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Beauty and the beast story

Beauty and the beast story



”Beauty and the beast story” is primarily the summary of an extremely beautiful girl and a beast. The summary revolves around five characters.

Those five characters are beauty, her father, The beast, and her two sisters. Beauty and the beast story contains the veracity of how love conquests ugliness, hatred, dirty politics and jealousy.The picture has beauty and the beast in a single frame

Beauty and the beast story has multiples of moral life lessons. There is a plot in the beauty and the beast story in which beauty has to make a sacrifice for her father.

Beauty risks her life for her father and jeopardizes herself by surrendering herself completely to the beast.

Nonetheless, beauty does not complain whatsoever instead keeps managing the situation astutely. The beast was so ugly that beauty could not see her future with him initially. But something happens which changes her notion about the beast and finally, she falls in love with him.

Beauty and the beast story, also does have an interesting side which articulately illuminates how luck also favours the right option and flinches from the wrong ones.


There was a small town where a family lived. Beauty was the youngest daughter of her father amongst the three. The other two were quite similar as per their thinking, and temperament.a beautiful small town

They also used to spend most of the time together gossiping with each other. Whereas beauty was always the lone girl.

Thereby she soon developed to value relationships. Consequently, she was rather close to her father. She would love her father a lot.

One day she finds her father pondering over a matter in the garden. She gets to her father curiously and asks her about the matter. Father replies that all the ships they possessed had submerged in the ocean tragedy.

Although she better knew that she could not do anything in that matter. Thereby she condolences her father saying that everything would soon get better.

They lost everything in subsequent days. Initially, beauty’s father decided to only mortgage the valuable item he possessed, thinking that when the situations would get better he would again get them all.

But it did not happen, contrary situations got worse thereafter. And consequently, he ended up selling all the extravagant items he had.


As the family had lost all their properties except for the house. The cynical sisters were worried about their share in the remained property.

Although these two sisters already hated beauty also because of her aesthetic beauty and her father’s extra affection towards her. Hence they started planning a conspiracy against beauty.

Beauty also smelled their dirty politics but she did not tell her father about the matter.



One day abruptly father gets a call to report near the port. The caller informs him that he noticed a ship on the ocean a couple of miles away from the shore.

Thereby he thought to inform him about it. All of a sudden despondency wipes out voluntarily from everyone’s face there in the family including beauty.

Father commences preparation for the journey because the port was rater away from where they lived. Hence beauty also assists him to get the preparation over fast.Beauty, her father's princess

The father asks all his three daughters about their wishes because he was so happy to hear the message. The other two sisters demanded costly ornaments, clothes and many more items.

Whereas beauty only demanded a rose for herself. The father leaves for the journey happily. But as he reaches the shore of the port. He finds that the ship was completely damaged and all the items were missing.

He sadly was returning towards his house. In the midst of the journey, he notices a grand villa.

He was too haggard thereby he thoughts to stop there for a while expecting if there would be anyone then he would surely ask for some food.

He enters the villa and finds no one thereafter searching for a while. As the journey was rather tiresome for him. He could not remain awakened for any longer.Beast's villa

There was already delicious food served on the table. He had dinner and thereafter went to sleep. The arrangement was absolutely world-class there.

As if someone had decorated the whole villa beautifully. He sleeps and the next morning when he wakes up. He again witnesses all the arrangements as it was the very last night.

Her father again eats the cooked delicious breakfast and oaths to himself that in case if he finds that person. he would definitely thank him. But he finds nobody even after waiting for a couple of hours alone.



He decides to leave for his house. Because he knew that his daughters were alone in the house. As he stepped out of the main gatebeautiful flower

. He sees a beautiful garden. Red blossomed roses were all over the garden Hence beauty’s demand flashes in his mind. And he plucks a rose.

But abruptly a giant beast appears to him lashing him out for his rose. The giant beast denounces him and threatens him to even kill complain about his deed.

The beast yells at him and says that he arranged all the amenities for him and he in returns plucked his rose. The father pleads to him to spare him.

But the beast demands one of his daughters. Beast sanctions the father to leave one of his daughters with him to free him alive.



As he gets back to his house. Beauty along with her two sisters reaches out to him and asks for their wishes. The father disappointedly explains the whole matter to stakes her happiness to save her father

Also, he discusses his confrontation with the beast. This surely was an amazing turning point for the other two jealous sisters to put beauty in trouble.

Hence they did not support beauty, contrary blamed her for the whole matter and compelled her to live with the beast.



Beauty also decides to go to the beast to spend her life with him to save her father. As she loved her father more than anyone in the world. She selflessly decides to abandon herself to the beast.

But her father was not convinced whatsoever but neither he had any option to. He was obliged to send beauty to the beast.

Beauty the very next day leaves the house with her father to the beast’s house. The beast was even more ugly than her father explained to her.Beauty living with the beast

The beast asks beauty about his consent on spending her whole life with him. Beauty on the other hand articulately clarifies that she herself has decided to live with him to save his father.

Beast thereafter requests her father to leaves the very next morning alone so as he leaves. The beast treats beauty very delicately and endeavours to gets all the happiness to her.

But notwithstanding the beast was so ugly that beauty did not want to live with him. Although it was a magical villa and the beast would fulfil all her wishes there. Whenever beauty would wish to see her father, could see her in a magical mirror.

One morning beauty requests the beast to free her so that she could visit her house. Actually, her father was not going well those days. Whoever the beast was so gentleman, hence he let beauty go under a condition.

That if only she returns within a week. Beauty also agrees to this condition and leaves for home immediately.


Beauty tutelages her father and helps her get better soon. In the next few days, her father gets completely well and beauty tells her father about the promise.Beauty seeing a nightmare

But the other two daughters were not happy whatsoever. Because beauty did not look upset to them. Even after staying with the beast.

So they, as per their new conspiracy decided to hold beauty for an extra week, On the pretext of the deficit of proximity between them.

Beauty could not refuse their request and agrees to stays there for a week. Meanwhile one night she sees the beast dying in the garden in her dream.

Beauty rushes to save her love

She wakes up promptly and remembers the kind gestures of the beast. she also knew that she could go anytime, she wanted, using the magical ring. The beast gave her to escape, hence she decides to reach out readily to him.

She waits at the villa for the beast. But no one appears until the time she visits the garden and finds him lying on the ground. It was the same as she saw in her dream last night.Beauty rushes to save the beast, whom with she fell in love recently

She cuddles him and prays for his recovery. The beast opens his eyes slowly and asks her in a very low pitch whether she would marry her.

Beauty confesses her love to him by agreeing. Thereafter suddenly the beast turns into a good looking young man. beauty was aghast to find him changed.

Then the beast unfolds the secret to her and tells about the witch. Who cursed him that until a girl confesses love to him, he would look like a beast.

thereafter they lived happily ever.



The morals of the beauty and the beast are as follows as-

(1) Do not keep bitterness for anybody.

(2) Never be rigorous as beauty’s sister were.

(3) Always be ready to help, as beauty did for her father.

(4) Behave like a gentleman.

(5) Learn to respect women, as a beast would do.




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