peter even ends up saying that he could even give his life for him.

Whereas Jesus just beholds toward Judas meanwhile and just mumbles in his ears saying ” Come on Judas, move on”. Thereafter Judas moves from there immediately. Whereas the other disciples keep thinking that Jesus might have ordered him to do something.

Jesus foretells about Peter

Peter was unquestionably one of the most loved disciples of Jesus personally. Whereas Peter also respected and follow Jesus from all his heart. It was a very strong bonding between them.

But notwithstanding Jesus tell Peter that ”Before the rooster crows, you will deny to accept me thrice”. Whereas Peter apparently overlooks Jesus’s words.


Meanwhile the discussion during the supper, Jesus shares his food with all. He distributes the pieces to bread amongst all and tells ”Deem this as my body”. Thereafter shares wine with them saying ” It’s my blood”. He thereafter also promises that unless the kingdom of God arrives he would neither have the juice of grapes nor the piece of bread. Jesus then tells them that ” In my memory, you will similarly quite often assemble and share the pieces of bread and this beverage” 


Thereafter Jesus washes the feet of each disciple. Although everyone refuses Jesus to do so. But Jesus makes them allow by saying that ” If you let me do so then I will think that you all love me and belong to me”.


Just after the supper, Jesus heads with his soldiers to the garden of Gethsemane. He leaves the rest of his disciples and heads towards a mount. He was mentally disturbed and extremely hurt simultaneously as he already knew that all his people whom he had been loving and caring for would shirk him off.  And he also knew that everyone will abandon him and let him agonize and suffer alone.

Hence he prays from god in alone and asks for strength. Meanwhile, an angel appears to him and provides strength to bear the persecution.

Just after a while, Judah arrives along with the Roman soldiers. He leads the soldiers to Jesus by kissing on his cheek. Although Jesus already knows about it he simply says to him ” are not you betraying me on the pretext of a kiss”. However, consequently, the kiss of Judah is known as ” The kiss of betrayal”. arrest takes place

Thereafter as Peter notices that Judah cheated with Jesus moreover brought the Roman soldiers to arrest him, he angrily cuts the ear of a soldier (Malchus). Whereas Jesus promptly cures him and replies to Peter” Have not I taught you that whoever uses the sword to kill someone, will also be killed similarly”. Thereafter they arrested Jesus on the accusation of blasphemy.

The tormentation starts

The roman soldiers thereafter get Jesus in their custody and oppress him. They mock up Jesus and punish him like animals. Although at first Pontius Pilate did not find any solid reason to punish Jesus due to the Jewish demand he just passes the order of scourging.

Thereafter Pontius Pilate wanted to release Jesus but the majority of the Romans did not have the same intention

. Most of them just wanted to test Jesus as he really was the son of god or not. They believed that he would rescue himself if he would really be the son of god and by god. Although they could only think of certain possibilities and could not even imagine god’s master plan.

Jesus getting up on the mountainWhereas Pilate washes his hands and says ” I am not responsible for the blood of this innocent person”. He does it to show that he articulately did not want to see Jesus on the cross but then ordered because the swarm wanted it.

Thereafter they oppress Jesus through many punishments and then dictate him to carry the bulky cross to the top of mount Golgotha. Whereas meanwhile, Jesus was on his way to mount Golgotha he falls due to not being able to continue carrying it. Hence a roman soldier calls a man named Simon and tells him to carry it. As they reach the place where Jesus was to be crucified, he is offered wine mixed with myrrh. Whereas Jesus was extremely fatigue, he tastes it but then ignores to ha

ve it.


However, meanwhile, Jesus was on the cross Pontius Pilate writes ” The king of Jews or The king of Nazareth” on a board. He writes that in three different languages ( Hebrew, Latin and Greek). Once he was done, Roman leaders come to make him bring some changes. They say Pilate to write” He calls himself the king of Jews”. But Pilate firmly refuses to bring any changes to them and replies” Whatever I had to write I have written it”.


When Jesus was on the cross there are few prophesies which completes such as…


When Jesus was on the cross few soldiers tear his clothes and divide them amongst themselves. Although it was a prophecy according to which it was surely bound to have happened.

(2) NONE OF HIS BONES WILL BE BROKENJesus Hanged on the cross

When Jesus was finally dead a soldier named Longinus comes to break his legs thinking that he is alive. Whereas when he notices him dead he does not break his legs instead breaks the legs of the other two robbers who were hanged on both sides of Jesus. In this way one more prophecy completes. Although thereafter Longinus pierced his lower belly and water and blood simultaneously flowed from his wounds. Soon the sky got completely dark as if something ominous happened. The curtain of the temple got torn apart into two parts. Hence finally he ends up admitting deliberately, Jesus as lord. Thereafter he says to one of his colleague that ” He really was the son of God”.


Whereas when Judas observes Jesus being punished by the cruel Roman soldiers, he feels cheated and hence guilty about it. Judah also remembers the moment when Jesus himself had revealed to him that he knew that he was going to betray him. Hence Judah immediately reaches out to the Jewish leaders to return their silver coins. He tells them ”I did not think that you will directly pass an order to punish him, I have betrayed with him. I should not have done this with him”. 

Whereas they reply to him ” that’s your problem”. Then Judah throws those coins and thereafter hangs himself in frustration.


