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About us


HELLO SUMMARYLOVERS, This is our About us page where you get to know everything about us. In ”About us” We talk about the journey of how we ended up forming this amazing website.

Its the platform where you get innumerable of fantastic summaries of highly recommended books published all over the globe.

Its a journey which started in a very dramatic way. When i profoundly got gaga over over reading novels.

it was the time when i used to find myself completely lost in the anonymity of positive vibes generated by these amazing contents within me.

I genuinely wanted to let others know about it. Thereafter abruptly one morning i decided to start blogging.

Through which i could impose myself to keep indulged into this job. Untill i get completely accustomed with it.

And moreover i could also share my experience with others rather than just binding it till me only..

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Although as far as the goal is concern behind forming this website and commencing my blogging journey. Its only to peddle enlightenment and informative knowledge in a creative way.

As this veracity is not whatsoever camouflaged to anyone that ”TIME” leads in the top priority of the agenda for the majority.

Especially now days when everyone is busy doing their own stuffs in a order to seize a comfortable space in subsequent days.And this process seems to be unquestionably the same in the henceforth days too.

Thereby its my endeavor to serve the enlightenment and invaluable knowledge top them along with keeping the time minimised. So that the user gets the overall package of information as a gist in a limited time.


Some books have extremely substantial impact on our lives such as ”THE SLIGHT EDGE”, Which dispels plenty of false notions. ”THE MIRACLE MORNING ” Which itself is the live testimony of the author, Who teaches to implement the couple of rituals.

So that our life must makes some sense to others, and if not then atleast to us.


Although the SUMMARYLOVERS.IN includes the variety of contents into it.So that each age group of users gets something worth investing their valuable time.







                                                                                                      THE ME

I am just a student who is living his dreams and trying to bring some changes in the world. But the change must be implemented from within us.

Thereby i also compelled myself to embrace some changes which were quite tough for me. But then became easy when i finally decided to not take my steps back.

I always believe if you really want to change someone then you must first interchange his notions. Unless the thinking process is changed its stupidity to expect anything expected.

Although yes, its not only single reason ”why i started blogging” , But certainly one of the reason” why i am doing this”.

                                                                                         FUTURE PLANS

I also do have some future plans like others do have. One thing is 1000% sure that its directly associated to blogging.Blogging is unquestionably going to be an unforgettable aspect of my future.

The change i think of will start from here.This journey is going to be great and the more great it will get subsequently i will make it even larger.