Peter loved Jesus a lot and now they took him into their custody. Peter was gloomy and terrified too. He was gloomy as he just did not want to lose his lord nor could see Roman’s scourging him. Whereas was terrified because the Romans were also looking for Jesus’s followers and disciples for the punishment.Rooster crows twice before peter denies thrice


However, Peter follows Jesus meanwhile Roman soldiers were bringing him to the head. Meanwhile few people ask him whether he was one of his followers. Whereas Peter to defend himself replies ” I do not know any Jesus nor am I his follower”. Similarly, Peter is asked thrice and every time he refuses to know Jesus to save himself from them.

Whereas Peter just refuses him for the third time, the rooster crows and that hits Peter. He remembers Jesus’s words that he would refuse to accept him thrice before the rooster crows.


(1) Father, forgive them for they don’t know what they are doing.

(2) Jesus to one of the rebel –  I promise you that today you will be with me in paradise.

(3) Woman, behold your son! behold your mother.

(4) My god, my god why did you forsake me. 

(5) I thirst.

(6) It’s finished.

(7) Father, in your hands I endow my spirit.


Once Jesus was dead, Joseph appears to Pilate appealing for Jesus’s dead body. Pilate agrees to give him Jesus’s body. Thereafter Joseph wrapped Jesus’s body with white clothe and put it inside a new tomb near the mount.

Although Jesus had already said that exactly on the third day he will rise from the dead. Hence Jews leaders feared that if it happens then that would not be good for them. So they put some soldiers to guard the tomb for the next three days.

Whereas exactly on the third day ( on Easter Sunday) Jesus comes out from the tomb. As the soldiers see him getting out of the tomb they promptly run away from there as they feared that it was some ghost.Resurrection

They directly approach the leaders telling the news of Jesus’s resurrection. However, they were also perplexed to hear the news of Jesus’s resurrection. But then they tempt the soldiers by offering them 100 silver coins to not spread that news instead mislead the citizens by saying that Jesus’s soldiers had stolen his body. Whereas they agree to do the same.

Jesus’s appearance

Mother Mary had come to see Jesus in his tomb along with one of her colleague. She finds that the stone was not there which was used to cover his tomb. Moreover, she observes that his body was also missing. Hence she readily reaches out to the disciples to inform them about it. But there she was even more bewildered to witness Jesus himself preaching his disciples. Everyone was just happy to see their master again back in their lives.


Whereas Thomas needed proof as he articulately doubted Jesus’s resurrection. Hence Jesus tells Thomas ” Come Thomas and do touch these holes of my wounds, then you would no longer need any proof at all”. Thereafter he continues by saying ” you believe me because you see me, hence blessed are those who believe me and have not seen me”.

However, many saints also got resurrected on the day of Jesus’s resurrection. Whereas few disciples of Jesus also does notice it across the city.Disciples get Jesus back


Jesus spends 40 days with his disciples and teaches them all about the scripture. Thereafter one day Jesus himself brings his disciples to a mount. He tells his disciples to spread the enlightenment with others and teach them to live a happy life free from sins. Then he raises both his hands and voluntarily he starts going upwards in the sky towards heaven. His face had turned as shining as the sun whereas his clothe had turned pure white. Soon he disappeared into the sky and is now supposed that he is sitting on the right of the almighty god.

the second coming

He also told before leaving for heaven that one day he will again arrive and dead from the tombs will rise again. He will take all the innocents to heaven with him.

Jesus flies to heaven Whereas sinners will be thrown into the endless struggle of hell. He says ” No one knows about that day except father but it can arrive anytime and hence is near, so be vigilant and careful about your deeds.



Imagine a father who loves his son immensely and yet sacrifices him. Although he too knows that he can save him anytime and punish the culprits immediately. He knows that his son is innocent and yet being crucified and tormented.

suffering of Jesus on cross


Moreover, he feels extremely bad about it and weeps in pain alone. He does not have anyone to share his feelings and misery. Every time they penetrate the nails in his body and with each blow of scourge god also yells and cries. The God who created the entire universe and everything within it. The God who superiorly had the authority to bring justice for his innocent son, that God was crying.

Can you imagine his pain and agony!

(4) why did he let them hurt him?

Now imagine a situation of a parent who has two sons and he loves both equally. Although one is innocent and follows his commandment whereas the other one does not even know about being good and hence is a sinner.


Ask yourself would that parent directly punish his sinful son whom he loved equally or he will teach him a lesson in the most effective way!Jesus's crucifixion that even made God cry

Of course, we all know the answer. It must be understood that our almighty God does not discriminate between us and Jesus. We both are his son, we both have his own DNA in our bodies. Moreover, he does not want anyone of us to miss the immortal life of happiness with him. And that’s why he finally dictates his obedient son to mend our ways, so as he does it too.

Jesus does not ask any question from his father and that’s what exactly we can also learn from him. Although still there might be many who would have millions of doubts running in their minds. But the blessed are those who do not require any pieces of evidence and yet believe in God and understand the value of his sacrifice.

the crucifixion of Jesus movie

There is an American biblical drama film( The passion of Christ) based on Jesus’s life. Especially the prominent incidences have been depicted in that movie. The incidences such as Crucifixion of Jesus, the resurrection of Jesus etc…

The American movie is directed by Mel Gibson. Whereas Jim Caviezel has played the character of Jesus Christ. It also introduces beautiful Maia Morgenstern as Virgin Mary and talented actress Monica Bellucci as Mary Magdalene.

The movie was released in the year 2004. However, the budget of the movie was $30 million whereas does a whopping business of around $612 million which also makes it a super hit movie in the box office.




























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